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  1. No they don't... EDIT: Upon checking again Pengull Parade is left that has no cave, i asked because all 3 yesterday had no caves.
  2. Yup a very much welcomed change! Thank you Klei!!! Now if only you could change back your Official Servers to have caves again.... pretty please? i do like hiding in caves...
  3. After witnessing it several days and just now i was vote kicked off a Klei Official Server by 3 players that suddenly joined where one of them said "we don't play with noobs" and proceeded to kick me and then they simply left the world because upon checking no one was logged on... seeing how frequently this has been happening is this now being tolerated by Klei? if so good job making sure me and a couple of my friends stay away from public servers even your own... it became so bad that i was playing in a server yesterday wherein every single new player that joined the server who had their steam profile private or whose name was a random combination of numbers was immediately vote kicked out.... This may seem a rant but its simply my observation after playing for nearly a month, Don't get me wrong i still enjoy DST specially when playing solo but damn the public servers are so toxic.
  4. Tried his Mod Set Piece Config, it doesn't guarantee a 100% spawn chance for reed trap, I tried 20 times only less than half had reed traps so i just forego it. EDIT: Scratch that, i was actually not using his mod the entire time..... i got so used to how the Client Mods work that i didn't enable the mod when i was generating a world lol. Yup his mod works great and is a life saver thank you for suggesting it.
  5. Without changing the codes and only increasing boons how many "Major" set pieces can spawn in a world? By Major i mean Reed Traps/Tallbird Fort/Hound Fortress etc. I ask because for around three days now I've been trying to get a good world for a megabase and I've noticed that if i get one of the Major set pieces to spawn i seem to never get one of the other two, is that how it works? i'd like to know what other more older experienced players have seen because if it is indeed the case it would save me a whole lot of trouble trying to get for example a Reed Trap and Tallbird fort to spawn in the same world without using the console(i consider it cheating lol) Thanks!
  6. There is a pig house one screen away from my base, but as i said i tend to not stay in my base often and i'm under the impression that time freezes on areas you are far from unless that was changed in DST? Plus i got Glommer on Day 11, the pig nearby got killed by a treeguard on day 9 and did not respawn until day 14 but then again i was not in or near my base when it respawned, it died again on that day by the same treeguard(which is literally camping next to the pig house) and respawned again a few days later which again i was not nearby my base.
  7. How do i get him/it to drop Glommer's Goop? It's been 8 days and not a single poo..goop.... is it because i don't stay in the base? i go out to collect resources daily and only come back by dusk or sometimes after a few days.
  8. Yes more skins, let me also give skirts to pigs please Klei!
  9. I have a separate area i'll run off to when i hear dearclops coming, more open no building except a firepit. Btw do you know how often Meteor showers occur? I found the area where it occurs but it seems the world generator did not spawn me a single Meteor Boulder and also the wiki says "Meteor Boulders will only land in areas surrounded by other Boulders" and i'm slightly confused does this mean Meteor Boulders will no longer land if i mine all existing Boulders in the area?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion on using a wall to block off my side i'l probably end-up doing that, will wooden fences work just as well?
  11. That grassland biome where i built them actually already has lots of flowers since there are more beehives further south but yes i'l be planting more to further increase production before winter hits.
  12. Oh great that's reassuring thank you!
  13. Hmm i see., i'l be careful with my plants then. One last question, actually more of a need of advice... do you guys think my Bee Boxes are too close to my base?
  14. Thank you for all the answers guys, much appreciated. I have a couple more i'd like some information on, 1) Do Saplings "eventually" spawn on a Twiggy Tree world? I ask because in a Sapling world i always find a couple of Twiggy Trees growing but never any Saplings in a Twiggy Tree world. 2) Do Grass Gekkos respawn or reproduce? I once visited a rocky biome where a herd was "massacred" by Tallbirds 3) A question on the disease mechanic, if i understand it correctly from guides/videos and what-not if i replant "all" my planted berry bushes/saplings/grass every 50 or so days it resets the timer thus preventing any of them from getting diseased? Thank you again.
  15. Oh so carrots do respawn., that's good i usually don't pick them as i like how they look on the ground. As for event's does Hallowed Nights also occur on offline mode? and by set to work do you mean set at "default"? I never did find the loot stash on winter but i never did go looking for it as my first priority was getting a cane and just surviving, the only reason i asked was because i encountered some No-Eyed Deer's a few days before winter ended and was wondering what the deal was with their antlers.