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  1. I will point out again, that I made my observation from a recorded game session, and my observation was "this seems excessive"
  2. As I stated, it was an observation I saw on an early access youtuber's channel. I wasn't not in control. And losing 25,000 kcal in under 1 cycle isn't exactly a small loss. They were only up to cycle 8 at that point. (I subsequently have started playing, since the update was released, and I personally seldom if ever end up with stress issues due to my particular style of play.) I brought the point up, only because this one duplicant consumed in one 'afternoon' as much as 25 duplicants normally consume in a cycle, and this means that if this duplicant were not stopped, he could single ha deadly kill the entire colony before another food source could be harvested.
  3. At this point I can only speak to what I've seen second hand, but I don't see how it's "lucky" that the duplicant ate enough food to feed 25 duplicant cycles in less than one cycle. If he ate that much, he should either explode, or be someone who weighs over a quarter ton.
  4. You mean like, "Steve got his head stuck in a tile and is suffocating, get that tile deconstructed NOW!"
  5. Seems to me that the binge eater mechanic may be out of balance. I was watching an early access YouTuber earlier today, and watched on duplicant devour 25,000 kcal in under 1 cycle.
  6. I have a "sweep" at priority 9 for food that has decayed (easily in reach, as the dupes will walk past it to pick up food to eat) which is being ignored, even with all buildings and other orders set to Priority 1. Apparently my dupes are refusing to sweep up a priority 9, polluted oxygen source, in favor of digging and building at priority 1. But a priority 6 "ration box" takes priority over a priority 5 dig or build. Seems like something isn't right when issuing a sweep order with priority.
  7. In my (limited) experience with the tepidizer, I did the following: I placed the tepidizer at the bottom of a 8 tile wide x 4 tile deep pool of water (approx 30C, total mass approx 30,000 kg), on top of a large layer of ice (8 wide 2 deep average mass 800kg per tile at -32C) then I turned the power on. The entire body of water is now ranging from 70-80C, the tepidizer is overheating, thus being damaged, while the ice has only warmed to -30.4C on average. In my experience with ice (assuming only -2C) and tap water (assuming 12-14C) 1 liter of water quickly melts a lot of ice in a 2 liter container. So I'm trying to figure out why my tepidizer can heat 30,000 kg of water sufficiently to reach 80C, but the ice is still too cold to melt with 80C water sitting on top of it for 3 full cycles. am I missing something? Does Ice have a low temperature exchange rate with hot water in the game at this time?
  8. I added to my post after reading the first response, which hopefully clarified my intended function for this device. I agree it would be basically a "power valve" the only real difference I think is all the valves in the game so far are in what are already one-way pipes, while electric circuits run two ways, and my thought was just a "one-way" so power can be given from a source, but can't feed back across that gate/diode or "valve" Sorry for any confusion. From a technical stance, I chose the term diode (and originally also referenced gate) because a diode typically (but admittedly does not always) allows power to travel in one direction only, likewise gate was intended to mean "controlled passage". I come from a technical background, but not in electronics per se. I have a moderate grasp of electronic principles, but if it was implemented, no matter what they named it, I'd be quite happy with it. I am glad to know the idea is appreciated, even if I didn't make my intent completely clear in the initial post.
  9. I don't think this would be as complicated as your response would imply. I'm not saying "calculate how much power is passing through each segment" but rather "we have more power on this circuit as it reaches the gate than is being used on this circuit, let it pass through." But only allow power to pass one way. 400 watts on this segment, 300 are consumed before the gate/diode, (assuming no available battery storage, which would presumably take priority over letting power through the gate/diode) 100 watts passes through the gate/diode. It's not much more complex than having a manual generator, a research station and a tiny battery on one circuit, Power generated = x, power consumed = y, power to battery (or in this case through the gate) = z It would still require planning circuits based on load, but would simplify planning of power storage. This is the correct forum for making suggestions, is it not? I'm not saying it needs to happen, but I would like to see it, and if it is implemented, fantastic, if it isn't "well bummer"
  10. It appears to have been a tooltip that didn't disappear (it happens sometimes) but when I saw it, I was thinking "well if it massively boosts the terrarium's output it might be worth a try" While I want my dupes to survive and thrive, I'm always open to trying unorthodox approaches. If by some chance 100kg of Oxylite meant my Terrarium produced a vastly increased amount of oxygen, exceeding that of the terrarium + the original oxylite's oxygen output, I'd try it. In fact, I'd try it just to see how much it did improve output, so I'd know if it was worthwhile or not.
