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  1. Apparently the general response is people actually prefer the balance to be broken, because, ugh. The entire reason why it is a crucial idea is because this game specifically touts and encourages itself as being an unforgiving, difficult experience. There is no difficulty in Wigfrid and Wolfgang being able to solo major bosses, or Wickerbottom being able to auto-grow masses of food. Webber being able to start spider wars, so on. It is all blatant methods which devalue the challenge of the game, in a game that explicitly lauds itself as being a challenge. That is why the integrity of the difficulty is so important. So important that the developers massively scaled up numerous enemy strength levels in the game when Together was made to offset the multiplayer aspect. And again, some rubbish about downplaying the blatant strengths of characters. Some, its fine as it is; even though it could still be improved but people can't be bothered with change. And some other fools who literally do not understand the purpose of the changes being made. The unique strengths of Maxwell's new puppets allow them to be useful and even give him special benefits without making him too overpowered. All you do is look at the negatives of the change and completely ignore the positives and their entire purpose. But you are clearly already highly insecure to criticize such an arbitrary piece of spelling tripe for no reason. And the fact you still think Wigfrid isn't overpowered, she is fifty percent stronger then every other character but with no downsides. It is literally, so obvious. But regardless, get off your high-horse. Abigail is already exceptionally useless at boss fights, yet you criticize the new change makes her useless at boss fights. The new change gives her more general effectiveness in fighting a wide range of enemies instead of just being useful for fighting groups. There is literally a line that states Maxwell has a puppet amount cap. Puppets already do not help you fight shadows, and a mechanic could be added which makes them vanish at zero sanity. You do not seem to have paid any attention to his change list. As stated, attempting to befriend another spider always seems to cause the original spiders to lose their befriending. And again, the people are already excluding themselves. Cannot discourage that which already does not want to participate. The changes are based on the aforementioned phenomenon that attempting to befriend multiple spiders always seems to cause the previous to disengage from being allies. And thus, the changes are designed to improve this into being a more useful minion system that balances out his problems. If it is possible to amass a spider army in Together, have not only never seen it done before but cannot manage it personally either because of the mentioned Well you aren't going to dodge every single hit. But people insist that they always will and so defense is useless. Okay why do players wear any armor at all if kiting is so easy. Why does armor even exist then. This repetitious empty counter is absurd. Defense is fundamental in every game with combat, yet in this single instance people suddenly start claiming defense isn't useful anymore because dodging exists. Dodging exists in every game, defense still is useful. How constructive. You should visit a therapist or councilor, and learn how to rectify your profoundly abhorrent behavioral issues and conceit. As much ignorant arrogance as there is in some of these replies, none ever reached the level of melodramatic hateful witch-hunting that you do. Not going to bother proof reading this, interest lost.
  2. Going insane forcibly is ridiculously easy, it's called Wormholes, Wigfrid being able to avoid something negative because of how ridiculous her sanity regain is; is certainly not a dis-benefit because of the single situation where you need to farm nightmare fuel. Seriously, insanity is a bad thing most of the time and it is supposed to be, you cannot spin having trouble going insane as a bad thing because of a farming method. Which already can be easily accessed, with Wormholes. 25% is a huge difference, but as copy and paste arguments say; because Wolfgang is even more overpowered that magically makes Wigfrid more balanced just by comparison. That is not how balance is made, you compare everything to the lowest fair level of the game; not the highest absurd level. The point is making things fair, not scaling them up to all be ridiculous, the discussion on Wigfrid's balance is about making things fair. It is not about who wins the meta race. 25% is still a huge difference. Oh, if you don't get hit the defense bonus won't count. Well the point of defense is that it helps protect you when you do get hit, just like in any game. You can't discredit the existence of defense because characters will sometimes dodge, it exists to help mitigate damage taken when you fail to dodge. That's the entire point. And again with comparing meta to meta instead of to balance. So the Battle Spear is bad, because a superior weapon exists. So, you ignore the fact that it is a highly durable and powerful basic weapon Wigfrid can make to be even more powerful normally while still not having to spend complex resources on crafting higher end equipment. But, because there is a higher tier then her Battle Spear, that makes it useless. Its existence is to replace the default spear with something ridiculously better; allowing Wigfrid to fight longer and easier while still not having to spend resources on better equipment. Yeah, a higher tier exists. The same can be said about most weapons in most games. So in this magical world you say, players have food right at their doorstep but Wigfrid does not. Wigfrid can mass farm monster meat, use some of it to create eggs, then cook Bacon and Eggs to set herself for potentially even longer then three days. But Wigfrid's gimmick is made worse because bee boxes, which produce honey only occasionally, will in one circumstance give players the food to survive a short while. Why would they even eat the honey, it's an ingredient in several useful recipes. And yeah, they get food for several days in five seconds; because it takes several days for the honey to be generated. You just take the most efficient, quaint possible example of regular characters acquiring easy food and compare that to the worst scenario of Wigfrid having to go on some long journey to kill a Koalephant. That is not how it is for both those sides at every given time.
