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  1. I'm currently working on a mod manager to act as a platform for any community mods people would like to create (as well as creating some mods to act as samples and fun things to play with in-game), which will essentially mean that creating a new mod is as simple as creating a single new class in C# and adding the code file to the mod folder. Taking longer than expected due to other life commitments, but it's coming along. Hoping I'll have something to post in the next week or so. Just have to finalize the in-game mod management menu and I'll post the early version, but there's still a chunk of work to do beyond that (work on safely unloading mods, new asset integration, and a number of other features).
  2. Hahaha, can't have a Klei dev stream without some deaths. Good to see some awesome new stuff on the way!
  3. It may also indicate that world objects are building up over time, causing eventual slowdown - the objects themselves may not be a cause of concern, but could definitely be a good first point to look for optimization on games that have been running for a large number of cycles.
  4. If the tepidizer has liquid dripped over it, or has a thin layer (not a full tile) worth of liquid on it, it'll continue to heat up to incredible temperatures. It won't stop at it's normal maximum temperature of 75 degrees. Definitely a bug, and can be potentially dangerous if it's not intentional.
  5. EDIT: Are you advertising your project, or requesting to take over the creative development of Oxygen Not Included? I can't tell. If it's the latter, continue reading. If it's the former, most of this post won't apply, but this isn't the place for an advertisement post anyway. Hate to tell you this - but ideas are a dime a dozen. Development, creation, and forming that idea into something tangible is the difficult part. Even if you did have a similar idea (which, to my understanding, it only sounds similar on the most superficial of levels), you haven't taken the steps to develop that into a game, nor do you have the backing to do so. Do you honestly believe you have more knowledge, ability, and experience than the development team? Are you truly that naive? One of the most valuable experiences in life is learning that when you believe you know everything there is to know, you have more to learn than ever. I'm not saying this to be mean, but to hopefully make you understand that there's a lot more to the development process than an idea - and one of the most important aspects of that development is working with a team. Immediately requesting that you take over the suggestion/creative development side of a project without any showing of experience or open discussion with that very team isn't the best approach to take. In fact, most of your post (especially your poll choices) come across as relatively hostile towards that very team you'd be working with.
  6. The impression I got was that RamVivat is looking for suggestions on an entertaining way to kill off a particularly stressed duplicant, so that he'd stop stressing everyone else out. Not my area of expertise, but the eaaaaasiest way is to reduce their daily allowance of food to 0, so they slowly starve to death...
  7. You're correct - I had a 6th regulator in there initially, but due to circuit limitations had to pull it out. Got rid of one too many valves during cleanup, before I took the screenshots, it looks like. Good catch. I'll fix that up later tonight, when I get home. I can post a brief video of it later tonight, sure!
  8. I know, but their initial temperature at time of construction is what I was referring to. As your post mentioned. I said exactly the same thing you did, I think.
  9. It may have depended on the specific pieces of Abyssalite that your dupes built it out of, I think the objects retain the heat of the materials they were made out of when they're created. You may have mined some really cold and really hot abyssalite at different points. It's a little hard to control at the moment, unfortunately.
  10. From one of the patch change logs the other day, I think this occurs when Hatches munch on seeds - they eat portions of a seed, rather than the entire thing. Probably not an ideal way to represent it.
  11. I believe this is a bug they're trying to track down - you may want to post this in the bug tracker (on this site) with your dxdiag file attached, I suspect they'd appreciate the report.
  12. I haven't had any problems with piping, what kind of issues are you running into?
  13. Well, long term plan-wise, I would think they wouldn't want Hatches eating out of containers simply because you need a way to keep your materials in your base safe. Gives sweeping materials into containers a bit more purpose!
  14. I see you ran into some of the same problems I did! You reminded me that I forgot to include a few notes in the writeup... Sorry about that. Few notes, which have now been added to the original post: -The regulators (at least the central three) need to be built out of Gold Amalgam, or they'll overheat (or you can use a different cooling system, like you did! Nice :)) -Two pipes in particular need to be built out of Abyssalite, the pipe leading out of the liquid pump, and the pipe going from the white output on the F1 filter to the vent, otherwise the temperature exchange in the pipe can cause state changes and make it break -Warming the liquid back up is a whole different bag of worms. Haha. There's a few ways to do it, I'm still working on finding the most efficient method. I'll likely post back once I've found it. Glad you built it and had fun doing it! A few problems due to my hurriedness in writing the post, but glad it turned out well in the end. To continue my comment from above, I forgot to include an important detail in my original post, the liquid pipe (as well as the gas pipe from the white output on filter F1) should be insulated and made from Abyssalite, to prevent as much temperature change as possible. I didn't have any issues once I used that as a material, but if you continue to have issues, let me know! In the meantime, glad you got the gas pump working, good alternative solution.
  15. I'm not sure this is considered an exploit, vacuum/chlorine/certain other types of atmosphere provide a sterile environment, which prevents food from rotting. It's intentional, as far as I'm aware.