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  1. I didn't even know you can disable it... Never bothered me anyway.
  2. Have you ever used rollbacks

    All the time.
  3. I'm just here to complain about Can't marry a girl even in space.
  4. I'm yet to generate a world with only Berry Bushes or only Juicy Berry Bushes. I often get a world with 80% more X Bushes than Y Bushes, but never 100% X and 0% Y, caves or no caves. There might be Juicy Berries seemingly everywhere, but then I come across a normal Berry Bush, and another one, and another one...
  5. I don't play on Klei servers or play as Willow, but I'm still sooooo happy about this update! It feels great when you know the developer listens to the community. ♥ Not that Klei was ever a bad dev, I just read about Black Desert again, remembered how angry that game made me and I really needed this to spark my faith in developers/publishers back to life lol
  6. No, they just appeared with the latest update. They were empty before.
  7. Same D: I've been playing DS/DST for years and I stick around for months, but I always am not here when stuff is happening. ;-;
  8. I'm so hyped idk if I'll be able to sleep tonight @-@ It's the first time I see a puzzle before it's 100% solved and analyzed, so exciting!
  9. Killer bees and sometimes bees cause my wife loves making bee boxes and fishfarms (mod) but she always makes them too close and they keep flying around the base, buzzing around and trying to murder us from time to time.
  10. Flowers planted by players will no longer grow back after being picked. I'm confused. What does that mean? Was there a bug that made it so if you picked a flower you previously planted with a butterfly, another flower would pop up at the same spot?
  11. It doesn't happen all the time, so I don't think it's how it's supposed to work, but it's a bug. I found 2 Pufts in one "hole". One just disappeared before my duplicants even got near them, no idea what happened to that guy. The second Puft once stood in the door, door closed on it, and it vanished. I loaded in the previous day, when it was still alive, and since then it stood right in the door while my duplicants were moving in and out, with the door closing on it and it's fine. It happened 4 separate times and it didn't die.