  3. The change of minions is suggested because from experience, you need to feed spiders ridiculous food items to get them to follow you for more then half a day. And, in Together, there seems to be actually a cap of three spider minions. Attempting to befriend more then that always leads to the previous ones losing their befriending. Perhaps this is incorrect, but this is what has been observed from multiple tens of hours as Webber. Which is why people default to Spider Wars, because it's the only viable use for the extremely limited mechanics of befriending them. Webber already can use monster meat to stay perpetually fed, because it is so easy to acquire. That change was an attempt to at least force him to rely exclusively on monster meat to help counter its benefits. However, Spider Wars certainly do not help the matter. Still, it would be good for there to be some downside to Webber for his ability to eat the meat. The people being addressed at the start of the post are ones who do not actually talk about balance, and simply complain and persecute people who bring the subject up. Even going so far as to ask the subject to automatically locked because it's been talked about before in a month old derailed thread. No. Excluding those people does not reduce the openness of this thread, those people are already excluding themselves. Which is the entire problem. Wigfrid has 25% bonus damage and defense, that is 50% stronger. Perhaps in Together one of those variables was removed, however from all the hours spent on the Don't Starve Together wiki it very rarely mentions character differentiations between Together and the main game. So no way of knowing. Yes. If your meta characters were no longer meta you would not be able to destroy the game with zero effort despite the fact it is supposed to be a challenging, unforgiving wilderness survival game. The characters all still have unique abilities and some like Wigfrid were even given entirely new ones to make them different from Wolfgang. Perhaps you do not like them but they are certainly not bland, which is pretty much you saying the characters are already bland but because some of them are overpowered that makes up for it. Yes the idea was, he uses puppets to make up for his base weakness; and by sacrificing sanity to spawn even more of them he can become able to outplay other characters at the risk of becoming insane. Then the small sanity regain penalty helps make recovering from this more difficult, and the sanity drain increase as the Codex is upgraded accounts for how much stronger he can become as a whole with the upgrades.
  4. Yes. Balance changes. If you are allergic, simply do not reply. There is no need to scream at it publicly and discourage improvement on the game. Here is the reason, the character balance in this game is one of its greatest problems. Every character either has an outrageous strength that makes game-play absurdly more easy, has not enough strengths to justify their existence, or is just bland in general. Wigfrid has multiple significant boons, which include being fifty percent stronger then Wilson, with no real downsides. Wolfgang can become double as powerful as Wilson, simply by eating. Wickerbottom can mass auto-grow crops, among the various other ridiculous advantages of her books. WX-78 gains ridiculous base statistics towards the endgame, and can perpetually be overcharged for absurd efficiency. Maxwell can gather resources at a morbidly faster speed then everybody else. Webber can gather colossal amounts of resources with Spider Wars. Wendy can massacre weaker mobs with ease using Abigail. There are also blatant disadvantages. Webber's spider befriending mechanic is useless, and the fact he does not trigger spiders when stepping on web makes fighting them needlessly more difficult and tedious for no real reason. Wendy has to wait for specific time frames for Abigail to even be useful, and she constantly has to bear Abigail as a burden due to her sloppy and intrusive A.I. Maxwell's duelists are quite useless past a certain danger level, and Maxwell's gatherers are absolute destructive hooligans. Woodie gains no benefits from the Werebeaver form, and Woodie in general has very lackluster and unappealing gimmicks. Willow has a large box full of worthless items and meaningless gimmicks left behind after a shoddy attempt to nerf her from popular demand. The point is, every character but Wilson the Average Default and Wes the Challenge Mode could use a complete rework to iron out their overly negative or overly positive traits; which force them into certain min-max patterns like RPG classes. Balance is key, every sizable boon needs a sizable downside. Clever design choices help make this less of a boring scale of strength and weakness. This thread is in general discussion because this should be a discussion among all players who main each character as to how that character could be changed for the better. Yes, some players are fine with Abigail; but Abigail still has blatant design flaws. Why not change her completely so that she is fine across the board, she does not have to be a