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  1. Incase devs are looking for a font .... heres one in a buncha languages almost 1 GB big https://www.google.com/get/noto/
  2. Well yeah, but the op specifically mentioned carbon fibers and was responding to that. I would be fine with a way to turn CO2 into pure carbon. But I think there should be at least an additional step to turn it into activated charcoal. It could be a filtration medium for both oxygen and water filters. But I'm not too sure if this should be the only medium for such filters, activated charcoal alone only filters out chemicals by absorption, it does not filter out particles so an additional particulate filter would be required in addition to the activated charcoal to make sense. But that is prob too complicated for the game.
  3. No one uses carbon fiber for filtration. They use activated charcoal, a very different form of carbon. Filtration works by microscopic holes in the materials blocking anything larger from going through, in the case of activated charcoal, it absorbs certain chemicals. Neither of those can be done with carbon fibers. Raw carbon fibers without the epoxy would be too far apart and would be as effective as using a cloth for filtration, maybe it can filter out the large visible particles but that's not worth the costs of carbon fibers when you can use any old cloth for that. Carbon fiber with the epoxy would be so solid there would be no measurable flow through, making it completely useless as a filtration medium.
  4. What doesn't feel intuitive? The block painting UI or the shortcut names? Or something else? Maybe you can try describing how you use debug mode and then point out when do you start feeling it is not intuitive or if something frustrates you.
  5. The game is only available on windows ATM, the mac version will be released at a later unannounced date. Most likely after the game exits early access or near the end of it.
  6. Asking you to describe how is it a pain and if possible what you want to be done differently so that we can start talking about it. If you don't voice out what frustrates you then the devs will not know what to improve and how. Also once you start listing things then other people can come in and say if they find those equally frustrating and/or what other things frustrate them. Simply saying it is a pain to use is like saying you want a better PC, well better how? cheaper? faster? quieter? more fps? longer lasting? smaller? bigger? etc.... Things you would think are better can and will be completely different from someone else's. Like for me, debug mode is useable enough for what it is meant for so I don't have much complains about it. They could maybe change the material name to match the ingame material name when drawing blocks but thats about it.
  7. I think his main concern is that it is using GPU time even when minimized
  8. Then start describing what would be "user-friendly". And how would it be different from debug mode. Cause everyone got different ideas of what "user-friendly" means.
  9. Nope, all I saw was a wall of liquid falling from directly above the void and the very next frame where it would touch the void it disappears.
  10. If you only used autosaves, there will be a save file of cycle 1. If you override that file then nope. Next time you do a save as change the name so you don't lose the cycle 1 save.
  11. Happened to me once :P, so not exactly impossible. But yeah was back in TU
  12. Last I checked, if wall of liquid flows over the void, it disappears for some reason.
  13. I don't see a void? Voids are black circles and they don't make anything, they suck things in.
  14. So what you are saying is that you can loop toilets/showers -> filters and never having to pump in more water but instead create more water that you put in? I'm pretty sure you can't do that, if you could that would be a bug. Turn off your liquid pumps and I'm sure you will see the amount of water in the system going down over time.
  15. If you have a -200 C room you wouldn't want dupes going into it anyway so you would not even put a door there.
  16. Because if you could use polluted water then you could just loop the output to the input and use very little water (maybe needing a topup every now and then). And it wouldn't make much sense if the toilets output much less polluted water so that couldn't be exploited as much. If instead it outputs polluted dirt with a much less output of polluted water, it wouldn't make much sense over the outhouse.
  17. Then you should upload it so the devs can figure out what's wrong. They are in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files Enter that exactly into the address bar, it's a shortcut to your user directory.
  18. If you reload the save is he still there?
  19. Not mine, took from google
  20. Not saying they aren't or shouldn't do stuff with alloys, just saying an alloy isn't a requirement for insulation even in real life. I wouldn't mind if they added both types of insulated airlocks tbh.
  21. You can have metal airlocks and then simply pad them with insulating materials. You don't need no fancy alloy for thermal insulation unless maybe in extreme temperatures.
  22. What people do is use waterlocks. You make a room with insulated tiles and then the door looks like:
  23. atmosphere = gas pressure Insulated means the airlock will not heat up/cool down which in turn heat up/cool down the other side. Blocking gas/liquids does not count.