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  1. I didn't even know you can disable it... Never bothered me anyway.
  2. All the time.
  3. I'm just here to complain about Can't marry a girl even in space.
  4. I'm yet to generate a world with only Berry Bushes or only Juicy Berry Bushes. I often get a world with 80% more X Bushes than Y Bushes, but never 100% X and 0% Y, caves or no caves. There might be Juicy Berries seemingly everywhere, but then I come across a normal Berry Bush, and another one, and another one...
  5. I made a new world with some mods. It was about day 4 or 5 when 2 users joined. One never spawned in the world, but the other one did and this is when this short nightmare started. Shortly after spawning they got killed by a Rook that was somewhat close to the portal. I was near the area and the ghost started following me. I informed them they can respawn at the portal (Endless). They did. They came back, started attacking the Rook again, so I helped them as they clearly didn't know how to kite. As they died the second time I didn't notice the Rook started attacking my Chester and shortly before the Rook dropped dead my Chester died and everything that was in him dropped to the ground. The person came back and started picking up my stuff. I let it slide since I didn't have inventory space for it anyway. Then they just... glued themself to me. They'd follow my every step and pick up resources I'd try to collect, like rocks I was mining or trees I was chopping. I told them they can explore on their own, but they just ignored me. They'd jump at every hostile mob but if I wouldn't help them they'd choose following me over getting killed. I tried to lose them but their character was faster than mine. I completely forgot the command for dropping stuff (mod I have) and didn't have time to search for it with them tailing me. I didn't want them to leave with the gears and my GNOME! Night approached fast and I got an idea. In pitch black darkness I started running away from them, only using light when I heard hissing. In just a few moments Charlie got rid of my problem once and for all. Thanks Charlie. ^u^
  6. I did that like twice because I play the game with my friend and if she has to go or gets dced for whatever reason I prefer to close the server and wait on her. I usually say that I will be closing the server because of X but if the person just joined I might not. ^^' Never had a "random" play more than a few days on my server anyway.
  7. I don't play on Klei servers or play as Willow, but I'm still sooooo happy about this update! It feels great when you know the developer listens to the community. ♥ Not that Klei was ever a bad dev, I just read about Black Desert again, remembered how angry that game made me and I really needed this to spark my faith in developers/publishers back to life lol
  8. The "monster guys" are Ancients, a sentient race that roamed Don't Starve world before us, players did. They're likely behind a lot of key-story things. It's very likely they were somehow behind bringing Maxwell and Charlie into DS. And those symbols we used in Metheus seem to be their language.
  9. "Charlie is referenced as Grue in the game files. This is a reference to the iconic monster from the game Zork. In Zork, the Grue only attacks players in pitch darkness after a line of warning, just like in Don't Starve." from wiki. I don't think Maxwell's comment changed after ANR released, and he'd know best.
  10. I hate Deerclops. Why? Because he's a bully! When Bearger spawns his mission in life is food, he's just hungry, that's understandable. Goose/Goose just wants to raise her family, that's understandable. Dragonfly doesn't care about you as long as you don't invade her personal space, that's understandable. Deerclops just wants to destroy your house and everything you worked for. He's a bully and his only purpose in life is to bully you and break your toys. My favorite monster would be a beefalo. vuv They're so cuddly wubbly~
  11. Um... What is this about?
  12. Every time in trying to get treeguards for a giant they're so freaking lucky. Bearger usually destroys over a half of the biggest forest on map before a single treeguard spawns. One time he destroyed like 60% of the forest before he spawned two guards. And they were the tiniest baby guards I've seen in DST. Me and wife were laughing through tears. Meanwhile everytime I chop down a single tree in a bigger forest area I spawn 1-3 treeguards almost every single time.
  13. Back when I played DS Vanilla I'd keep both Science Machine and the Alchemy Engine because I thought they both are necessary to be able to craft everything. I also never ever did anything "risky". Killing a pig was too terrifying for me. I'd only fight hounds and spiders. I also thought that the most important thing is to survive, so once I made a base that was able to fully sustain me I stopped playing. xD
  14. Yeah! DST forum lately is either "When is next update?" or "Will Klei abandon DST now?". Chill peeps.
  15. ANR update just came out, give them some time to work people. Can't have new BIG updates every week!