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  1. [I am playing the thermal upgrade] I have very messy gas plumbing set up to pump oxygen to my duplicants and pump hydrogen to my hydrogen generator. My gas pumps won't pump! I don't know what i am doing wrong but here is a couple of screenshots to explain the situation: Gas pump clearly not pumping. There is sufficient power and wires are connected correctly. (Also, power current is stable). Nothing is overheating so scratch that off. I don't know why you would need this but i'm just going through the overlays. Electrolyzers (i think that's how you spell it) are sufficiently fed water. I don't know how that affects the gas plumping but i put it in here anyways. Gas pipes lead to proper exit vents and no vents are over pressurized. My mess of a plumbing system! (Help me) Both Filters are set to send gas through (hydrogen) and filter out oxygen, but they refuse to filter out anything. Also the hydrogen pipes lead to the hydrogen generator correctly. Now that i think about it my filters are messed up, not my pumps. Help me anyways !! Thank you for helping and i hope you have a nice day!
  2. Ok i guess im stupid xP thanks for confirming
  3. All of the connections lead to a vent, and overpressurized vents will still accept gas.
  4. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the duplicants are creating CO2 from breathing? If i am correct, why? They are breathing pure oxygen, not CO2
  5. I am using the electrolyzer to create my oxygen, but didn't want to deal with the hydrogen. I made a gas pump right above the electrolyzer to separate oxygen and hydrogen to discard in a different place and to send oxygen to my duplicants. There is one problem: THE GAS PUMP WON'T PUMP! (excuse the bad quality, but you can clearly see "not pumping") Very irritating that i can't give my duplicants oxygen without hydrogen being everywhere. I believe the hydrogen is at a sufficient pressure to be accepted by the gas pump (and there is no void in the intake), so i can't think i did anything wrong. Please fix this so my colony can actually live. Thanks!