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  • Biography I draw a ton electronically and physically. I draw some concept art for different DST-themed things. I also compose a bit of music... :P Why does this Bio even exist... Oh, I have survived a whopping 1196 days so far on my DST world.
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  1. ummmmm A group of trollers came on. Like 5 of 'em. They started a vote kick (so before the latest update) but were unsuccessful. We kicked them all off but they came back on. We did this 2 more times, but they were pretty resilient. So we just let 'em on. *WHERES BASE* *psst* Nobody cares And thus summer came. They were still alive 'cuz they just so happened to know how the game worked and had built a small little base of their own near the portal. And I was like; Ok you got a base stop asking *Spoilers* So this was mind-to me. They had just survived 15 days in their own makeshift base and they still wanted to know where the base was. *sigh* So, we did what we had to do. Bring them into the caves and lure them into the ruins. They somehow survived the nightmare cycle TWICE. Now I was just mind-blown. I came down to the ruins to see they were expertly farming nightmare fuel and ancient items. So I guess they'd make a nice addition to the team? And it's autumn now. We finally let them into our base. I venture out to find them super-duper exceling. Aaaaand they had a Houndius Shootius. By this time, we decided to ditch our base and move in with them. Now that's a happy ending. Except it wasn't, because they held a grudge against us for never showing base. Toadstool made sure they never acted up again.
  2. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Then you better edit the main article, @Thieverpedia
  4. Ok, we've all done it at some point. Come on, just admit it. So, unburden your sins (.__.) by telling them here in this forums space. Let's see here... One time, I hopped onto a pub server ('cuz I was lonely) and came across a server filled with nothing but Wigfrids. So I did my most intense trolling yet. I dug up and trapped every single rabbit hole. I killed every beefalo. (took teh drops) I killed catcoon after catcoon after catcoon (this one was ongoing until winter when they all destroyed) Basically all the spider dens are gone, except for like 5 tier-3 dens All Pig houses hammered and all pigs killed. There were no caves. and finally for my plan of action; I fended off every suspicious dirt pile. So, it's winter. The Wigfrids just use up their last monster meat. Me: YESSSSSSSS *chows down on some dragonpie* Wiggy: Better go get some more meat. *DUN DUN DUN* I swear there were rabbit holes here like 6 days ago Who killed this many catcoons? Where's all the pig houses? WHERES ALL TEH SPIDERS Guess we gotta kill that befalo herd WAIT WHERES THE BEFALOS *leader of the Wiggys* Shut. This is bad. Me: Sure is. *eats some ice cream* Welp we better go hunting for Koalefants -Wiggy They find me guarding the dirt pile. Get outa da way Nah *angry* I litterally used up all their moonstone on walls which I encased it in. I burned any body who tried to destroy my mini-fortress. They finally gived up. Hey there are like 5 more spider dens on the map! Welp guess what; by the time they got there; All spider queens. Yup. One by one, almost all die... 3 more Wiggys left YOU WERE BEHIND ALL THIS Can't say I was. URGHHHH I said; Calm down. ARGH CALM DOWN I will give you all the meat in the world in exchange for; Dragonfly Scales Shroom Skin Thick Fur and... Bundling Wrap blueprint. Surprise surprise, they all fight Klaus They win, but barely. The last Wigfrid gives me all the items. (They had all been barely surviving off of Hound meat for the entire time) And I say; Good. I give her all the meat in the world and leave. PS it was all almost rotten.
  5. Thiever! *cough cough* *searches for Soviet Russian accent* *aha here it is* Hello. My friend... I main Wickerbottom & Wolfgang (& ...sometimes... Wilson) I die when I'm reckless. Like, a lot. (alotalotlalot) But when I got my head in the game... *defeats Toadstool in 30 seconds* So.................................................................................................................. CURSE THEIR NAME (Server name maybe i dunno)
  6. Only one that makes sense to me But there's also (but not limited to); Wendy + Webber (Spider Farming 4 Days) Wickerbutts + Wx-78 (Charged and ready to go!) Woodie + Maxwell (Supreme Gatherers) Wilson + more Wilsons (In Soviet Don't Starve Together, Food eats YOU!!!) And more.
  7. Anyways Wickerbottom, 'cuz *reads book* *reads another book* 25 morsels, 25 azure feathers *reads 'nother book* 50 berries, 100 grass, 100 saplings, 500 logs *reads 'other book* 11 charged Wx-78s and 10 charged voltgoats *ANOTHER ONE* Tentacles are all the rage. *and on and on and on*
  8. Carl's Junior fans get triggered
  9. So, another reason why not to spam the chat with; Werz base
  10. Don't see many people dying of starvation or playing together in a game called 'Don't Starve Together' *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  11. I am so sad we can't get a Wickerbottom. If we did, I think I'd actually spend some of my time seeing this rushed art page *cough* I mean challenges.
  12. Just watched Disney's Mulan, 1998.

    Just another reason for McDonald's to bring back dat nugget sauce that everyone's talking about.


    If they actually do bring it back then...


    1. Arlesienne


      *is confused*

    2. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      *you should be 'cuz I'm really stupid*

  13. That depends. Some people still rank Wes as the worst but heheh Wutever you say pal. I would like to reccomend you to... If this doesn't help you... So yeah.
  14. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh probably gonna be really stupid here but; If you blast off to other meteors (or are the planets?) with the (NEW NEW NEW) Spaceship, you may find the DST wilderness where everything is made of Dontogen Starvoxide Togetherite
  15. Some people wish the saplings to grow back. 168- Saplings (the ones you get twigs from) never actually grow into trees.