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  1. I am not sure about this. But for some reason wolframite transfer heat slower if the heat differens is high than for granite. So let say the differens is 100C between materials then I did se that Granite transfers faster heat. But when it got lower Wolframite started to transfer faster than Granite. I havent done that much testing dont have time at the moment. I did test with floor lamp and 100kg hydrogen and 100kg CO2
  2. I cant do it like you do it thewercktangle because my temp in my base can be 10-13C or sometimes it is 30 C. I just dont control my temp in my base.
  3. Kasuha thats true. But I did run a wery smal farm and it did heat up to 22C. Because of the food that drops. And maybe from external heat not sure. I have run big Bristle blossom farms and they can get as hot as 21,5 c in places. so there is possibility that they heat up over the idle temp. And if you want to get fast to idle temperature you want som cooling. But yeah you dont need the extra space over the plants. But I never have run with mealwood farm. I might trow in them in planter boxes or run them like vilde plants. But usally I go for bristle blossom early and use sleet wheat from vild plants till I get enuf of blossoms.
  4. This is what I would basically do if I did meal wood. One Thermo regulator, the gas vale set to 100. Hydrogen in the grow room with 2 kilo per tile. and the thermo switches to 21C. And to keep the hydrogen in the room you need to keep a 1 kg pressure outside and it should be fine. Might be slight overkill for mealwood. But there will be some heat coming in from outside and when you harvest the plants the meallice will heat up litle bit. but your thermo regulator shouldn't run much. And use Abyssalite for the watering pipes.
  5. I have never had to heat a place that I have cooled down with Thermo regulator. The plants will heat the place up just fine.
  6. And only plant that needs heating.
  7. Yeah notice that they have fix that input and output temp on showers is the same now. Before they had it set to 40C on the output temp.
  8. What I ment with best way to cool water is this. you have a water column like the picture. and by cooling the top layer what ever way you want. you will cool everything under it to same temperature. So if I cool the top layer that have only 1 kilo, 1 C everything under will have the same temperature even if there is tons and tons of water.
  9. To bad his system will not work because he dont have enuf cooling from the pipes. And of course he trying to say he is using a old bug that dont work. And if he wants to prove it works just post the save file and you can prove me wrong. I actually did a working system with new cooling bug. And I made a bigger system that almost can keep 2 pumps occupied. Producing 400kg of oxygen.
  10. Just give us the save file and we can check it out.
  11. Electrolyzer emits gas att about 70C Air scrubbers and water purifiers emits polluted water at 40C, yeah let your dupes take a steaming hot shower and you get nice and "cold" polluted water at 40C. But easy the best way to destroy heat is with plants, they start att 19.8C and have a mass of 400kg. And replant them and the temp reset to 19,8C. But the best way to destroy heat is how water "cooling" works right now. I did a post a about it showing how you can cool down tons and tons of hot water with just a few kilos of water. If they fix that bug, then it will be hard.
  12. Dupes know how to create energy efficient heaters
  13. Water trial is at the end after puting out 12 000 kg of water the water temp out is 36 C. And after that you can replant the sleet wheat and make another 12 000 kg nice water But when you can cool down water as it is now there is no need, my water did end 24-25C warm because how it works right now. yepp cooler than the average temp of the water of first 2 000 kg of water