nuisance. It may be easier to leave it that way, but to improve the game changes need to be made. Otherwise, the current meta will remain. Some worry that changing one meta character will just take away from the meta that is actually used, well there is an exceptionally easy solution to this; balance all of the characters so there is no longer such clear meta and every character is evenly enjoyable to use. Nerf or buff is not the proper word for this process. Proper balance changing is not about simply cutting down or stacking up numbers. Doing this will just wipe away the colours of that characters profile. If changes need to be made, it is better to rebuild the character from the ground up; using the same themes as their original design but keeping in mind the problems that design had caused. Finding a way to keep their original themes, but reworking them to be fair and still enjoyable to play. Have provided a template of possible new designs for each character, based off having used each of them for moderate amounts of time to gauge what was too good or too bad about them. The goal is to discuss any additional changes or other templates that could be used, not to argue whether Wigfrid is balanced because Wolfgang is more absurd by comparison. Every unique character is up for changes, because every character does have some manner of problem in the balance of their design. Wigfrid : 150 Health 180 Hunger 120 Sanity Wigfrid has 20% more attack power and 20% less defense power then the average character. Wigfrid is able to craft a special Battle Spear, which has the same damage as an average Spear but with more durability. Using moonstone as an unique requirement to craft. She is also capable of crafting her special Battle Helmet, providing the same defense as a football helmet but with more durability as well. Using multiple marble as a unique ingredient. Wigfrid loses additional sanity from everything from the darkness to picking evil flowers, however she loses less sanity then average while fighting or being near enemies. Wigfrid gradually gains sanity from combat. Wigfrid will only eat meat, but has a larger stomach for storing hunger gained. This new Wigfrid encourages a much more stylistic play-style. Her damage is balanced out by her weakness, encouraging players to kite. Rewarding players for it additionally. Wigfrid also has differently balanced variables for sanity, losing more from regular events but losing less from combat. This encouraging her to participate in stressful combat over stressful acts. By gaining sanity in combat, this helps her to regenerate the additional sanity she loses normally. Even allowing her to regenerate autonomously by being actively violent. Finally, reducing the power of the Battle Spear helps mitigate her damage potential. Having the additional ingredients changed to more obscure materials rewards players for finding moonstone and marble in the world to create superior base equipment. Wolfgang : 200 Health 220 Hunger 150 Sanity Wolfgang has 10% more defense power then the average character and 10% less attack. Wolfgang becomes stronger and weaker based on his hunger. When his hunger is on the lower spectrum, he loses his defense bonus and loses an additional 15% attack power. When his hunger is maximum, he gains 15% more defense and loses his attack penalty. His hunger decrease slightly fluctuates based on how full he is, when over 150 hunger it drains 20% faster; when below 80 hunger it drains 20% slower. Wolfgang loses more sanity while near the darkness and loses sanity passively while hungry, however he gains slightly more sanity then average from the daytime and eating food. The new Wolfgang is centred around being a tank, who also has a unique play on hunger. Wolfgang has lower statistic bonuses then Wigfrid, but he gains more and loses his negative effects when he is well fed. Additionally, Wolfgang encourages hunger management in general. Allowing players to survive longer when they starve, while punishing them with weaker statistics, rewarding players for keeping him well fed; but he burns hunger faster. Wolfgang also loses more sanity from the darkness, but this is offset by him gaining more in the day. He also gains more sanity from eating, which pairs with him losing sanity gradually while hungry. With lower polarities to each side of his hunger spectrum, there is less room for his power to be exploited and more room for him to suffer from being underfed. WX-78 : 80 Health 80 Hunger 80 Sanity WX-78 starts off very weak, however he can increase his basic statistics by consuming gears. This caps at 250 health, 250 hunger and 200 sanity. It requires twenty gears for WX-78 to reach his maximum statistics. Additionally, WX-78 regenerates 60 of every statistic when consuming gears. This effect decreases to 30 after he maximizes his statistics. WX-78 loses health and sanity at 0.5 per second while it is raining, however WX-78 is also a magnet for lightning. When struck, he regains 100 of every statistic and gains a several minute speed boost. However successive lightning strikes will have the opposite effect. WX-78 receives no