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  1. (Wigfrid is only 25% better then Wilson in combat not 50%) If these changes were to get added I will stop playing. I know were supposed to be constructive, but these changes make all the characters very bland, boring and change WAY too much compared to single-player. The way the characters are now with the exception of Willow, they really just need to have slight tweaks, not full overhauls. Klei made a great decision back in single-player to not worry about balance and simply about how fun a character was to play. So what if Wolfgang is OP? We like him that way.
  2. Hi, can you report this in the DST PS4 Bug Tracker?
  3. Personally I don't think so, but everyone has their own opinions so we wont know the truth until Klei reveals it hopefully in the near future. We also need to know what Wes's desire was to be lead to the world. They are many things we need answers too, like did Webber get eaten by the spider before being transported or after? Why is Woodie the only character who still carries a noticeable grudge against Maxwell? Why does Wilson appear to be one of the only characters with no connection to Maxwell whatsoever? Only Klei knows.
  4. No, he has to be mute there is no way anyone could not say anything at all after witnessing something as monstrous as Deerclops or as unsettling as the Reanimated Skeleton. As for holding some kind of super important forbidden knowledge, I can see that being possible.
  5. It was an amazing idea but maybe because they were now only charging $4.99 for SW they had to cut development short. Maybe if SW continued development as a standalone game it might have been way better then just SW nowadays with all the bugs. Basically maybe it was not worth the world integration.
  6. I would like to note that Shipwrecked WAS supposed to be a standalone game, a spin off essentially. However the community wanted to travel from SW to RoG and back so the developers reconsidered and made it a DLC. Maybe, this was a bad idea...
  7. Well I don't think Wes should ever speak as it would ruin him as a character, but if he were to I imagine it as a saxophone.... or now an accordian. I do think Wes is a actual mute and its not because he is a mime that he does not speak. Maybe he chose a career as a mime because he was a mute and could not get a job in the theater? (Perhaps Wes and Wigfrid have linked backstories which we don't know about due to Wes being a mute and Wigfrid being a method actor?)
  8. I always imagined Wes's voice as a saxophone... I don't know why it just fit for some reason. Anyway is the Ancient Fuelweaver (New Boss) possible to solo, you know as Wes?
  9. @StarmanNess The Switch has USB ports on it and if I remember, Gamexplain did a video showing that keyboards do work for typing on the Switch. So you would not exactly have to use the built in keyboard .
  10. I actually don't have Monster Hunter so I didn't know it had text chat, nice to know. Pre-defined phrases sounds like something that could be useful for all versions of the game as it would allow for quick communication in a stressful situation. Anyway I'm gonna hope that a Switch version gets announced at E3 this year like the Wii U version of DS RoG. Thanks for all the replys!
  11. So text chat should hopefully not get in the way of a potential Switch release? (I'll try tagging a dev for information hmm lets see uh here we go!: @JoeW)
  12. Hopefully Klei will start looking at Shipwrecked again after DST development slows down after the last update, especially because Shipwrecked's 1st anniversary of release is almost here. (Also Don't Starve is getting its first retail release on consoles soon, so theres another reason why they should be getting back to Shipwrecked.)
  13. I'm only asking if its possible, cause I don't know whether or not Nintendo has rules about text chat and what not.
  14. I'm just asking if a Nintendo Switch version of DST/DS Mega pack can happen in the future, if so I definitely want to get one. That's all. (Also @ImDaMisterL I did not know whether or not to put this here or in PS4 general discussion, move this thread if you think it belongs there.)
  15. (I also think this thread should be closed as I have read that 15 page forum topic on this before I made my account.)