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  1. 1/3rd of the way there to the first goal...getting 100 votes is gonna be impossible at this rate...
  2. Well, then I guess false alarm then...
  3. Looks new. Someone would have mentioned it already if it was old, and I haven't seen anyone mention this. EDIT: This also lines up with the fact that "beemine_maxwell" and "trap_teeth_maxwell" are back in the files, looks like adventure mode is gonna be a thing in multiplayer everyone! Apparently It was just an old line from when adventure mode first came out according to @alainmcd... false alarm...
  4. Incoming PVP update confirmed*. *Not really.
  5. Wilbur wouldn't need a redesign, as according to the "William Carter Puzzles", the circus train after it crashed was missing some trained monkeys, which were likely used in one of their acts. Whos to say Wilbur wasn't one of them? As this would make Wilbur from the real world, it would make perfect sense for him to look the way he is now. Though the whole "Monkey King" thing might need a explanation of some sort, though I guess the explanation could be that the monkeys of the DS world think of him as they're prophesized king. Makes as much sense as anything else in the world anyway. Not really. That modded Wilbur looks quite boring to me, I much prefer the King Wilbur better. Its silly, but it makes more sense that other monkeys would listen to him if he were a king, which lucky for him, he is.
  6. Walani's more of the Willow of SW, and Warly is sadly at this current time the Wes. Back to topic.
  7. Now we know just about everyone knows that every character (with the sole exception of Maxwell) name starts with "W". But what if I told you there is something else? Some other small connection between all these characters. Well here is that connection! UNDER THIS SPOILER:
  8. It can involve anything from making a bad typo to buying nome breakfast, basically you can apparently get one for doing just about anything. Except asking.
  9. I guess... just a random question but actually has anyone gone back to being a "Junior Member"? That would be a cool title being the only Junior Member that has more then a 100 posts, then you'd have bragging rights above even Senior Members! I'd go back to being a "Junior Member" just for that, of course that is if @JoeW would grant it.
  10. Its true, just tried it myself. I wonder what it could be for? I'm thinking its just a prank from the devs though, as if nothing else changed this is probably the case. EDIT: I'm now apparently a "Senior Member", I'd rather have a unique title though, too many people have this one.
  11. Like I said, the war-cry would be involuntary as in it would activate automatically when nearby players are being targeted at low health. So it could still "sort of" work as a downside-upside.
  12. Wigfrid isn't that good of a character right now (In my opinion, she's average), being surpassed by Wolfgang, this would make her more valuable as a tank which appears to be her intended purpose considering combat wise she is inferior to Wolfgang in every way.
  13. Maybe make Wigfrid able to do some type of war-cry or something that would aggro monsters towards her, perhaps it could activate if other players around her are being attacked and are at low health. Would make more sense then just making her a monster magnet all the time.