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  1. Gas and water dont mix ? You cant push gas through water.
  2. Ways to reproduce this bug ?
  3. Hello can we get time (and timezone) for release please ! PDT is like 8h difference with central Europe ?
  4. I haven't seen anyone mention this. I made different outfits but can only assign 1 piece per Dupe... Are you really supposed to dress/undress them all the time depending on the job they might do next ? If so I find it too much trouble... Am I missing something ?
  5. It would be nice to have an estimated date, I'm tired of the daily disappointing checks...
  6. Looks great, thanks for sharing !
  7. I wish you had shown the pipe as we already see the electrolyzer on the right. So is there 112g every second ?
  8. yea its been over a week with no update o.o they must be preparing something big !
  9. I understand the "archive branch" is the version prior to TU and does that mean I can still run that version and should be able to load saves from back then ? Is "thermal upgrade preview" now the "Live" version if so whats the difference with NONE - opt out of all beta programs ? I'm assuming next *major* upgrade will have a new line in Steam to pick from !?
  10. Promising ! More indication of a Foundry, as 1000°C is quite hot. So thats liquid Gold on the last screenshot ?
  11. Hot water from Geysers is heating up my base so Im also looking for methods to cool it down. Currently using Carrots and Oxygen pipes through my water tanks but its not enough. Melted all dug up Ice which helped as well. Changed all my pipes in base to Insulated Abyssalite will see how that goes.
  12. Impressive, well done thanks for sharing ! So you got clean water dripping on 1 side and dirty on the other ? The other reason I found to turn Geyser water into polluted water is to cool it (!) as it passes through a Purifier currently the temperature changes from anything to 40°C
  13. How much better is Hydrogen compared to other gasses ? I have barely enough to power my Generators. How do I slow down gas, with a Valve ? It looks like gas is disappearing... 1kg coming in at full speed and only 12g going out !
  14. As crazy as it sounds I was looking for the easiest way to contaminate the water from a Geyser because the Purifier will change the temperature from anything (Geyser water about 80°C) to 40°C ! Which is the only easy way too cool down water at the moment... I'm guessing this will be patched soon though.
  15. Good questions that I have not seen answers to. Some aspect of the game are not yet fully fleshed out.
  16. With a Storage compactor then drop the seed on a natural tile and it will grow after a few cycles.
  17. Disasters sound cool ! More threatening creatures but then that means proper combat should be added not sure if it should happen.
  18. Is this all based on the latest version ? Because some issues you mentioned I believe were fixed (ie: H.Gen. while not producing enough power imo it does work properly). I won't get into the details but yeah its an Alpha so theres lots of things that need improvement, so I'm patient and tolerant but just hope that it will indeed happen.
  19. I read someone mentioning Radium is present in the game, as for the 2 other I did some research online.
  20. Adding to this issue, not only the hot water (75C from neaby Geyser) doesnt get cooled but it heats up everything around the pipes immensely and when it drops into a water tank the heat doesnt transfer to the surrounding water much or very slowly. I can easily see this getting worse if I let it run longer.
  21. I'm sure they will review health and stress factors at some point, especially Dupes sensitivity to gasses.