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  1. The tried and true 18,750 Days or until somebody comes to your base Bunnyman trap.
  2. She along with almost every boss that has a spawner will respawn every 20 days by default, the crown is a piece of armor, but it's more often used to reverse negative sanity fields into positive sanity fields. Nightmare lights found in the Ruins / Atrium are a good use of it, sanity stations created by Evil Flowers put as close together as possible are a good use of it, Tree Guards, Werepigs, Beardlord, The Cave Stalker etc. You need to kill the Bee Queen or get good RNG from Klaus to replenish the helmet.
  3. Really need a Headphone Warning for Wilson btw. Guy nearly blew my ears off when I was told there was a voice on the page now lol.
  4. It doesn't matter what they release, even in content threads you're on Kleis heels. Replying because you tried to speak for me and the community though, I enjoy these smaller additions in the downtime, because I also enjoy this game and the developers that create them. I use the Miners Hat / Straw Hat constantly. The skin isn't buy-to-have, it's a free drop. Or you can obtain it from trade like I did. More importantly, I enjoy the constant bug fixes and game tweaks. Some bug fixes already fixed less than a few days after reported. I'm sure I'm not alone, Developers spending time improving aspects of their current game = worth the time.
  5. Yeah that's fine, can alternatively walk the Deerclops in, sleep them both walk away, the Deerclops will then choose the closest target when you're out of aggro range and go after the Dragonfly by default.
  6. Makes me shed a single tear for developers. Good on you for providing a bit of a safe-strat content for the community though.
  7. The wetness prefix is indeed an indicator to that all other creatures will receive full damage from the morning star and are fully "wet". The dragonfly having it's personal wetness value which is set to 0 is what I was talking about. Because of that change they made with water balloons to extinguish the dragonfly you can't do full damage until it stacks to 100, which is absurd. full damage should just be done to the DF when it has the wetness prefix. Rather than calculating off of it's hidden water level (all the way up to 100). Hopefully that makes my point a bit clearer.
  8. I've never done anything like that to anyone, that's way too dedicated and horrible to people who just want to have fun playing in a virtual world by it's normal terms. Griefing biomes/resources to the extent you described sounds a lot different than "happy fun trolling". You need holy water Throwing water balloons at base partners who ask to borrow my eyebrella during rain is about the trolliest I ever got.
  9. The wiki is an evil place of outdated and incorrect information it fools us all. (except for commands / prefab names).
  10. It was about 173.3333 per 1 nightmare fuel from testing. When filling it to full it lasted approximately 520 seconds. So a fully fueled Night Light lasts a little over 1 game day (8 Minutes 39 Seconds). Yuck. You're fine, I'm just tacking on How? I can't seem to click it at all with a Fire Staff.
  11. That's what I was mostly curious about, it's a bit odd though, you need to be a certain distance from the Night Light (only in its assume "Fire" range but not in it's "Sanity Aura" range) to gain sanity off of Willow, otherwise if you're too close to the machine you need to use a Bee Queen Crown. It's also excruciatingly slow without doing 4 of them at the 3.5m fire distance (with geo). Neat idea though, much stronger than a Fire Pit. This is correct, the reason why people think the Night Light doesn't work is because the aura converted into sanity via BQ Hat is so incredibly weak, that it cannot even negate the effects of Dusk / Night / Caves on normal characters. You can fix the Night Light very simply... Aura Size(Pictured Below) and Sanity Drain is extremely poor for a magic Nightmare Fire, you can't even put Night Lights close enough to be effected by multiple Auras. You can only ever be effected by one Aura. It should be much bigger/stronger to compliment the Bee Queen Crown! Now in terms of a source of light the Night Light is still only "decent" here, the light coverage easily stretches a 9x9 area(Picture Below), the same as a Fire Pit, however gives off no heat. Wood becomes just as abundant with the Shadow Thurible in surface or caves as Nightmare Fuel later on. While Glowcaps only barely cover a 5x5 area(Pictured Below), however they obviously have the HUGE bonus of giving off that area of light for the entire duration of the items inside. About 30 days for spores, about 20 days for both variations of Glow Berries, about 12 days for Lightbulbs respectively. How can you top that? Repeating again that It doesn't fill the niche of light that a campfire can't, it doesn't give heat, it doesn't last nearly as long as the Toadstools lights. It has no place other than aesthetics and a semi-expensive sanity station alternative for Willow. Buff the aura size and strength!
  12. Hey that's pretty neat! (Also thank you for posting your patch notes so quickly Klei, I'm not used to this at all from other developers). Footage of the cane: https://i.gyazo.com/35248648bc83c0f2ced6eeaa5df5ea4b.mp4
  13. Oops, didn't notice know there was one with all the suggestions / feedback that are usually posted in this general forum. My bad on the miss, Mods can move it if needed
  14. With the recent patch I'm assuming Klei are looking for other QOL fixes to put into the game, some suggestions with the wetness mechanic as well as two bugs currently regarding the system. I'll try to format in an and/or listing of suggested changes. Some love for the lesser used electric weapons / volt goats. 1. Potentially allow more regular mobs and/or bosses other than the Dragonfly to be effected by Water Balloons so you don't rely on rain or have to play around when rain comes and goes, as well as mostly only using the weapons in spring rain/cave rain, and hey Water Balloons get more use. 2. Lower the minimum wetness level for smaller mobs and/or bosses to acquire the "Wetness prefix" indicating that they will take full damage from electric weapons. IIRC the current level is set somewhere around 35 and above for almost everything. This stacks pretty slow with light short rain, you can miss out on your chance to use the weapons If you were busy during the short autumn rain, or the short summer rain. Side note: Add Volt Goats to World Regen please Bugs: 1. Every mob takes full damage with the wetness prefix, except for the Dragonfly who seems to gain the wetness prefix at 45(?) wetness, takes scaling amounts of damage at 0.01 modifier per 1 wetness. Meaning although the Dragonfly already has the wetness prefix, you cannot do full electric damage to it until it's wetness stacks all the way to the 100 cap. This takes a pretty long time and only the Dragonfly works this way, I assume this is because the Dragonfly was changed to be extinguished by Water Balloons at 100 wetness, which broke something with Electric Weapons. 2. An equipped stack of Blow Darts that slip out of the players hands when wet, drop to the ground as only a single Blow Dart. Rather than the amount you had equipped. RIP my electric Blow Darts lmao. (I cross posted both bugs to the bug forums already).