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  1. A thread about ideas to make the SW characters work in DST, if they were to be added without SW. Ideas so far: Walani Warly Wilbur Woodlegs Scrapped ideas Klei's likely not even going to even see this post (They don't particularly check suggestions & feedback too often to my knowledge), so @CheeseNuggets101if he wants too could implement these ideas into his Shipwrecked Characters mod. Anyway, post your thoughts below, and/or come up with your own ideas if you'd like. "The End."
  2. I'm serious. No sarcasm. I think that Wes should get Wolfgang's increased sanity-drain con (although Wes's should be 20% instead of Wolfgang's 10%). I know its pointless to do, but I've always found it strange that Wes has a increased hunger drain, lowered damage, and a smaller health pool then usual, but he doesn't have an increased sanity drain? I mean if I was making a "hard-mode" character I'd go all the way with it, not leave one stat behind (or would it be ahead in this case?). He was introduced in the "Insanity!" update after all, so really I don't get why this wouldn't be in the game in the first place.
  3. “..."
  4. Updated Warly & Wilbur sections with new content. Still can't think of anything for Woodlegs, I thought Walani was gonna be the hard one to think of perks for, but I guess I was wrong. I'm going to later start organizing the different perks better, so that related ones are In the same place.
  5. Yeah, that's why I believe this is now a bad idea. I guess now I know why Klei chose to make the picky-eater mechanic the way they did. I'll change the main post and put this under a scrapped ideas category. At least with how it is now while you can use meaty stew as a major part of you diet, you'd likely run out meat pretty quickly, so it balances itself out there.
  6. The hunger rework is rather difficult to explain as it would all depend on how it was tweaked, but I'll attempt what likely will be a bad example of it: 12.5 hunger foods could be 0.4 days 18.75 hunger foods could be 0.6 days 20 hunger foods could be 0.7 days 25 hunger foods could be 0.9 days 37.5 hunger foods could be 1.3 days 62.5 hunger foods could be 1.7 days 75 hunger foods could be 2.2 days 150 hunger foods could be 4.4 days Actually after writing this and trying to make sense of this, the rework might be too much work, and honestly I'm not really sure if this is worth it really... maybe it would be best to keep the picky eater mechanic the same... It was really difficult trying to strike a balance between "too short waits" or "too long waits". I'm not sure how much I like this idea now. This is likely also not mathematically correct, as I was getting tired of trying to balance this midway.
  7. I want to note that when I said Wes was hard-mode, I wrote it as "hard-mode". I understand where your coming from with this, and going off what your saying, you'd like for him to remain having a unique playstyle. Well, Its not like I said to get rid of his picky eater con (which is one of the major reasons he's unique), just tweak it so he can eat certain foods more often like taffy, and prevent cheesing with meaty stew, I'd like it to be this way so it feels more complete as a mechanic. After some actual thought, yeah the 100+ sanity gain for being around cooking crockpots is too much (I wrote that part too hastily), but I like the idea of having the sanity gain, and so I'm going to ask, if it was 20+ sanity instead of 100+, would it be better? Then you would need 5 crockpots cooking at the same time all around you to even reach 100+ sanity per minute (I think I actually like it better this way, I'll edit the main post with this in a bit if you think its a good idea). I think doing this should keep Warly dynamic, but tell me what you think would be good. EDIT: Idea in bolded text ended up being a terrible idea in theory. See reason why in main post under scrapped ideas.
  8. From what I've seen of her quotes, she has 3 sides of her personality, being a surfer, being lazy, and seemingly being angered easily. I couldn't do any ocean related things with the surfboard obviously, but I couldn't outright scrap it due to it being important to her character, due to that I opted to base her perks around not being bothered by water, and the important other aspect of her personality, being lazy. I actually like your idea of essentially needing to sleep occasionally, perhaps a constant sanity drain that gets worse the longer you go without sleeping? It could work well as a second/third con that @Sinister_Fang appears to believe she needs. Although I think she should have one last perk then to go with the new con... I just have to think of it...
