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  1. If it is supposed to make it easier for personal servers, then at the same time it makes it harder because only a limited amount of servers are even looked at usually due to only their ping actually being shown.
  2. Ok i'm not asking how to host a "nice" server im asking about the "???" ping issue, there are dedicated IPs that have the same issue apparently.
  3. Well no I don't have a dedicated IP. What were you gonna suggest if I did have a dedicated IP?
  4. k
  5. No I really don't think im using a dedicated ip, and im not hosting a dedicated server. I did also already check if it was my firewall that was blocking the ping from showing too and that wasn't it. I really don't know any other ways to fix this as i've seen more then one admins already try to help with this problem in the past on the forums. It'd be better for everyone if this problem was fixed because more then half of the hosted servers always have the "???" ping, so less people play with eachother.
  6. Just wondering if people got a general agreement or opinion on some of the most balanced custom character(s) are. I don't got experience playing with them because I figure most are just too unbalanced to play with in a good or bad way.
  7. I play by myself usually, because if I host my own nobody ever joins because my ping shows up as "???" even though i've tried to fix it from threads i've seen. Other people's servers either have bad ping or bad people in it.
  8. I've read other threads about this being a problem for people, I opened the port in windows firewall, as well as port forwarding it through my netgear router. I've also set everything that has to do with don't starve to "Run as administrator". Anything else I can do? I'd really rather not play by myself because nobody sees my server when they filter them by ping. Because nobody wants to join a server at which they assume they will have bad connection in.