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      Oxygen Not Included - Early Access Coming May 18   05/03/2017

      Oxygen Not Included Entering Early Access First off, we would like to extend a major thanks for the amazing community response to the Oxygen Not Included Alpha. When we released the game on the forums we'd hoped for a few dozen people to try it out and give feedback, but instead over a hundred thousand of you played the game. This was the best surprise we could have received. We're now excited to announce that Oxygen Not Included will be entering Steam Early Access on May 18th. It will cost $24.99, and anyone who owns an existing Klei game on Steam will receive a 20% loyalty discount. Players who purchased Oxygen Not Included in Alpha will not need to purchase the game again. Upcoming Agricultural Upgrade Additionally, we have been working with a handful of dedicated members of the community over the last few weeks to test an experimental build branch in preparation for Early Access. These players have been working with us to provide feedback on the new Agricultural Update content, and we're happy to say it's now in a place where we are ready to share with you all. It will be released on May 18th along with Early Access. Join us on the livestream!
      We'll be showing off the Agricultural Upgrade today at 3:30PDT! Come check us out on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/kleientertainment
        Check out the official post for more details!


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  2. Hello all! It is with regret that I have decided to sell my Chill Beefalo plush, bought from the Klei store and kept on my bookshelf ever since, only occasionally dusted. I have put it up for sale on eBay already, however I thought it would be appropriate to put it up for sale here as well, I am asking £90 including postage in the UK, or £93 including P&P for international buyers. If you are interested please do message me, I am able to accept sensible offers and can offer proof of authenticity via a receipt from Klei if needed. Payment is via PayPal business option ONLY, I am not in the business of scamming people out of their hard earned money, neither do I want to be scammed, so no 'Bank Transfers' or 'Cheques' please. Thank you all for reading!
  3. Another update: As I must see this beefalo go, due to the fact that I'm soon to get a savannah cat and don't want the beefalo to be ripped to shreds or hurt, I'll now sell this for £65 with free postage, if needed I could also do £60 or £55 IF I know it'll go to a good home, still open to a few possible offers however. For international enquirers, I'll sell it for £65 including P&P or £60 including P&P. Must go soon as I'm getting my cat on the 30th of March, message me on the forums or via PM if interested.
  4. UPDATE: Price is now £80 including P&P for UK, £83 for international, still open to offers.