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  1. Oh wow really. Developers aren't omnipresent. Never knew that. You are genius for figuring this out. Actually was referring to the fact that the developers have made no real statement or acknowledgement to games transition from ANR, and thus right now the entire game is in an obscure stasis where the community knows absolutely nothing about what is supposed to be happening. Which is highly unusual and awkward for a company to do to their playerbase when a game is in the post stages of its life, and thus the game and community are depending on the developers updates to keep it fresh. You know, that whole thing. It was a well discussed topic before and after the Metheus puzzle because the developers then and now have said nothing about what they are actually doing; since they have reached the end of the road map they originally laid out. Perhaps some people forgot about this entire concept. Perhaps.
  2. Fixed bug where Wigfrid's model would sometimes be replaced with a fridge. Improved loading time of NPC dialogue. Fixed bug where Wendy would sometimes be Abigail. Winona is now a playable character. Reduced the physical radius of Tesla trees. Improved drop table for frogs. Fixed bug where Wolfgang would sometimes kill everything.
  3. Wonder how long they plan on jerking the community around with these filler updates, before they actually do something. Or are they literally bidding their time before they sneak something important into one of these inconsequential fix updates.
  4. Main problem Woodie has is just that Werebeaver has no general use. With the original Werebeaver it was a unique combat benefit that Woodie could command by manipulating his wood metre. Now it's just a senseless punishment with some quirky side uses. That's the primary issue, Woodie himself has a decent-ish roster of abilities it's that one of them; the Werebeaver's combat power, was removed. Because clearly 2x damage Wolfgang and 1.25x damage/defense Wigfrid are fine but a Werebeaver with semi-average combat power; that's too much.
  5. What Lies Beyond was the info/content about what's next. It translates to "we're busy right now, wait awhile longer".
  6. Would require some kind of on/off switch on the Codex and a more complex crafting menu for that though, which isn't how Klei usually does things in the game. Tried to limit the complexity of this system to begin with for that very reason. Well it's indeed possible that you can just arbitrarily question any character boon with "why not just do it without that boon" because reasons. But if it was not already clearly obvious; the point is having puppets makes things two to three times faster. A completely negligible benefit to be sure. It was in the original game was it. Really doesn't matter since Maxwell is different from the original game, it is not the same context.
  7. Everything else about Maxwell would be considered to be the same, this all only applies to his Codex Umbra.
  8. The puppet can be used forever but they only serve one purpose and take up a sanity penalty for as long as they are around. Meaning if you hold onto them you will not be able to summon as many other puppets as normal, and will receive a greater sanity penalty when you do summon more puppets. Even one nightmare fuel still requires you to go insane and fight shadows to acquire it, which you will have to do everytime you run out. The system as a whole is just unrefined. Maybe this,
  9. Still a cost of two nightmare fuel, so while the two cutter one digger combination works in the early days when you start off with six fuel; the same cannot be said for later on when you have to manually farm it yourself. By comparison, the time and cost of the fuel isn't very much worth such a minor helper. The digger is certainly a nice boon, but it's the fuel cost which really drives the value into the ground.
