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  1. dont know how, or why this happen but out of nowhere the dup appeared in the dirt with no way out but death
  2. what u mean i know that i just went to get that to show him..... ohhhhh worng guy lol
  3. dude if u read the 1st page it said u had tho update it though steam in the game propertys sorry worng guy ment for Nautilus Jr.
  4. heres one. i moved the guy in the water because he said he was scolding due to the advance reseach pc is molten somehow gonna research the stuff to cool the air down and the new item to warm the water ugh this is a pain im running low on alge
  5. yeah i seen that too
  6. dups will randomly say the are cold 95%) or hot (5%) when diging, or near water they wont go underwater when cold or if its 4+ tiles deep unles i prioritze something(doesnt always work)
  7. this still happens i seen 2 of them yesterday sadly i didnt screeshot it ill catch the next one
  8. so if u happen to run out of x resource then what? will u still think the suggestions will break the game hmm?
  9. same goes for the gas/air pipes....... has anyone discovered the topland yet?
  10. due to the random land given on new games we sometimes get unfair set up that might be hard to set up we need items to create/regulate the following create water buy air or something fertilizer maybe (not by contaminated water thats a renewal way) something to creates coal hydrogen maybe sand/dirt ability to build any material can we get a better pipe manager to place compontets better or have an auto pipe line when placing a machine or utility (uses liquid pump to activate auto-pipeline)
  11. heres one gastrophobia with +3 cooking
  12. night owl not working at all theres a few other stuff ive seen so ill try to capture some pics of counteracting stats scientist (researcher)/yoel (cant research) miner(dig)/cant dig it(REALLY!) cheif/gastaphobic (UH ok) architect/cant build etc.... stand by and theres an issue with the warning notifacations and food not being cooked when starving