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  1. Shine light on the terrarium for boosted production.
  2. It does not use heat of fusion or heat of vaporization. There's no concept of entropy. Pressure and volume is just mass. How much mass there is of something in some tile. It does not follow thermodynamics at all other than that heat flows between hot and cold objects at a certain rate dictated by the thermal conductivity. It not much use to apply actual thermodynamic to the game anyway...people would find it punishing, aggravating, and perhaps boring.
  3. I found a new way to spawn tiles from materials. It uses the liquid tepidizer hack. You build the tepidizer as in the picture. Then you drop algae at the right end (in picture is dirt). Drop liquid on the left end while you heat up the algae. Once it reaches melting temperature, the algae will turn into a dirt tile and entomb the device which will instantly stop. Deconstruct the setup and move the whole thing one tile to the left and repeat. If you drip water at a rate of 2-3kg /s the liquid tepidizer will not heat up sufficiently to overheat while boiling the algae.
  4. Your formula looks right. This computation is similar to conservation of momentum where specific heat and mass contribution has proportional distribution of energy. Whether the game uses this particular formula is unknown.
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    Then the requirements parameters is bogus and should be changed or it is bugged.
  6. Hm indeed, this old method doesn't work any more. I built my room at the very beginning of TU when it was working. Thus you will need to plan carefully now. I changed all thermo sensor to wolframite. Updated build in save. Fobs-Test.sav
  7. People might rave about it as it is a catch 22. You can't really control your temperature near the beginning. Perhaps you started out at a good temperate zone and your fertilizer maker won't be stifled. Perhaps you are unlucky and started in the middle of zone that is just a bit hotter than what the fertilizer maker requires so you can't really grow much food. This would need careful tuning if the building will need to be a certain temperature zone to function.
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    THat doesn't sound right. It grabs 300 and work on 100 at a time.
  9. Your math example is wrong because the temperature should be in Kelvin, no negative temperature unless you like to use absolute value everywhere. I stated at the very top of the post. Also, what I proposed was something I think was at work. I do not know if what I wrote is right and the likely hood of it being right is dim to none. It is a waste of time to try and derive the actual equation.
  10. Is the bristle in the pot any good for decor? I've never really bother with them. By good I mean bag for buck in terms of decor / tile.
  11. Probably because it is a hack and that it might eventually break from pressure when the developer get around to fixing the various hacks.
  12. I'll test. I haven't used wolframite since the overheat bonus isn't in yet. I highly doubt we will continue to use ore as is and must smelt them. Thus I've been leery of using anything but gold amalgam and cuprite.
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    You speak too early. Come back in a year?