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  1. So you can actually make them have it on purpose to produce more fert
  2. Has anyone seen what ailment diarrhea has like -50% bladder or so?
  3. Basically I assume the crash happened because of this as I tried a few times before giving up. I had Insulated tile surrounding a setup like this Ration box - HydroFan - Rationbox - Space - Manual airlock It would act a little funky be -F but not refridgerate the ration boxes and generate water in the corners of that room. The moment you mopped the water in front of ration boxes and corner you crashed to desktop.
  4. You can try my new strat of placing electrolyzers on every floor you can easily obtain a bright blue base with it. Hydrogen sorts itself out faster if you create a vacuum.
  5. Found your message Klei Does this get me super secret access to the club?
  6. I've streamed this game tons and I think I've found a cheap way for you guys to flesh out the game even more tell me what you think. When the printing pod is ready to print a dupe May we have an option that gives a random dupe with potentially higher stats(Stats/Traits) This way we can have truly RNG bases for our viewers and experience a whole new survival mechanic in ONI. Let me know what you think. Thanks, DestroyerofSoul
  7. The temp of the water was about 175 F i believe just hot enough to break standard liquid pumps unless they were built out of gold (90F+ withstand)
  8. It's not just a melted ice biome, Here's the story behind it. The story was I was exploring the asteroid when i hit neutronium on the side and found my first geyser. So I decided to setup a gas pump system that's when the water nation attacked... After the gas system was setup the geyser started acting weird and started multiplying rising and rising I tried to build pumps as it rose and it kept covering them and damaging them. Eventually I ordered the retreat of everyone and gold pumps to placed in the pressurized tube shown needless to say the water kept approaching my base. So we formulated a plan. We built a wall to keep back the waters as of today the water is at our gates but it holds firm. It is currently heading north I assume to seek its assault and consume my 28 dupe's souls as it is insatiable. Up to 5million kg's of water at the source.
  9. Anyone else encountered this biome in the wild ;). Got off my 12 hour stream last night after covering this thought it was pretty funny. Btw dupes are safe to the left of that wall you see.