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  1. MORE WILSON I'M SORRY HE IS MY FAVOURITE. Might as well call this Koi's Wilson fanart hahahha startled Wilson. I think he's jumping??
  2. Hi! Sorry for so much Wilson!! He's just my favourite and I love to draw him and he is cool!! I really like how this turned out!
  3. That's actually super cool holy baloney And don't worry heh I am quite the passive rule follower so I'll hopefully be okay heh
  4. Sooo I hope it is okay that I am posting this here but I was really excited by the don't starve art stream and made this after I rewatched it (I missed the beginning). It wasn't EXACTLY a follow along? but I did a similar pose and used tips from the stream if I shouldn't repost it here please let me know!
  5. I hope it is okay that he is doing a slightly different pose and whatnot, it was more or less based on the Wilson in the stream while keeping in mind some tips given :0 (I hope it is okay to repost this picture where I post my fanart) But I did add the little "future broken glass and singed grass" since Wilson's experiments don't always end well
  6. Ahhh really? Holy jeez I didn't notice!! and thanks
  7. Haaaah I'm doing that right now!! I'm getting really excited and it's making me want to draw!!
  8. awe man, I was really sad because I missed the first drawing of Wilson, I really wish I coulda drawn along too! I did see the second half but supper got in the way of the first
  9. Awe I like that idea!! Thanks! In terms of character and personality I like Wilson, Maxwell and Wickerbottom the best, I think. Ahhh they are all great characters!
  10. Yeah, That makes sense! Idk, I was never too inclined to play him. But he is a good character! I play random all the time! Usually when I'm playing eith friends. I usually either play wilson or random because it's hard to decide I'll try to dedicate more time to characters though!
  11. Yeah, I mean I guess Wolfgang is stronger technically, but his strongest form is really hard to maintain! It really isn't worth it in my opinion :\ plus you may be starving a lot in a game called don't starve so he might be weak a lot especially if you just start out. I usually stick to Wilson. I want to olay Maxwell more though, I just really like him! I have trouble picking a main though so I'll probably stick with wilson for now
  12. I played with my brother and I had to revive him because he died literally 4 times to darkness :0
  13. YEAH THAT'S BASICALLY HOW IT GOES Actually I tried to get everyone I know to get the game So I'd have people to play with and now they just wanna play with each other I don't really want to play with strangers though. Part of the fun for me is screaming at te dangers and freaking out when we are close to death together.
  14. I always want to play with friends, I find it more fun but most of my friends aren't as into the game as me, so I usually play alone. Often the friends I play with are only playing the game because I am or I want to, so we often go random characters for fun (although it's usually my suggestion since I can never choose which character I want to play). Also apparently I'm not the best team player when playing with friends because I just want to explore and I had a situation once where we spent 5 in game days trying to track each other after I had wandered off. Here is a very quick illustration of how my servers with friends go (and usually end).
  15. 1. Yess I have a million ways of drawing him lol one being the normal style (as close as I can get to it at least), two being this, and the rest being everything inbetween 2: lol YES and he's just like "ew disgusting filth gosh darn now I must make a new one"