  9. While I do enjoy Warly as a challenge character like you do, we already have Wes and really I think it be best to not take the spotlight from him as "hard-mode". Warly has a lot of potential as a full-fledged character, I think he deserves that, and a lot of the community seemingly agrees going off some old threads about him. Aren't all four of Warly's recipes already give 10+ sanity or more? If your talking about buffing them further sanity-wise, then I'd be good with that. I'd like if monster tartare gave 20-33+ sanity, as there really isn't any use for making it aside from using it when there isn't any other recipes Warly can get his increased benefits from. Lowering his hunger drain when he sleeps was actually something I forgot when editing, I'll add it shortly. I also already put new special dishes in the Warly section, I just didn't have any ideas at the time, but I like your suggestion of using strange items as ingredients like boss loot. Not sure how much I like the idea of the meat cleaver, I guess it could work, depends on what the damage would be. The special farm plot doesn't seem like it should be a Warly only thing, that's something that all characters should get. Farms as of now aren't very good outside of free food late-game, so having a "super-advanced farm" for example would be good for everyone, including Warly. You'd have to hit them to light them aflame, so I really don't see the problem with that... I don't see how. It can work as a insulated pack, or when emptied can be placed in inventory & be used as a great method of restoring sanity. I actually think its perfectly balanced, I mean its a signature item its got to be somewhat good. Walani does have cons. I was simply suggesting removing the absolutely pointless one that Klei seemingly tacked on last second. Her main con is; being groggy for 6 (or maybe more after thinking about it) seconds when getting up from her surfboard, using a tent, etc. Her other con is having halved benefits from sanity items that raise it overtime, okay it isn't really a con cause it works the other way around, but for some people it would be a con. She also has 30 less health then the usual. Walani wouldn't have a lot of cons, but its not like she has any super-useful perks, plus there are members of the DST cast that already have perks and barely any cons which overshadow Wilson (Wendy, WX-78, Woodie) and its not like I added that she grew a beard, so Wilson would still have that. So really she's simply a bit above average, I in fact thought I needed another perk for her, cause it didn't seem like there was enough.
  10. Not counting Winona, we already know that she will likely be in the game. The SW character bonus poll is multi-choice, this means you may vote for one, or multiple, your choice. This is just a fun poll, to see who people would want to be added to the game alongside the aforementioned character above. There isn't a lot to say here so... who would you want? Maybe even write a comment below on who you would not want in the game? I don't know what to even write here anymore so I guess I'm ending it here... "The End". "The first 5 characters listed in the poll in order; Wilton, Wortox, Winnie, Wallace, and Waverly"
  11. In my opinion, I find the Bat Bat a great idea for a weapon, but has a poorly thought out crafting recipe & durability count. The thing cost me 5 bat wings, which already aren't super easy to come by if luck isn't on your side, 2 Living Logs, which I could be using to make two of an infinitely better weapon, the Dark Sword, and 1 purple gem, which are easy to get late-game but can be a struggle early-mid game. Basically, its a weapon with a high material cost, with horrible durability. I see two ways to fix this; 1. Lower the Bat Bat's cost and keep the durability the same. Or... 2. Keep the recipe the same, and buff the durability (and perhaps lower the sanity loss) Either of these would make the item worth it in my opinion. Though I'd also like that if they went with method two they'd change it to just costing 1 living log instead of two, and with method one I'd like the crafting recipe I pointed out in my previous post of 4x Bat Wings, 4x Twigs,1x purple gem.
  12. So as for ideas to buff the items that are commonly considered "useless", here are my ideas: * Dapper Vest - 3.3 sanity per minute > 6.67 sanity per minute (Tam O' Shanter level) * Rain Hat - 70% water protection > 90/80% water protection, maybe give it a sanity aura? * Bat Bat - 5x Bat Wings, 2x Living Logs, 1x purple gem and 75 durability > 4x Bat Wings, 4x Twigs/1x Living Log, 2x/1x purple gem and 100 durability * Pick/Axe - Buff it to be twice at efficient at work instead of just 33% better, this way its comparable to the Obsidian Axe, and I guess you could buff its crafting cost if it seems to overpowered, maybe make it sap sanity or something, although doing that can be considered buffing it further... * Insulated Pack - Give it the ability to regulate your characters temperature depending on what season it is; I think it should be Rabbit Earmuffs/Fashion Melon level as that would be a good enough value to have it still be a help but not outright replace insulating clothing and thermal stones. Also make it fire-proof. It still wouldn't be an amazing item, but it should be good enough for use at least before you beat Bee Queen and get bundling wraps.
