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  1. You see other than the definition of cheating you seem to agree with everyone, but are arguing for the sake of arguing and attacking someone who suggested mods.... but when it was suggested that the boss was soloable without mods or that the the op should look into the bug that was negatively impacting him... His head exploded... mods were suggested because the community thinks the boss is fine and doesn't want it changed for the sake of one person's whims. You attacking the community member that suggested this, indirectly supports that individuals whims and counteracts your own beliefs about balance.... Perhaps you should read all the posts and ponder the ramifications of your statements before posting?
  2. ... Block all entry to new players on the server?
  3. ... It seems to me that your entire perspective on this game differs from the community. Not just a single definition with one person. I mean the entire community is disagreeing with you here. I play mostly solo and I don't want the boss nerfed... It has already been stated that you should have reported the bug that is ailing you rather than demand the boss be nerfed or install a mod to help you, but that doesn't seem satisfactory to you... Instead you want to go against the wishes of the entire Dont starve Together Community or at least the majority of it and demand a nerf to a boss because it doesn't have a heart attack at the very sight of you. Either you are trolling or some alternative that would not be appropriate for discussion on the forums, and then you call everyone who politely replied to you an 8 year old... I mean... sorry for being rude here but you have 3 options: report the bug and install the mod, admit that your wrong and still have more to learn and try to fight the boss alone without mods, or continue to publicly throw a tantrum and alienate everyone that politely offered you legitimate suggestions and explained why you cannot just demand the boss be nerfed on a whim. Note: I will not read your reply nor will I respond to it, because if you choose option three it's clear that your trolling or...
  4. Its not suppose to promote players ignoring them... That is not a good option for most of these cases and ignoring them is a sign that the player is either being lazy or lacks experience/creativity... As a note you can use pan flutes and bed time stories (Wickerbottom) to stop them from running as well. For the gobblers, I walled in my berry farm and alternated berry bushes and tooth traps. It makes "turning the crops" (disease counter measures) more tedious, but it makes harvesting the berry farm more profitable and significantly more entertaining/satisfying. (Gobblers spawn and explode) For tumbleweeds, me and my playgroup have not gotten around to putting it into action but we plan on constructing a tumble weed catch for our oasis base. The idea was something like this... please forgive me if I do not explain this properly as it probably requires visuals. (Note: oasis is by desert side of the desert entrance + and we have a cave entrance on the other-side so the base extends into the caves making it a perfect summer base) we build a wall separating desert from non desert and with a door in the center. We then build a second wall that is funnel shaped... two diagonal walls that come to a close at the end closest to the first wall... but we also wanted to add a bit of a lip or tunnel at the end of the funnel. The idea here was any tumble weeds rolling this way can get into the funnel and then get stuck in the enclosed spaces on the otherside of the funnel due to the great desert wall / gate that we constructed. This would function as a gate to the desert and collect tumbleweeds for us to harvest whenever we are in the area. (Again we haven't implemented this so we don't know if it will work. But theoretically it seems promising.) That said they are not difficult to catch, this is just constructing something to enable us to be lazy about it.
  5. You realize you countered your own argument here right? It would not become more difficult for pros because they would simply use the traps integrated into their own base for hounds.... not to mention they already know or should know how to combat Mac'Tusk. This would only negatively impact new players who do not know how to combat the mob yet. While benefiting the older players because now Mac'Tusk comes to you... you no longer need to seek him out for that tasty loots.... So why exactly should Klei waste time and funding to change the location and behavior of a generally easy to fight mob and cater to as I previously stated subjective feelings of rose-tinted glasses when it will not have the effect you intend at all. Again no offense (Fully aware I can come of abrasively it is not intended), but I don't see why this discussion continues when it does not make sense. They would be better spending their time by making new challenging content for the more experienced player.
  6. No offense, but based on this it sounds like your asking for changes based on the fact that you are no longer able to get the new game experience. I mean every time you start a challenging game for the first time as a toddler with no clue of how the world works, your going to encounter an experience like this where you get demolished and trying to figure out how to prevent that adds to the enjoyment of the game. But after spending a significant amount of time in any game that feeling goes away, and should be replaced with a sense of accomplishment or nostalgia. I mean Dragonfly is not a challenge for me anymore. But you should not go and demand that a mob should be more difficult because he's not as challenging as he was when you did not have a clue what was going on... that just makes no sense and makes it more difficult for the other players who come into this and still have no clue what is going on. Besides that there is a winter mob that does actually hunt you down.... Deerclops. Again, no offense. I just see no reason to request a change based on subjective and situational feelings. But if you really want to feel like your being hunted... just turn on pvp and open your game up to the public....
  7. It was more along the lines of does initiating combat with him cause him to make any sinkholes, or will he make them when he re-spawns next summer as a result of my killing him previously? Patch was released and my server was on day one of summer when it dropped, and I had plans to do something else than sit there feeding the Antlion, so I wanted to see if I could kill him and return next summer.