penalties for eating spoiled food. WX-78 starts off hard, but finishes strong as he consumes gears to improve. To help with the rough start, he also regenerates by eating gears while strengthening himself. But this effect is mitigated by the time he is maximized. WX-78 suffers from the rain, but he is rejuvenated and empowered by lightning. He naturally attracts lightning to help increase this likelihood, but the effect does not stack. Because rain is more common then lightning, WX-78 also is resistant to spoiled food to help offset his weakness towards water. Having repeated lightning strikes punished stops Wickerbottom from boosting WX-78 with rejuvenating lightning strikes. Wickerbottom : 150 Health 150 Hunger 220 Sanity Wickerbottom gains twenty five percent more sanity from prototyping new things, but starts off with the same knowledge as everybody else. She also loses less sanity from everything then other characters. However she has insomnia, and cannot sleep to restore herself. Wickerbottom receives significantly greater penalties for eating spoiled food, but gains slightly more benefits then average for eating fresh food. Wickerbottom is capable of crafting special books with unique effects. But, these books cost significant amounts of resources to craft and have very limited uses. Wickerbottom gains sanity from crafting each one. Wickerbottom benefits from having a higher sanity pool and lower sanity drain then the average character, making her highly resistant. She even gains more sanity from prototyping and reading books. However she is incapable of sleeping, which means she is deprived of an extremely valuable method for regenerating health and sanity. Wickerbottom incurs large penalties from eating spoiled food, but gains slightly more from healthy food. Because spoiled food is less common, the penalty is greater then the benefit of fresh food which is a more common resource. Wickerbottom's books provide a massive potential boon, but they require significant amounts of resources to craft. They have very limited uses to avoid them being overused, but they rejuvenate some sanity each time they are crafted due to their rarity and limited uses. Woodie : 150 Health 170 Hunger 150 Sanity Woodie starts the game with his special axe Lucy, who has infinite durability but only seventy percent of the attack damage of an average axe. Woodie however chops trees at an average speed, but regenerates sanity while doing so. Woodie has a special meter which decreases when he does not chop trees, it increases largely when he chops and somewhat if he eats wood. The lower the meter becomes, the faster Woodie's sanity drains when he is in stressful circumstances. Woodie will morph into a Werebeaver if his special meter reaches zero, or a full moon occurs. During this state Woodie drops all his items and gains a significant amount of base attack, defense and insulation. While in his Werebeaver form he cannot interact with normal items save for munching them, but he also has limited nightvision. While in Werebeaver form Woodie loses sanity and hunger gradually, and can only return to normal if he chops and or eats a large amount of wood as the meter will continue draining while in this form. Woodie gains some hunger, sanity and health from eating wood, twigs and the like. He also gains sanity from planting saplings. Woodie revolves specifically around woodcutting. He has an additional meter which needs to be fulfilled by cutting wood, but he gains sanity from doing so and planting saplings. This also helps make up for his lower sanity. If the meter is not satisfied he will morph into a Werebeaver, which can be used as a combat advantage. However, he loses sanity and hunger while in this form and so it will make him suffer. Woodie needs to put effort into returning to normal when in this form as the meter will keep draining if he stops munching, but his hunger and sanity will keep draining. Meaning, the form cannot just be used for free combat power, it will drain from Woodie and requires effort to get out of so it cannot be easily used for drop-in-and-out combat power. The insulation of the Werebeaver allows them to survive significantly long periods of time in the winter, but in the summer it is a drawback. Woodie has an axe with infinite durability to help him chop, and she helps warn him of when he meter is getting too low. Woodie even can consume wood and similar items to slightly regenerate himself as a whole to help benefit his need to constantly chop wood. This also helps balance out his increased sanity drain as the special meter decreases. Willow : 150 Health 140 Hunger 120 Sanity Willow begins the game with a special lighter, which lasts moderately longer then a torch. The lighter is able to cook food without a fire, but this consumes a portion of its durability. It does however have a smaller field of illumination then a torch. The lighter regenerates durability while not in use, although the durability is only visible while holding it or hovering your cursor over it. Willow begins the game with Bernie, her plush bear. When Bernie is set on the ground, he will taunt