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  1. Well, that was an odd double-post.
  2. Walking cane is so useless. Is the gimmick not supposed to be that it has infinite durability and low damage? Players almost never actually need that.
  3. The current status of the game is: no body is allowed to know. It's a great business model really. You seem to be behind on this matter. The dialogue strings as well as the unique strings for Winona's item are already publicly available without the need for a download; along with a majority of the supporting information and discussion on the subject; right here.
  4. With Klaus it is probably a philosophical statement about how blind Santa Clause is that he believes he can morally categorize the human species into two columns which individually deserve to receive a different incarnation of matter during a particular phase of the planets rotation around the sun.
  5. Eating the goop is actually very good for healing if you want to sacrifice sanity, especially if you are fighting something that already will drain it all. It is also extremely useful for reviving. Because you can eat the goop to max out your health and plummet your sanity, make the Telltale heart, then revive the player to get your sanity back. But still would be great to have it usable for something else. Apparently when a player wields the compass, they can see the location of any other player wielding one. So it is useful for coordinating or finding others since it is a default crafting item that only needs gold and flint. Thermometer would be the bomb. If seasons had randomized lengths and thus players could use the thermometer to predict when the weather was changing and thus when the season would change. If.
  6. Because it has a lot of them, and each is uniquely inept in its own special way. Would personally elect the Breezy Vest, as it seems like it is meant to be a rudimentary aspect of the warmth tier system. Yet, it requires more effort to get then a Winter hat, requires more resources to make then then a Winter hat, provides half the warmth of a Winter hat and, it infringes on the backpack meta. Even if you had literally nothing of warmth to use other then the Breezy Vest, a backpack is arguably still more viable to use because of the extra carrying space. They could increase the insulation factor to 120 so it could at least compete with the Winter hat, or even 180 so that is was even more appealing to use in place of a backpack and is a limited time based resource due to regular Koalephants only being around at certain times. But naaah.
  7. It is true but probably not
  8. Am certain those new spear skins will be as popular and useful to Tencent players as, any of the other item skins are to Steam players.
  9. Kill things. It is literally that simple. Just find things, and kill them. Wigfrid is the schoolyard bully of the game, she can do what she wants for the most part.
  10. Revamped, because felt like it 30 Health 70 Hunger 30 Sanity 100 Rest Wendella is a somewhat short, early adolescent, narcoleptic girl hailing from Ireland. She is always sleeping, but is also always sleep walking. She functions just like any body else, but her eyes are closed, her head is tilted forward and she does not speak. She wears a loose plain beige dress with a red and black sweater overtop, but with nothing covering her feet or legs. Her short cut hair is pale blonde, and she wears a red hair band with a bow attached. Wendella is normally immune to sanity drain, and will not lose her sanity from any normal sources, however magical sources of sanity lose will still effect her even in sleep. Wendella has a unique statistic called Rest, which is shown as a purple metre with the symbol of two closed eyes on it. Wendella naturally loses Rest at a slow rate, and loses Rest faster whenever she is interacting with an object in the world or is attacking. She also loses a small, set amount of Rest from eating, and a large amount from receiving any kind of damage. Wendella gains some Rest overtime from standing still, more Rest while performing the sitting animation and a massive amount while sleeping or using the lean-to. She also gains a small set amount of rest from eating mushrooms, and a large set amount from drinking milk. She uniquely loses only a third of the normal hunger from resting in a tent or other such place. As the Rest metre fluctuates, it will effect how Wendella functions. At one hundred Rest, Wendella will move ten percent slower then average, lose thirty percent less hunger then average, and deal fifteen percent less damage. At one Rest, Wendella will move twenty percent faster then average, lose hunger twenty percent faster then average and deal ten percent more damage. When Rest reaches zero, Wendella will wake up and gain thirty percent more damage and forty percent movement speed. She will rapidly lose sanity and hunger, and will remain awake until her hunger nearly runs out. At which point she will faint and fall asleep in place, becoming completely inactive while her Rest will rapidly regenerate back to thirty. At which point she will get up and sleep walk once more, although being briefly exhausted and having difficulty moving. While Wendella is awake, she will speak and be able to examine things. Her voice being the higher tones of a violin. Wendella is extremely weak and only deals half the normal damage when using any type of melee weapon, although ranged and magic weapons are not effected. Wendella is also a wavering vegan, and will not eat any animal products save for eggs and dairy. Wendella carries an obscure book she apparently found in the world, known as the Necronomnomicon. The Necronomnomicon appears to be a relative of Chester, sharing a physical likeness but being in the shape of a grimoire instead. The Necronomnomicon also is capable of consuming things, unlike Chester. The Necronomnomicon can be fed meat to fuel its power, this power depleted any time it is used. Morsels refuel twenty percent power, monster meat refuels forty percent power, and meat refuels sixty percent power. The Necronomnomicon can be placed on the ground for incantations to be cast from it akin to how a station is used. Incantations of the Necronomnomicon: Construct, Morsel – Twenty Five Percent Power Consumed, summons a small golem of flesh to fight for the bearer, the golem has fifty health and deals fifty damage per strike. The golem will last half a day before deteriorating. Construct, Steak – Fifty Percent Power Consumed, summons a medium golem of flesh to fight for the bearer, the golem has two hundred health and deals thirty damage per strike. It will automatically attract enemy aggravation to itself. The golem will last a day before deteriorating. Construct, Muscle – One Hundred Percent Power Consumed, summons a large golem of flesh to fight for the bearer, the golem has six hundred health and fifty damage per strike. It will automatically attract enemy aggravation to itself. The golem will last half a day before deteriorating. Command, Combust – Ten Percent Power Consumed, causes all current minions to explode, dealing one hundred damage per Morsel, three hundred per Steak and five hundred per Muscle to anything adjacent to them at the time. Any and all regular followers will heed this command as well, their explosions dealing one point five times as much health as they have as damage. Command, Enrage – Thirty Percent Power Consumed, empowers all current minions, granting them eighty percent damage resistance and thirty percent more damage for ten seconds. Any and all regular followers will heed this command as well. Command, Assault – Zero Point Five Percent Power Consumed, can only be used when the Necronomnomicon is equipped in the hand and not when used as a station. The bearer lobs a strand of bony flesh at the target, dealing fifteen damage similar to how a ranged weapon is used. Targets struck by this briefly become ten percent more vulnerable to damage. Throwing too much in a short period of time will exhaust the bearer and cause them to drastically lose movement speed for a small duration. The amount for calculating how many minions can be spawned at once is based off the number three. A Morsel is one, Steak is one point five, and Muscle is three. When the amount of minions spawned reaches or is over three, no more can be summoned.
  11. It's got to happen eventually. Or maybe if these threads keep showing up long enough in the forums, Klei will just actually say something. Or is there a several month cooldown timer on how often Klei is allowed to be informative.