  11. Given the recent thermal update's 1000 and 2000 watt capacity electrical wires, I would like to see (although for developer balance reasons it may be unfitting) a power gateway. Something that would allow designation of "no more than X watts, maybe in 100/500 watt increments. This would allow a central power supply to use high watt wires to provide power to batteries, high watt wires to heavy load circuits, and standard wires to run low power circuits, without requiring a separate power source for every circuit. Basically, a "main" circuit breaker, where the power within it can't transfer more than the wires can handle, but allowing for power to go at a lesser rate to multiple circuits, each of which would likely have their own batteries. The object allows power to flow from A->B but not back from B->A so your generation is on one side, but once the power passes the gateway, it can't come back. (though with additional wires and a power switch, one could orchestrate moving power from one circuit to another)
  12. Looks like it was probably an overlap of the tooltip then.
  13. I didn't get a screenshot at the time, and in my attempts to recreate the tooltip, I have failed, which makes me think it was a one-off glitch (possibly my computer, possibly algae behind the oxylite, I think I was harvesting a big field of algae) but I added the thought about moving oxylite in case it might be useful to someone (a 20C oxylite emmitting oxygen for 5 or 10 minutes in a high temperature unbreathable area from storage could be useful for some of the rarer bases I've seen.) I can get screenshots of the tiles produce about half their original listed value easily, and a dug out chunk of oxylite saying it's emitting oxygen easily, but the terrarium message I haven't been able to reproduce so far, but if I can get it to come up again I will definitely screenshot immediately.)
  14. In one of my saves (Thermal Update) I accidentally let a dupe dig up a tile of oxylite. (i.e. I inadvertently included it in my 3 high 8 wide dig order, so they dug it up before I noticed) It dropped a dark green orb similar to algae, clearly marked as oxylite. Doesn't seem I can do anything with it once it was mined (oops) but on mousing over the oxylite drop, I noticed the tooltip said something about it being used with a terrarium. I then searched for anything I could find about this, but came up empty, and couldn't find any way to make it happen. So I was wondering if this was a glitch (maybe there was an algae behind it and the tooltips wrote over each other?) or is this an undeveloped feature, or is there some way to make that accidentally dug up oxylite actually improve a terrarium? I've tried to recreate it in a new save, but I can't get the same message to come up. Though I did notice that the oxylite blob that was dropped did sometimes say it was emitting oxygen, so the though occured about moving it to a storage compactor (if polluted dirt can release polluted oxygen from a storage compactor it is in, why not oxylite from a similar storage compactor.) But this seems to be a bad idea, since the mass dropped from resources appears to often be about half the mass of the original tile. (a 700kg copper ore tile drops, for me, about 350 kg of copper ore. Similarly the 48kg Oxylite tile appears to have dropped 23.6 kg of oxylite into the movable piece by the time it hit the ground and I could pause and target it.)
  15. I had my storage containers and ration box set to a priority 6, so if my duplicants didn't have any priority orders they keep the floor nice and tidy (to avoid the clutter decor). Had the same issue occur today, the mealwood simply doesn't seem to be dropping food at all, in 3 separate colonies, Needless to say, I'm not happy having to make mush bars for my duplicants just to keep them from starving when I put all those materials into making planter boxes and planting seeds. Briar seems to be okay, but mealwood should be producing something. First happened before I added the Thermal Update, but it's also happening on my colonies since. (color me frustrated, cause I'm loving the game overall, but when you expect to get plenty of food and you get none, nearly dooming your colony [not to mention preventing making even liceloaf since meal lice aren't even being dropped] it's a frustrating situation) According to the reference guide: " Liceloaf effectively doubles a yield of a single Mealwood plant and with enough water I encourage you to use this recipe. " But when 4-13 plants produce zero lice, zero kcal, etc... Doubling the output doesn't seem very helpful. (0 x infinity still = 0)