nearby enemies to distract them. Enemies will remain attracted to Bernie even if they are attacked. But Bernie has a very small health pool, and so he cannot distract enemies for long. Two uses of a sewing kit will repair him completely. Willow regenerates small amounts of sanity and health while she is near fires, however the effect does not stack. She also loses sanity 10% faster then the average character, and gains significantly more regeneration from open fires. Campfires and stone fire pits regenerate much less. The size of the fire increases how much she regenerates from it. Willow suffers significantly less damage from overheating, and has a much higher resistance to reaching overheating. However she has significantly less resistance to the cold, and takes more damage when freezing. Willow is able to use Bernie as a special combat advantage, however he costs chunks of sewing kit durability to repair and has a low damage threshold. Willow also has a special lighter that can cook without fires, but it costs rechargeable durability. The lighter however has a very small range of view, and so it cannot be used for easy exploration at night. But it is a constant tool for lightning rogue fires. Willow loses sanity slightly faster and has a smaller sanity pool then usual to make up for her unique ability to regenerate while near fires. Having her gain more from rogue fires started by setting random things aflame gives her an added benefit, at the cost of consuming natural resources. Having the regeneration change based on fire size also means that burning larger things is more beneficial, but potentially costly. Willow also is more resilient to the summer due to her fascination with fire and thus heat, but she is in turn more susceptible to the cold. However her benefits from fire help compensate this as well. Webber : 175 Health 140 Hunger 100 Sanity Webber is viewed as a monster, and so normally friendly creatures like pigs and bunnies will be aggressive towards him. However spiders are friendly towards Webber. Webber will not be slowed by webbed ground, but will still trigger spiders if he steps on it. Additionally, Webber can feed a spider meat to befriend it. Only one spider will be befriended, but they will follow Webber for a significant period of time. Up to five spiders can be befriended at one time. If Webber is attacked, any spiders in the area will become aggressive to the attacker as if they attacked one of their own. However, if Webber attacks a spider; any spiders he has befriended will turn against him. Webber can construct spider nests himself, and feed spider nests silk to increase their current tier. Webber is able to eat monster meat and monster lasagna with no downsides, gaining more then average restoration from them. However, Webber gains slightly less from consuming normal foods. Webber can also grow a beard of silk. Webber is capable of amassing small groups of minions to support him in combat at the cost of meat, this replacing the ability to befriend pigs and bunnies. Spiders are also friendly to him and will support him if he is attacked nearby, making up for the fact that pigs and bunnies are extremely aggressive and persistent in pursuing him. But, Webber will still trigger spiders by walking on their web in order to still make them accessible opponents. Having allied spiders turn against him if he attacks their own kind stops him from enacting Spider Wars, ridiculously efficient and without risk ways of massacring spiders. Webber has lower sanity and hunger, but slightly higher health. He also is able to craft and improve spider nests himself and grow a beard of silk. Finally, Webber is not only able to eat monster meat without penalties but benefits more from it. While gaining slightly less from regular food, changing his eating priorities from the norm. Wendy : 120 Health 120 Hunger 200 Sanity Wendy is slightly weaker then the average survivor, with 10% less damage and defense, she also has a smaller pool of health and hunger. However Wendy loses 30% less sanity then the average character, and has a higher sanity pool. Wendy starts off with Abigail's Flower, the flower blooming after several days. When Abigail's Flower is in bloom, Wendy can activate it manually at the cost of 80 sanity and 40 health. This will summon Abigail's spirit to fight for her. Abigail has a total of 600 health, taking average damage from regular enemies and reduced damage from bosses. Abigail deals 40 damage during the day, 60 damage at dusk and 80 damage at night. Abigail strikes single targets, but will occasionally activate a more powerful attack with higher damage and an area of effect. Abigail will actively disengage from combat if Wendy leaves the area, and Abigail will only fight for less then a few minutes before disappearing and returning 40 sanity to Wendy. Her flower will bloom again randomly between a day to several days at which point she can be summoned again. Wendy is balanced by lower base power and thresholds, but a higher resilience to sanity. She also is able to spawn Abigail, an exceptionally powerful ally capable of tanking and dealing