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  1. No sooner than after it gets out of Early Access or near the end of it. Which it seems like a very very very long time away. I don't think they even started yet.
  2. What would be the point? In real life if you add enough dirt to poop and pee it will still look pretty solid. Also there is no toilet on earth that separates poop and pee, it is either all solidish (add dirt) or all liquid (water toilets).
  3. Use airlocks and don't allow the dupes to walk in.
  4. CO2 = Carbon Dioxide C = Carbon O = Oxygen Dioxide = 2 Oxygen
  5. Or you can think of the map as a rectangle slice of the whole asteroid. Having gravity towards the center would have the problem of where is "up"? Do dupes stand up pointing away from the center? What about buildings? Do they rotate based on where is the center? If not won't it look weird? It would be cool yeah but will cause so many problems and redesigns that it's more or less a new game at that point. I wouldn't mind a different shaped map with magma at the center but gravity at the center seems too hopeful. Maybe for a sequel. But if Klei proves me wrong I would be so happy...
  6. I think unless Klei added a black 80% alpha overlay with "PAUSED" in the biggest font that would fit on the screen, people will still report it. Even then I am quite sure there will be that someone who still wants to report it but at least it stops 99% of them from reporting.
  7. You need to press space to resume the game after loading
  8. Same, this was bound to happen to any game with a invested enough community. Hope someone else agrees with your ideas. I'll unsub so it will stop pinging me.
  9. I think it is you who are overestimating the player. Whenever you give players a choice between doing it manually or plopping a building, they will almost surely go to plop a building unless plopping a building is not as good as doing it manually. It is human nature to follow the path of least resistance. Also if you can do exactly the same thing manually then how is adding a building any less limiting? For the gas/liquid storage I rather they improve the simulation so that they don't take forever to go into the pump when the pressure is low. Other than that, you can build exactly the same systems as you could with those buildings. I actually own factorio, and I always end up using robots and be a lazy ass about building my base. The moment you have robots, there is little to no incentive to plan out a proper belt/train system and make it efficient since the robots solve it for you. Not really, if you add too many buildings that do too much for you then those mechanics becomes less important to the game.
  10. Where they hangout is based on decor/oxygen so try playing with those things first.
  11. The point of games like these is to give players only basic and simple tools and let them make whatever they want. If they gave you buildings that do everything then what is the point of figuring out how the world works and interact with things. The moment you give people those buildings they are going to stop trying to do it manually except maybe the most hardcore players and then they will end up asking for even more buildings because they cannot or will not figure out how the world works and do things manually. And then the point of the game is no longer a sandbox with interesting gas/liquid mechanics and instead becomes something like sim city. So far your arguments for having those buildings are "it's easier" which shows you are just lazy. If "it's easier" were enough reason for a new building then the whole game would be a idle simulator where the game plays for itself and the only thing the player ever need to do is to click the new game button.
  12. The file privilege issue should be brought up with steam, there is nothing anyone here can do for you. But it usually mean run steam as admin and check your antivirus, in rare cases it's a problem with your HDD. As for the natural gas ... I think it comes from farts if you can't find anything else that produces it.