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  1. I'm sadly not very amused by the floppy miner hat... I'm disappointed.
  2. I haven't used steam in over a year, and I don't really plan to get back to it. I'm more of a console player nowadays. I'm pretty sure a good amount of the forums knows what SW is, as I've seen many threads on "SW to DST" in the past.
  3. WAIT, you guys are actually getting around to fixing the game now? Does this include PS4?
  4. Island Adventures does look really cool, I've seen it before, but this thread is about getting official support, not modded support. I do wonder why no-one is really voting on the poll... 24 voters out of 875 views can't be the ratio between agreeing for there inclusion and being against it. I guess a lot of them don't have accounts or don't care enough to vote, cause I doubt that many people are firmly against Warly & Wilbur's inclusion. Its strange, 24 voters in a little over 24 hours, but 4 hours and 60 voters on the rose collection poll thread? That's quite ridiculous for a set of cosmetic skins over two new characters. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think I would rather have two new characters to play as then a set of cosmetic skins I can either pay a ridiculous amount of money for, or take my chance at getting them in a lottery.
  5. They're working on it:
  6. I believe I have stated, AND I quote: DIRECTLY IN THE MAIN POST. I don't mean to be rude, I apologize if this did sound that way.
  7. I'd support this. I think a menu in-game that shows your individual playtime for each character would be nice to go with this too.
  8. Still my thoughts, I wouldn't mind if they were brought over, but at this point I think it would be better to just have something new. Were talking about cosmetic items here, I'm not sure if this justifies a poll, especially after it was already confirmed to appear at some point. SW characters on the other hand...
  9. I really liked all of the adventure mode quotes (especially Wes & Wilburs), I thought some of them needed a little tweaking so I put some suggestions for changes above in bold, there mostly minor. I'm not sure how much I liked some of the "sandbox" quotes though, as the "Say pal" parts kind of seemed forced, and I think that "Say pal" should maybe stay as just part of Wilsons line. That's just me though, the rest of them are great.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to just keep the spare axe in your inventory, allow Lucy to be dropped after going beaver, and then when you transform back far away from her, chop with the new axe which will then transform into Lucy? This seems easier to me, but I guess there both pretty much the same strategy.
  11. I've heard you can use Steam CD codes with DST PS4 and it'll work and give you the skins... though if you have the codes then obviously you don't need to play on PS4 so... yeah.
  12. I'd want specific character VS specific character battle-crys along side a PVP update, it would be fitting to add at the same time, and could show the connections between the characters more.
  13. @V2C juicy berry bush hat when?
  14. I should really just go with what my mind believes first shouldn't I? I looked up rose spear on Google and didn't find anything so I just thought I dreamt it or something...