high amounts of damage. Abigail briefly consumes sanity and health, putting Wendy at risk, returning some of it afterwards while still taking a permanent deduction. Wendy's higher resilience to insanity making it easier for her to maintain higher amounts to afford this cost. Wendy is meant to be a moderately below average fighter, who makes up for this by being able to spawn a profoundly powerful ally for brief periods of time at the cost of sanity and health. Maxwell : 80 Health 140 Hunger 200 Sanity Maxwell is significantly weaker then the other characters, with less health he also has 25% less damage and resource gathering speed when using tools such as axes. Maxwell however is naturally dapper, he loses significantly less sanity from all sources but also gains slightly less sanity from positive sources. Maxwell is capable of summoning shadow puppets at will using his Codex Umbra, each shadow puppet is capable of switching to any tool to assist Maxwell in gathering resources. They each have the gather efficiency of 15% of a normal characters abilities. When in combat, their damage scales to be 15% of Maxwell's. The puppets will only engage in activities Maxwell first does. The Codex Umbra can be upgraded with nightmare fuel, to increase the base values of the puppets by 0.5% for each one. This caps at twenty fuel. For every puppet present Maxwell's sanity drains, but he is also capable of banishing them at will. A maximum of four puppets can exist at a time, and their sanity drain scales slightly as the Codex Umbra is upgraded. Maxwell uses his puppets to compensate for his weakness. Additionally, Maxwell is significantly resilient to sanity drain so that he may consume his sanity to summon puppets. But, he also gains less sanity from performing restorative acts and so massively consuming sanity for puppets will make it harder to recover. Maxwell can use the puppets in mass to become even stronger in both combat and gathering then the average character, but this is offset by the sanity cost it will incur which is more difficult to recover from.
  5. Yeah because four boons and one quirk is obviously balanced. But at this point, people are simply just allergic to the subject.
  6. Because at that point giving players better combat gear is redundant, so giving them items to use that make playing the game more interesting will help improve the post game experience. This is additionally potent because in the post game, players have already conquered much of the challenges and so there is not as much unbalance in giving them something possibly too powerful. At least then they get to screw around with something fun without it damaging the ethical difficulty of the game. You could argue well why is this just not a part of the base crafting system for virtually every boss reward to some degree. There are two options. Either give players a reward that makes the game easier, or give them a reward that makes the game funner. Giving players a reward that makes the game easier, serves no purpose in the post game because most challenges have already been beaten. Giving a reward that makes it funner, gives the player more to enjoy within the post game while not interfering with the difficulty of the main game experience because it is now the post game. Kind of repeating, but felt it was more pertinent.
  7. Almost forgot to address this. This was mentioned before at one point. The proof being that Maxwell states when examining the Guardian, how much the fuel has changed it. The guardian also bears resemblance to the odd skeleton, age and exposure to the fuel possibly accounting for the differences in appearance.
  8. If you actually mine them, they only drop nightmare fuel, gems and thulecite. Being one of the original denizens of the world, makes them an ancient. Being one of the original denizens living with the rest of the original denizens in their original city, makes them even more of an ancient. Specifically making references to the city belonging to them, makes them even-even more of an ancient. Making specific references of kinship to the ancients, and being a powerful sorcerer of their craft of magic, makes them even-even-even more of an ancient. As already stated, there is no evidence suggesting the statues are even real beings. They could very well be art or religious icons. There is no base or evidence to them being real. Any theory treating them as factual evidence to the existence of what they are depicting, is completely without foundation. Already explained the counter to this, in the original reply. Literally already explained. And you are still treating the statues as if they are depicting a real species, which there is no evidence of. Refusing to acknowledge the numerous facts proving the Fuelweaver is an ancient, while constantly touting the statues as a factual depiction of the ancients despite that there is zero evidence to that concept. This is a highly misguided view of the lore, especially seeing as you believe there is no evidence to the substance of the statues when you can literally mine them in-game to discover what they drop. Interest has been lost.
