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  1. I haven't had any problems with piping, what kind of issues are you running into?
  2. Well, long term plan-wise, I would think they wouldn't want Hatches eating out of containers simply because you need a way to keep your materials in your base safe. Gives sweeping materials into containers a bit more purpose!
  3. I see you ran into some of the same problems I did! You reminded me that I forgot to include a few notes in the writeup... Sorry about that. Few notes, which have now been added to the original post: -The regulators (at least the central three) need to be built out of Gold Amalgam, or they'll overheat (or you can use a different cooling system, like you did! Nice :)) -Two pipes in particular need to be built out of Abyssalite, the pipe leading out of the liquid pump, and the pipe going from the white output on the F1 filter to the vent, otherwise the temperature exchange in the pipe can cause state changes and make it break -Warming the liquid back up is a whole different bag of worms. Haha. There's a few ways to do it, I'm still working on finding the most efficient method. I'll likely post back once I've found it. Glad you built it and had fun doing it! A few problems due to my hurriedness in writing the post, but glad it turned out well in the end. To continue my comment from above, I forgot to include an important detail in my original post, the liquid pipe (as well as the gas pipe from the white output on filter F1) should be insulated and made from Abyssalite, to prevent as much temperature change as possible. I didn't have any issues once I used that as a material, but if you continue to have issues, let me know! In the meantime, glad you got the gas pump working, good alternative solution.
  4. I'm not sure this is considered an exploit, vacuum/chlorine/certain other types of atmosphere provide a sterile environment, which prevents food from rotting. It's intentional, as far as I'm aware.
  5. Can't recommend this enough - Just do a save and immediately reload, that fixes this issue a surprising number of times. Been a bug since the Thermal update came through, from what I've seen.
  6. You are correct!! It should be active only if warmer than -183.2. Good catch, typo on my part. Fixing now, thanks!
  7. Just added screenshots and a write up of my system in the main post, let me know if you have any questions! It's rather complex, but automates everything, including preventing freezes, unintentional liquefication, handling atmospheric pressure, and priming the system (initial cooling). Aside from the incredibly rare case, there's no maintenance or manual control required at all. Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?!
  8. You're safe to stream! Nothing to worry about. Lots of people doing it, and they've stated it's fine to do so.
  9. Just to check, when you say "opened up the tab", are you talking about the little categorized list on the top right hand corner (Breathable Gas, Raw Mineral, Edible, etc)? If so, just as a note, that only lists resources that are accessible to the dupes as "usable resources" (such as liquid oxygen, bottled water, copper lying on the ground, etc). It won't list oxygen or carbon dioxide that's floating around in the air. There are some conservation of mass issues in the non-Thermal Preview build, but for the most part things are better now, if you opt in to the beta preview. I'm not certain that your specific case, Oxygen to CO2, is perfect conservation, but if so, it'd be intentional, for gameplay reasons. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that categorized list in the upper right.
  10. No problem, glad to help.
  11. This thread will resolve the issue, I believe... but you should definitely buy the game:
  12. Multiple paths sometimes have weird "pathing" issues in pipes with multiple outputs right now. I believe this happens when the output on one of the pipes is occasionally backed up or blocked (especially on output vents that are getting occasionally overpressured, or can't output fast enough), which causes the liquid to temporarily reverse the flow towards the other output and cause issues. There's a fix, though! Anywhere along each of the separate paths, build one liquid bridge instead of normal piping. The bridges act as a one way valve and can never "back up" or stop working, so the liquid will always get to it (never reverse), and once it's crossed the bridge, the liquid can't cross back (since it's one way). Will prevent the weird flip-flopping/reversing of paths. Not an ideal solution, but it works!
  13. The pipes will break (at least in the Thermal update) if you try to turn the steam into ice inside of the pipes.
  14. I'd have to see some more information, but it's possible your electrolyzers are full on water and can't accept more right now, I believe they have a 10kg max capacity. I think it takes a while for them to burn it off into hydrogen/oxygen... I could be wrong, though, haven't played with them enough yet.
  15. Try saving and reloading your game, I've had a similar bug several times since the update. If that doesn't fix it, more investigation required.