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  1. I usually finish all my research by cycle 20. I see people saying 25-30 wonder what I do differently.
  2. It's an asteroid. I hardly has any g's.
  3. That's what you get for hacking the game to plant wheezeworts in planters. Naughty!
  4. Well it's out of their reach in this case.
  5. Jobs like which? Often times 'lazy' dupes can't reach what you want them to do.
  6. Now you're assuming there's third dimension here and that it's 1m. What if it's a flatland?
  7. I could be facetious and point out that it's in fact not heating up surrounding environment and just the tiles it occupies, but you're pretty set that this is definitely a bug. I won't tell you how to play your single player game. For now, though, everyone else can have fun with melting things and creating steam.
  8. Fair enough, my bad about the temperature. Fact is with polluted water it never goes above 110C so that point is moot anyway. The devs intentionally put heat output as 20700 Watts on tepidizer, so 85C cap seems contradictory.
  9. 85+50 = 135 though. Tiles in this game can only be occupied by one substance. How do you propose the game checks 'level' of liquid?
  10. Tepidizer submerged on all 4 tiles, check. Never going above 135C, check. Works as intended me thinks.
  11. Well, you see.. umm Tepidizer made with Gold Amalgam isn't allowed to go over 135C which it never does in my example. And all 4 blocks of tepidizer are covered in water. You call it bug, I call it feature.
  12. You only need to pour water on one tile of tepidizer to keep it cool. If you're using my example, you could use the corners to grab dirt if you come from under.
  13. Did you even click the links?
  14. Oh but it is safe, and there is plenty oh heat.