  13. I don't believe Klei has ever said its "never happening", they've only ever said its not something they have planned at the moment.
  14. I use the Insulated Pack, its not bad. Though I don't use backpacks that much anymore so that's likely why I'm not bothered by the -2 slots... I just think its nice for long spelunking trips or times I'll be exploring for a long time. I even use the One-Man-Band though... The only things I find totally useless are; Night Light, Bat Bat, Pick/Axe, and Dapper Vest. The Ice Cube is an easy to make summer item that can be repaired easily, I personally don't see it as absolutely useless, though you will need a cane to use it effectively due to the speed loss. Fashion Melon is meant as the Rabbit Earmuffs of summer items, so I don't count it as useless.
  15. That makes sense.
  16. ANNOUNCE_CANFIX = "\nIt'd be a pleasure to fix it.", Does this have to do with Winona at all? Or is this just a general unused quote? This was in Winona's speech files, I'm wondering whether or not it has to do with her, as of now unrevealed, perks.
  17. They would not have to mess with the drop rates too much if they just made the trade inn worth while. Then having lots of commons would be more of a blessing then a curse. I mean they should modify the drop rates a little bit (making classy slightly more common for example), but making the trade inn worth it would be most influential, especially for people with lots of commons they don't want like Purple Lumberjack Shirts.
  18. There's hope, in the form of a YouTube comment Klei made about a month ago on a reupload of their DST trailer: Whether or not this is continued development on SW (which to me is the likely case), or something all new, is unknown.
  19. Not a plush, but I think having "The Sea Legs" in a bottle would be a cool SW merchandise idea.
  20. Actually if memory serves, both Wilton & Winnie are the only unimplemented characters who had got updates in the files during DST's development. Though I believe all that was added to Wilton was some updates to his original quotes, and like previously stated Winnie got a yawn sound effect, whether or not this means they'll be added to the game is uncertain. Regardless in my opinion, If I got to choose who got added to the game I'd take the SW cast over any of the unimplemented characters, cause they already exist in DS, already have personalities and I think they really should be added to DST at some point, with SW or not. Plus, they fit into the time frame where DST/DS takes place, though Woodlegs could be argued. Walani would be the only one who it would be difficult to make new perks for, and Woodlegs would just have to become less sea based, and more based around treasure. I voted for Wilton in my poll though, cause he just seems like he'd really change how the game is played. I also obviously voted for the whole SW cast except for Walani due to a misclick, I meant to do so, really.
  21. Does anybody want me to enable the ability to see who voted for what? Or should I keep it a silent poll? I'm still deciding whether or not I should.
  22. There's no concept art of Watricia in the files as she apparently was scrapped quite early into her development, however Klei does have the art of her supposedly (If it was actually finished), but they've never shown it off. All we know is that she was a mail carrier, cause her main starting item was a mailpack, and she apparently had Rawling as a starting item as well. (who was instead added in the game without her)
  23. I don't really get why Webber would have to be replaced in your reasoning, seems to me like you just don't like him. Actually, we have no idea whether or not Webber was eaten by the spider before or after being taken into the world ("That's the guy who said he could help us." - Webber) So really the argument that he was a boring kid before he came to the world isn't really valid, considering we have no idea about Webber's backstory in that respect. I find Webber unique because he reverses the usual, pigs are bad, spiders are good, its not that he's creative per say, but that he's unique. I do think his character concept was pretty creative though, I don't think people would have liked him as much If he was just a humanoid spider.
  24. Waverly could be interesting as a reverse Wickerbottom of sorts, while Wickerbottom starts with science machine tech and later on uses a lot of magic books, Waverly could start with prestihatitator tech like you said, but would later use a lot of science-related potions. The SW cast was multi-choice you could have voted for all of them by-the-way.