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  1. Yeah wheezeworts pull 1kg of gas from bottom part up while cooling it by 5K
  2. So I tried to combine efficiency with throughput (plus a bit of cooling) and came up with this: Just 10 cycles of testing, but seems to be working. With pump being raised like this there's no problems with oxygen being stuck in there.
  3. Check your science on how Hydrogen and Oxygen compare per gram.
  4. Easiest solution would be randomizing direction of movement. Even if it's just binary.
  5. With today's (30-05) update I'm getting double points for fertilization and irrigation.
  6. Manual Airlocks work as walls too. Same cost as gas permeable tiles, hydrophilic and indestructible. Just remember to lock them.
  7. From the 'Why are dupes so DUMB' thread creator... Dude I don't think this game is for you.
  8. I'm still waiting for that high melting point tungsten they promised in previous stream.
  9. I made pretty simple setup: gas pump>valve>vent. I set the valve to ~100g (dupe did). The packets before valve are 1kg, and after the valve 100g. The pump keeps going. What is happening with 900g of gas?
  10. Nothing stops you from using the regular food storage using this method. Fridge in this example is not used for cooling just storing. The vacuum provides both sterile and cold atmosphere.
  11. Made some sense to me. When you switch tepidizer on it heats up then checks for submersion. You can therefore use the 'manual' switch to turn it off and on repeatedly in quick succession to get stupid high temps.
  12. I have over 100h clocked. It's more playable than some recent AAA games.