  10. Codex Umbra : Maxwell is capable of summoning shadow puppets by placing the Codex Umbra on the ground and selecting one from the corresponding crafting tab. Shadow puppets spawned by Maxwell can perform their individual action a select amount of times before they expire and are banished, they will last approximately one day before vanishing on their own if they do not exceed their action cap. Shadow puppets require nothing to be summoned except for a cost of sanity, furthermore they will drain Maxwell's sanity while active; diminishing his natural sanity aura. Most shadow puppets will only interact with objects Maxwell himself is interacting with, however Maxwell is capable of directing them to interact with objects from a distance by clicking on them with the Codex Umbra held in cursor. Maxwell can furthermore banish his puppets manually by clicking on them with the Codex Umbra held in cursor. Maxwell can have a maximum of two puppets active at once. Shadow Logger – Cost / 30 Sanity, Lasts / 50 Chops, 100 Health / -5 Sanity Aura per min Chops from trees Maxwell is chopping. Shadow Miner – Cost / 30 Sanity, Lasts / 20 Picks, 100 Health / -5 Sanity Aura per min Mines from rocks Maxwell is mining. Shadow Digger – Cost / 20 Sanity, Lasts / 10 Digs, 100 Health / -3 Sanity Aura per min Digs up nearby stumps automatically, or plants if directed manually. Shadow Collector – Cost / 25 Sanity, Lasts / 30 Grabs, 100 Health / -3 Sanity Aura per min Picks up nearby dropped items, acquired items are deposited in Maxwell's inventory. Shadow Duelist – Cost / 35 Sanity, Lasts / 20 Swings, 100 Health / 75% Damage Resistance / 40 Damage / -7 Sanity Aura per min Attacks enemies Maxwell is in combat with. Kites, uses melee. Shadow Conjurer - Cost / 35 Sanity, Lasts / 10 Casts, 100 Health / 25% Damage Resistance / 30 Damage / -7 Sanity Aura per min Attacks enemies Maxwell is in combat with. Flees, uses a slow to cast small area effect spell. Will only flee enemies for a certain distance before returning to Maxwell. With this new Codex Umbra, Maxwell is once again a puppet master. Maxwell's high sanity and sanity aura instead of removing sanity management exist to counterbalance the cost and drain of using his puppets, instead of needing sanity restoration to normally survive Maxwell uses it to refuel the cost of conjuring shadows. Maxwell's puppets naturally aid him in whatever task he performs which they also specialize in, however Maxwell is also able to control them with the Codex Umbra. This allows for a variety of strategic uses. Maxwell can direct his puppets to harvest from one type of resource while he harvests another, he can send a Collector to pick up items in a dangerous area to avoid risk, and he can command his Duelists and Conjurers to fight other creatures without him even needing to join the fray. All of this weighed by the initial cost and subsequent drain which requires Maxwell to keep replenishing his sanity like any other survivor, but for different reasons. His lower health also a balance to his ability to summon combat allies.
  11. Ancient king's chest. Metheus has taken heed. The staff wielder was the more masculine of the two, wielded the staff the cane is based off, sat on the throne, was the last to live. Relatively apparent.
  12. They're effective for dealing with incredibly low-end mobs like spiders, because of their high damage and ability to avoid attacks. However, Maxwell himself cannot tank to save them as the enemy A.I can at any time decide to turn on a duelist and potentially hit them. And because the duelists have such an absurdly low amount of health they likely won't survive against anything even remotely threatening. That's it really, they're a fun minion to have because they run around and deal lots of single hit damage; but you can't take them into any serious situation. And because they'll proc on things you don't want them to, it will further lead to their death or improper attraction of enemy aggression. Maxwell is really one of the trio of underwhelming characters in Together. Willow still has no special super powers, Woodie's Beaver form was nerfed; and Maxwell's puppets are just bad. Their A.I is bare bones so they interact with everything they possibly can, the duelists and diggers really aren't worth existing, the max sanity cap simply just punishes players for having puppets out by gimping the screen colour and flooding them with noise, and the puppets are designed to be long lasting high-cost allies yet because they only fulfill niche roles; so players are encouraged to dispel and recall them to suit the situation. Which is a design contradiction, if the puppets have narrow uses they should be fleeting and disposable so they can be cycled through more easily. Yet you have to choose which ones to pay the price to summon to hang around for long periods, yet they are only capable of being useful part of the time. For some reason minions in specific are Klei's design weakness.
  13. Really. Because the only source for this is a comment from a developer, believe it's JoeW, who says they'll consider it. So where is the real source factually claiming the Rose Collection will arrive. Because a part of all the hype for it comes from the fact that the developers have said near to nothing about their plans for it. You seem to be the only one who actually claims they've confirmed it.
  14. More pay-to-have skins instead of actual content. Could have used those to make a higher tier Miner and Rain hat. Nope. Just more cosmetics most of the community won't use. Which is ironic, because the straw and rain hat already are almost never used. So they're making pay-to-have skins almost no body will use, for items already almost never used. Stellar decision making.
  15. That seems to be want the developers want considering they are wasting more development time in adding alternate uses for existing skins in order to better justify their cost. Well, we could use these new Bumble skins to make brand new drops for the Bee Queen. OR we could attach them to that 15$ Bumble Spear skin no body uses to try and make it more worth the cost of the original vanilla game. Same goes for the T1 magic skins. Most of them included skins no body uses, so for some warped reason the developers figured it would be better to sink more time into a cosmetic no body uses to try and make people use it; instead of just making more actual content. The developers went from releasing a vote system update that completely changed the game for the better, to just releasing additional models for overpriced skins most of the playerbase does not even want.