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  1. He might have had a ball of dirt or sand on top of the mesh and "planted" the seed in that. I don't know what happens if you then dig up the dirt, I haven't tried it.
  2. The odd thing here is that liquid phosphorite can be mopped.
  3. Using wolframite gas-permable tiles under the super computer and having more air space around it seems to work pretty well - watched Skye Storm's LP series where he used this method and it never overheated. He didn't have his anywhere near the ice biome.
  4. Overlays are the special views where you can see your piping, oxygen concentrations and so on. options at upper right.
  5. Check the priority of your new food storage container.
  6. Meant to ask you on YouTube, but I figured I would just ask you here.  Hope that's ok?

    Since you did your base series with a lot of narcoleptics, did you ever lose one because they fell asleep somewhere with no oxygen (under water, high CO2, etc)?   Or if they did fall asleep there, did they immediately wake back up?

    1. cptCalavera


      the narcoleptic sleep is so short so it really doesnt matter where they sleep, they tend to wake up in time to get out of any bad situation.

    2. Dogbarian


      Okay, thanks!

  7. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! (said like the French guy in Raiders, right before the Ark melts his face). Amazing work, dude!
  8. Yeah, CrypticFox had this happen in a video. You have to assign them to a medical cot, and another dup will come pick them up and carry them to the medical cot. It was very weird, but cool at the same time, thanks devs!
  9. That's just too funny, making a coal generator out of gold.