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  1. Idk, this puzzle is ******* retarded
  2. Yeah trial and error... i'll be back k?
  3. Im really confused as to what we have to do exactly... I entered those first 3 and nothing happens, i can only press the button if i enter 6 symbols in.
  4. Well i input the first 3 symbols into mine and got no matches right now.
  5. Here is my 2nd screen now, send me yours please.
  6. Yes just do my gold since the other guy isnt replying
  7. @DwerBomb I did ur black, do my gold please so we can continue.
  8. Thats funny cause i did port forward the correct port already, other people have too and it doesnt do anything.
  9. Fix the issues with ping such as "???" which majority of servers have.
  10. So basically the vast majority of servers are unplayable for other people due to different things such as the server's: High ping or ping unknown, mods, the day the server is in(most people would want to start near the start of the server i'd guess), world edits, whether it has caves or not(which most don't), game mode type, and even the amount of players that are in it. As you can see there are just so many things that go into whether a player will join a server besides even if your ping is shown or not, which leads me to believe it is why there are so few players in multiplayer(without password servers). It just sucks because even when a server is dedicated, you still have all those other things to decide on for whether you want to play or not. Stuff like steam groups are just so dead so even those don't help much, and i'm not trying to have don't starve together as a job so im not gonna constantly join some dedicated teamspeak group or whatever just to play with people.
  11. Much friendlier multiplayer server hosting so majority of servers don't have "???" ping, or high ping. There are hardly any servers that i'd join ever when it comes down to how many different variables there are even after ping as well, such as mods, the season, world mods. But that parts just me. I think if the connection problems were somehow better then much more players would be play together and would be able to.
  12. If it is supposed to make it easier for personal servers, then at the same time it makes it harder because only a limited amount of servers are even looked at usually due to only their ping actually being shown.
  13. Ok i'm not asking how to host a "nice" server im asking about the "???" ping issue, there are dedicated IPs that have the same issue apparently.
  14. Well no I don't have a dedicated IP. What were you gonna suggest if I did have a dedicated IP?