  8. If I choose to kill him immediately, will I get any sinkholes?
  9. You realize that is exactly why it drops blueprints right? Same with the other optional raid bosses. Not many people would kill these bosses if there was not a reward for doing so. That said, I do like the idea of "milking" the Volt Goats rather than killing them. However given how valuable dairy products are in this game, I am not sure that would be a correct choice balance wise. I suppose if the blueprint along with the materials to make the milk bottle dropped on Antlion's death along with the fact that he can only be killed once each Summer is a way to balance it and reward players for choosing to kill him. But if that is the reward he probably should be a more difficult fight than what is depicted by his stats.
  10. You could just visit the Shadow Manipulator and learn it or make it for them until they stop being too lazy to do so? This suggestion seems like a bad design choice simply because its not useful outside boss drop blue prints, where it defeats the purpose of them being boss drops. I mean end game servers already want to farm the bosses for other reasons, so there should be plenty of blue prints going around provided the players were capable of killing the boss in the first place. The only reason I could see copying blueprints being useful is if for some reason you want to mass produce end table blue prints and do not want to make a bunch of hammers to do so...
  11. You want bees to be close enough that you can often see them out of the corner of your eye, but still on the outskirts of your base. In my case my bee farm is separated from my kitchen and campfire by my culinary gardens and pig farm. If they are not close enough, they will not produce any honey and too close they will attack during the Spring. Additionally, I have found that if you build a wall between the rest of your base and your bee farm they generally won't bother you. If you employ this strategy, the bees must have a way out of the wall that leads away from your base, if they have no way out they will ignore the wall and fly right over it. Edit: Ah sorry, Rellimarual. Didn't see that you said that already.
  12. As someone who is all for difficult games, (I put all of my rpgs on the hardest difficulty setting when I first start playing them, and I have sunk quite a few hours into the Dark Souls series...) I see no reason to make this change. For the following reasons... I would say the assumption that meatballs are the meta for inexperienced players is probably quite accurate. You yourself (Curator) have admitted to not playing Wolfgang and believing that Wigfrid is overpowered... That preference to Wigfrid naturally leads to a preference for meatballs.... (A character that can only eat meat and can restore health and sanity by fighting rather than through food) For the record, I mean no offense in all this I am just offering a logical explanation for the perception that meatballs need a fix. But in my own experience, (Have in fact played every character with the exception of Willow, who is banned in my playgroup due to troll shenanigans) Meatballs are mostly used in the early stages of the game or when resources are scarce. Once we have a base set up our food supply mostly consists of Bacon and Eggs, Honey Ham, Jerky, and Dragon Pie, and I would say I am moderately experienced. Meatballs just happens to be the easiest and fastest way to sanitize monster meat, so naturally you would see it frequently in short lived games or games with even one inexperienced player. But there are other more efficient ways... For example the previously mentioned bird cage, and I personally have a pig farm in my base where I specifically use my monster meat to either make manure through Werepigs or start a civil war among my Pigs to produce meat for my drying racks. As such, I can only imagine a change like this would deter new players while only making the early stages of the game more difficult, which is already where most of the difficulty is. As a result, I would not expect this to be a good design choice for the game at all.
  13. So the lack of response or answers here leads me to believe we simply do not know why these plants might disease before the advertised 50 day timer. I guess I can offer my best guess based on my experience, but i still do not know if the 50 day timer is a confirmed part of the coding or not... Based on my experience, if this is in fact a bug my best guess would be that any days that I roll back on might be counted towards the timer. I frequently roll back when I am playing by myself and messing around with the placement and organization of my base, simply so I can make it look nice and organized.
  14. "Umm i have a world with over 400 days and i have only ever lost about 5 plants (grass and saplings) to disease. I am the only one playing and its on default settings. Doesn't the portal spawn new berries grass and saplings when there are none around it? Also you can get grass and twigs from tumbleweeds grass gekkos and twiggy trees." True, but this does not apply to berries. Not to mention some might have a preference towards saplings or tufts for aesthetic reasons. For the record I have only lost like 6 plants to this myself and I am 450 days in myself. My concern is more along the lines of the this... I like the idea of the mechanic, but it is not working as advertised and because it is not working as advertised it puts a lifespan on the server's resources. I would like to know why it is not working as advertised, whether it be due the information we have is incorrect or a bug.
  15. I agree it is a boring task, but I am willing to put up with it if it was actually fixed at 50 or more days. As I've said, I have had disease set in after less than 50 days, so I am looking for confirmation that is in fact 50 days in the code. I am trying to understand the implemented mechanics, and find the possible problem, so that we as a community can come up with a suitable suggestion for this mechanic... Because based on my experience I see no reason to leave it on, even though I would like to be able to say I could leave it on.