  9. The statues are completely inorganic, there are no references to there being any kind of conversion process in existence which mummifies the ancients in Thulecite; or morphs them into it. The Fuelweaver's dialogue has already revealed that they are one of the ancients, and they look absolutely nothing like the statues either. They are likely just art, or some manner of religious symbol. From the Curation thread. Interpretation of where the Ancients went : The Fuelweaver is likely what they actually were, horned beings, and the statues are either just artwork or renditions of something they saw and or worshiped. Seeing as the Fuelweaver makes explicit references to being the leader, or at least a high ranking member, of the ancients. This is further supported by the fact that you can find fossil fragments buried all around the caves, and if you reconstruct them they form more then one different skeleton. Not just the Fuelweaver can be made, but other nameless skeletons as well. This can be interpreted to be that the ancients were scattered across the caves, possibly after the clockworks invaded or the nightmares spiraled out of control, and their remains ended up being buried in the earth. There are frequent tremors in the caves, it would not be difficult for their bodies to become submerged by falling rubble. And thus, you can find pieces of them all over; and when you rebuild their remains you can design several different models of the ancients because the remains are that of multiple beings and not just one. Even if the other models of the odd skeleton as just mis-constructed alternate versions, the fossil fragments all can be used to repair the odd skeleton. Which means they are all bones of the same species, which would align more consistently across different skeletons. So taking out the multiple skeletons, the fact they all can be used to construct the odd skeleton proves they belong to the same species. They are all the remains of ancients. The Fuelweaver, who is potentially their leader or a very powerful sorcerer among them, happens to be the only one you can resurrect. Possibly because of his power. And his consciousness after being revived specifically scales based on how close he is to the Ruins when it happens
  10. Only in certain regions of the world. But let's not get into that any further. But Wendy's yawning animation. Most adorable thing in the game. Mentioned several prior. A shadow bow rejuvenated with fuel, a staff that summons shadow minions. Anything other then equipment which provides more generic high-statistic defense and attack variables, the most uncreative kind of reward. It is unfortunately true. Because that is the kind of playstyle Abigail promotes, because that is just; so unbelievably fun to rely on an extremely primitive and simple one A.O.E attack companion to do all the fighting for you. She has no unique attacks or animations, no proper coding to make her disengage from enemies you want to avoid. No way to selectively banish her so she does not scare mobs you need calm. Nor can you even command her without using attack cancelling. You even have to wait for certain times in the day for her to be even capable of holding her own in a fight. Favorite character, Wendy. Least favorite gimmick, Abigail. Minions in this game are some of the lowest levels of design quality. You pretty much only need a logsuit, football helmet and hambat for most of the game. Logsuit and football helmet are some, 80% defense each. Why go through all the trouble of making a shadow suit, for just a little extra defense, when it degrades nearly just as fast and eats yours sanity. Why make a shadow sword, hambat is nearly just as strong with no sanity penalty. Requires less materials to make, and lasts indefinitely until it perishes. Why make a batbat at all, unless you have that much spare time. Honestly why even make Thulecite equipment, it breaks so quickly; in the time it takes to get it you could make a bunch of basic equipment which would give you almost the same defense over a massively longer period of time. Without sanity drain as well. The balancing in this game is abhorrent. Indeed a sandbox game should not have a blatant tier system of equipment, but in this game there's little benefit to using most of the other items. A part of it is because the low end items in the game are so efficient and another part is the high end items in the game are too inefficient. The difference between the two sides is a minimal amount of extra defense and durability, which is absolutely negligible.
