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  1. No they don't... EDIT: Upon checking again Pengull Parade is left that has no cave, i asked because all 3 yesterday had no caves.
  2. Yup a very much welcomed change! Thank you Klei!!! Now if only you could change back your Official Servers to have caves again.... pretty please? i do like hiding in caves...
  3. After witnessing it several days and just now i was vote kicked off a Klei Official Server by 3 players that suddenly joined where one of them said "we don't play with noobs" and proceeded to kick me and then they simply left the world because upon checking no one was logged on... seeing how frequently this has been happening is this now being tolerated by Klei? if so good job making sure me and a couple of my friends stay away from public servers even your own... it became so bad that i was playing in a server yesterday wherein every single new player that joined the server who had their steam profile private or whose name was a random combination of numbers was immediately vote kicked out.... This may seem a rant but its simply my observation after playing for nearly a month, Don't get me wrong i still enjoy DST specially when playing solo but damn the public servers are so toxic.