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  1. Let the plant fight begin ! Spoilers warning : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C2ZXPtjIkSwRw0x3iJSYSzx21buHl_1LhzRzXxkzf-o/edit?usp=sharing So basically Bristle Blossoms require a cooler environment and longer growth but they are a better choice in the long run. I had a feeling BBs were much better than that so I hope I made no mistakes. I hope some players find this useful ^^ Notes : As of patch 211197 Mealwood does not produce seeds (you can however harvest early and get a seed back to replant - but much micro) Bristle Blossom berries take a lot less space per Kcal to store (about 3.5x less)
  2. I made the distinction between the weight of a seed (Storage Compactor ) and the weight per kcal (Fridge or Food box)
  3. Should have known someone had done this Thanks for pointing it out. Wanna complete it ? I checked it but didnt work for me.
  4. So started purifying water but after a few cycles they overheated and broke (even when built with Gold) They overheat faster than Hydrogen Generators !? I was expecting a sand filter not to heat much...
  5. I used to have the 2 showers + 2 lavatories hooked up directly to the Fertilizer Maker but since they nerfed it to practically useless I disabled it. Now with the latest patch I might try that again. My point is why have to drain water in a tank and not send it directly to consuming devices ? I wish the piping would be more flexible...
  6. Also if you could look why my Dupes are getting very lazy and take ages to do a job even when set at priority 9 and they have nothing else to do (Idle). Thanks.
  7. Purifiers overheat and break. Temp - Water purifiers.sav
  8. That could be but for 1 purifier the water is at 40C and for the other its at 20 C both heat up like mad... Whats the easiest way to cool down water ? I tried planting 6 Wheezeworts and have pipes (Wolframite) run around them but that didnt work...
  9. Dunno if I should carry on here but to answer your question at this point the Water Purifier broke, it wasn't taking any more water in I had to deconstruct it and pipes as well. I had another issue with the Fertilizer Maker that would block the polluted water coming out from the Air Scrubber going to the Purifier. I had to disconnect the F.M. (can be seen at the bottom of my screenshot) These are just 2 of the issues I ran into in the last hour.
  10. Thanks but Material highlight not fixed
  11. It's nice to see frequent updates but I was hoping for more than fixing stuff made wrong the previous patch and/or rare bugs. Piping doesnt work well, only when having a single pipe from point A to B... Material highlights and Compactor not fixed ?
  12. I think they get much less stressed since Thermal Upgrade (or I just got much better). Try to find the root of the problem, stress beds should only be needed if something you didn't notice got out of hand.
  13. Once in Storage Seeds cant be separated so here's one way of planting several at the time with some limitations. Also that implies there are still more Seeds on the map. Anyone has a better way ?
  14. The whole point is not to have to wait for 1 to grow in order to plant the next, hence the use of Locked doors so you can get the next seed ready and so on But thanks for sharing ^^ Result few minutes later :
  15. It will produce Fertilizer (Dupes come and pick it up) but will not consume Polluted water (pipes clogged). I tried switching off and on again also rebuilding but it doesn't fix it. Note that it used to work before patch 210794, this world was created with the first Thermal Upgrade release.
  16. w0w... let us know Im curious they should really fix that asap...
  17. Would love to be able to change world settings (and more) in a GUI thanks keep it up !
  18. Boy that sounds terrible, I was quite happy with how it worked just before last patch... I do hope something is wrong in the calculations no offense !
  19. Oh yea planting 1 by 1 is a real pain. Makes me regret harvesting them early... Dirt tile sounds good !
  20. Cool stuff, well done What I find annoying is that you cant plant the carrots where you want. You have to think ahead and drop them with a compactor... I hope its not meant to stay like that ! I guess some will say it would be too easy otherwise.
  21. Once you get to it, build an airlock and use your best tiles, get a pump in there asap and a switch away. It will keep spitting out steam -> water that will flood your base if you don't contain it. Below an example, nothing fancy I just blocked it in time as I didnt know it would over pressure and make a mess. Keep in mind the water is hot.
  22. Geysers will provide more water than you can ever use, in fact if you don't contain them they will flood you ! I was hopping they would prevent them from outputting more steam if max pressure or under water
  23. When you click to select content of Compactors its not registered, you have to click multiple times and other odd reaction. Others are having this annoying issue, I thought everyone did...
  24. I had too much polluted water and fertilizer (not letting food/plants rot), we'll see with this patch.
  25. Woot ! May 29th wow... I guess I have to turn my Fertilizer Maker back on Food aaahh Nice fixes what about the clicking on Storage Compactors ?!