  11. A new point in this section now.
  12. The foundation of this theory is that Maxwell explicitly states that They only watch. Which means whoever They are, they do nothing but observe. Maxwell has upheld this statement without recourse, despite knowing that shadows do attack the survivors. Which means, when he said They only watch; he knew exactly who he was referring to and they indeed only watch. If the shadows were a part of Them, Maxwell would have obviously changed his statement seeing as only some of the shadows observe and so a differentiation would need to be made. Mr. Skits is just another generic misshapen shadow creature, clearly forged from nightmare fuel. Him only observing could potentially be because he is too weak to attack, or is fearful. Just because Mr. Skirts observes, it does not mean he is automatically a part of Them; it could just be coincidence. The Watcher is exempt from this because the Watcher is the only shadow who does not look like they were made of nightmare fuel. The only one, which raises the question of how they exist if they are not borne of the fuel. And they happen to be the only one that looks like the silhouette of a real organism. Furthermore, the Watcher has been referenced multiple times now at critical points of the plot and is still being referenced now with the Fuelweaver.
  13. Well the bow would need to be balanced properly in some regard to keep combat fair, but just something unique and not just another copy paste armor or melee weapon with zero intricate qualities. Minions is a fallen concept in the game. Abigail is a horrible mechanic, she is not a minion; she is just your babysitter who you need to rely on to fight for you. You then have to wait for certain times in the day for her to be even effective, and even then she clings to mobs even if you disengage, then attacks and scares other mobs even if you don't want her to. And Maxwell's puppets. Well, pick between the gatherers who not only make things ridiculously fast; but they destroy everything in sight and are just a literal pest even when they are on your side or the duelists who have zero health and thus die at a stiff breeze. So other then the agenda of wanting actually good minions in the game, its a very intrinsic concept with the shadows in general and so having a shadow item that gives you minions would make sense. At this point though. The hype for A New Reign being finished is overshadowed by the hype for the developers maybe actually balancing the game after they finish the last expansion. How about actually polishing the characters mechanics and rebalancing the numerous overpowered ones, how about altering the variables on all the dead-content like the batbat and bee mines that are only useful in extremely niche circumstances not used until you have been in a server so long you are just finding ways to occupy time.
  14. Well it is not necessarily a matter of the player becoming too powerful, but that the way the developers make them powerful is utterly boring. It is armor specifically designed for fighting bosses, when at that point in the game you have probably already killed most of them. If they are going to reward players for completing major tasks of the end game, the reward should be something that makes the end game more interesting. Not something that makes it even easier, which it already will be, it is meaningless to keep building the player up when they already are at the heights of the progression system. You have to perform all-l-l-l-l of those tasks you just listed, and your reward is armor that makes fighting bosses easier. So fun. Not a staff that summons shadow minions, or a shadow bow that actually is a decent ranged weapon powered by fuel. Just more generic armor. In a game where most of the equipment already is not worth using because of statistic and requirement balance issues. Will need an entire thimble to contain the hype to perform all those tasks, and have that waiting as your prize after it all ends.
  15. Well at this point, it is established that They and the shadows are different beings. The source of the nightmare fuel has been stated already to be in the heart of the ruins. The plot is currently at the Atrium Portal, but it seems illogical for there to be a portal to transport one between two areas on the same planet. From the Atrium to the heart, they could just build stairs. Although teleportation is an established ability the ancients had access to; so perhaps they just preferred to use it. The Atrium Portal can then be assumed to either lead to the heart of the nightmares, the physical source of chaos, or perhaps Their world, the intellectual source of chaos. These can be expressly treated as two different locations now that we know the shadows, born of nightmare fuel, are not actually Them. This could also justify why there is a contradiction. Some people believe They want the survivors to unlock the Atrium, in order to serve some unknown agenda They have. But this is contradicted by the fact that the shadows try to kill survivors. But now we know, the shadows are just nightmare fuel. The shadows may not be directly controlled by the Watcher, and may be powered by other stray sources of consciousness or energy like the heart. And so even though the Watcher is pro-nightmare, the nightmares may indirectly hinder Their desire to have the Atrium unlocked. The nightmares may not even be the center of the plot, if they are simply just an obscure resource the ancients found deep within the earth. The real crux of the plot is who the Watcher(s) actually is and why They are so involved in this entire event. As They are now known to not be synonymous with the nightmare fuel, and it is simply a resource both the ancients and They interacted with. The idea of Them being an actual being and not just another nightmare could also explain why the Clockworks are so unlike the ancients other creations. Perhaps the Clockworks were Their army, as currently the Clockworks are a huge anomaly in the plot.