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  1. why hasn't there been any activity on the art thread?






























    I lost my pen again





















    This might be a reoccurring problem.

    1. minespatch


      You'll be able to do it again soon. Don't fret. :wilson_smile:

  2. Planning on getting ONI, but I have a Mac. Will it work?



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    2. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      But he's tied up at the moment...



      ...I think

    3. minespatch
    4. Nanoking308
  3. What in the actual... this is what happens when you activate notifications for followed threads.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.26.09 PM.png

    Seriously, just taking a break from this place for just a week, and my notifications...

    1. Donke60


      You can never leave 

    2. minespatch


      Sorry man.:wilson_ecstatic:

    3. Destros09


      I follow the entire general discussion, first 3 pages of role play, the off topic, and everything I post on

  4. Vishnu Christ God Deity Thing, I thought this thread was long dead.
  5. