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  1. There is a workaround for the coal generator, you need to set up a fluid dripping system above, it cools it enough to work fine, just a little bit more work to get it right.
  2. The transitioning between materials definitely is fun to play with Right now thought rather useless, but that will surely change in the next updates, can't wait for them
  3. Setting up alternatives for oxygen is mandatory. You WILL run out of algae sooner or later + you WILL run out of slime as well. Cleaning polluted oxygen and breaking up water with the electrolyzer is the way to go later on, so set it up as soon as possible. My new world is on cycle ~75 right now, fairly late to actually start given I have 8 dupes, but since I build a 'closed chamber' base setup It is working. For my setup do the following: Instead of having a single big room being flooded with oxygen, instead set up a pump right above the deoxidizer and let it suck up all the goodness. The single pump (more dupes more pumps later on) sucks out the oxygen and guides it into every... single... room. This way you get maximum pressure + a buffer so it doesn't run out as fast. Before thought, you'll burn trough your algae like nithing because of it thought, after all there are several hundred kilos of oxygen in pipes after all as soon as the base gets bigger. Simply add new oxygen pumps for every new setup, the main framework is working after all from nearly the beginning, so it needs rather few materials when you're going to expand. Also, since all the doors open frequently, the walkways which are used often are kept slightly pressurized, just enough for the dupes to live, but not enough to waste any oxygen.
  4. I simply use a 5 pumps 5 electrolyzer setup, feeding into 4 hydrogen generators at the moment. Definitely not very efficient, but more then enough to get some excess oxygen, and feeding itself without problems + leaving open some extra energy.
  5. This is a problem which happenes frequently. Gasses can be 'trapped' even in the middle of a room. It mostly happenes in high pressurized rooms as they are unable to flow properly, bunching together and creating gas pockets. The easiest solution is to not only making a single gas permeable tile, but several besides each other, I recommend 3, or several single ones with a single gap in between when you're not fully pressurized. If you got such a pocket the only solution is to pump it away, simply getting it in another room, or another part of your base is sufficient.
  6. The problem for pufts is their missing ability to sustain hot or cold temperature even for short times. The trick is to fill the room only with pre temperatured polluted oxygen, either chilling or heating it up beforehand to get it juuuuust at the right temperature. This can be done with a rather complex system of thermal switches and isolated pipes, but is definitely possible. The rooms have to be insulated with abysallite thought definitely, then nothing should go wrong, even over extended times, at least as long as it is under a self-contained system. The water entrance is a second safety measure, but if you do it with every puft like this you get huge amounts of free slime and a little bit of extra oxygen over time. Also less power consumption for cleaning the polluted oxygen from the morbs.
  7. That's because the box has to heat up the ice, imagine a closed box with ice inside, that's exactly what it is. The heat first has to heat up the box, then it heats up the ice inside. So basically, the amount of ice inside will be heated up ALL at the same time, and with the thermal conductivity of the materials in the game, it will take forever to do so even at small quantities. The solution is to either deconstruct the ice box after filling it up, letting it sit on the ground and melt away in an hot enviroment, or you could choose the material with the highest conductivity if it should be done slowly, also in the hottest enviroment possible.
  8. Setting up a shower and lavatory is actually quite important. It lowers the amount of decor needed since it gives a bit of stress relief by itself is the first part. Lavatories produce polluted water, which at the moment is quite important for fertilizer over time (end-game thought), Also a endless supply of clean water if you know how to handle steam. The piping is fairly easy. Just combine all the intake pipes of the shower and all the outtake pipes, one single pipe is more then enough, not straining the metal requirements in any way. As soon as you expand further, metal is absolutely no problem anyway, as there is simply an abundance of it strewn over the map, not just copper, but also gold amalgam, iron and wolframite which can all be used for it. Abyssalite can also be used for piping by now, which lowers the amounts needed even further, making it an absolute non-issue. For the problem at hand, getting enough oxygen I recommend keeping your base small, max 6 dupes at the beginning, they will be easily sustainable for a loooong time, even with small expansion. After that, the slime still is just an extra algae income, the main point of them is to give off 3 different materials thought which can be used to get clean oxygen: Algae for immediate oxygen. Polluted oxygen either for immediate use, if you want to keep your base clean thought set up a cleaning system before getting it inside, for the beginning several air deodorizers are more then enough. Polluted water for cleaning, then turning the clean one with the electrolyzer into oxygen and hydrogen. Advanced setup, but probably the main oxygen income for most people end-game. Remember to build in 'chunks', don't make huge spaces and keep your main base walled off completely with every way out being a door, maybe even an airlock build if you want to retain as much clean oxygen as possible, pumping the airlock into a vacuum and filtering all the different materials out at a little filtering room. To keep metal requirements as low as possible, combine the piping whereever possible, and think beforehand when setting up something new.
  9. Oh, that's easy, algae from slime destilles, since producing hydrogen for the immense power needs of my finished base will give off massive amounts of excess oxygen anyway, probably enough for me to have it stored in liquid form somewhere, using integer overflow of gas after heating it up to not endlessly need more storage space.
  10. I'll test that out right away when I'm finished with my setup! It looks promising, even thought I'll definitely use clean water for it to not ever give one of my dupes stress (I hate stress). I'll post the setup as soon as I'm far enough to build it, and my base is sustained 100%, so after I got a steam vent up and running.
  11. Yes, I tried out the Ice biome + cooled gas approach. It keeps you safe for a short amount of time, but none at which it is safe to operate indefinitely. I'll make a more complex one in my new colony, as I wanted to sustain the old one with hatches generating coal from all the materials which I won't ever need. Didn't work properly. If I find a good setup, I'll immediately post a screenshot of it thought.
  12. Wolframite is also an option, but since it doesn't do anything for the coal generator problem at hand I haven't mentioned it here They are surely able to do something in the future, as steel is already in the list, but for now it's just a random metal as any other.
  13. Yes, the original gas display made it easier to see where the gas was located, while the new one is a definite upgrade for newer players as they are able to see where their dupes are able to actually live. Both system were great for their own purpose. Right now you can only see where they are able to breath, we definitely need to get a second gas overlay (switchable in the lower right like with the cancelling and deconstruction.) to see the types of gas in each field. Would be a great addition to the game definitely.
  14. Well, many people seem to have a lot of problems with coal generators in the new update, so i wanted to write a few things about this. As it stands, Coal generators are definitely a huge problem, not viable in any way, they will burn not only trough coal, but also your metal store. Making them out of copper is definitely no option, as they will break nearly instantly from overheating, but even using Gold Amalagam which gives basically an extra 50C threshold before taking damage, they still break fairly fast. So, I tested out several options to keep them from doing so: Flooding them (slightly): Doesn't change the problem, the water begins to evaporate rather soon, as soon as it gets too high the generator stops working and even if you can keep the level optimal, it still takes damage. Pumping out the heated carbon dioxide: Still doesn't change the fact that they overheat. I tried placing them inside a vacuum, with an air lock in front to keep gasses from entering, both being kept in permanent vakuum state as well as possible. They still overheat and take damage. Flooding the room with extremely cooled gas: This idea was fairly advanced to do, and required a lot of work to even set up, requiring more energy then the generators produce. So besides not being a viable option to do in the first place, the problem persisted. They are still taking damage. The things I observed: The problem isn't the surrounding temperature, but their innate one which keeps them above 200C in an active state. As soon as they start to be active, their own temperature breaks them without any way to stop them from doing so, at least I have found now way. Coal generally is a rather advanced setup for ONI, as the produced Carbon dioxide needs to be taken care of, the generated heat needs to be tend to, and the coal needs to be given to them, but all of that is quite feasable if you just think a few moments about it. The breaking clearly isn't, and I don't think it's something which was intended to work in this way. The conclusion (Until someone finds a solution or it is patched): Coal generators are broken in this build, also making hatches fairly unusable (besides of their nice decor boost). They break fast, take up a lot of manpower, and even hurt your dupes close to it (Haven't bothered with clothing yet, so if that helps it would be nice if someone mentions it.) The solutions: The easiest solution definitely is to lower their innate temperature, which I personally find a bit 'meh' since they wouldn't heat up the surrounding space as much anymore. The second is to introduce a new material which actually can withstand their temperature better if everything is taken care of properly. If someone has other solutions how to get rid of the problem, or even has a way to make them work under the current build, I would be glad to hear them, as I have fiddled around ~2 hours with them by now, but the problem always persists. They seemingly need more work to be put into them then Hydrogen generators at the moment (which are actually fairly easy to handle in this build), which surely wasn't intended, or at least I don't think so. Before it would be the mid-tier power solution to keep manpower at bay while setting up the high-tier solution (Hydrogen generators). Right now this part isn't possible, so you either keep manually powering several networks, or set up the Hydrogen system fairly fast, water isn't a problem anymore after all. Last but not least: I will update the starting post with every failed solution, and every possible way to switch the system whenever someone posts it, so go ahead and discuss it, and let's give our awesome developers something to think about and make the game even better then it is!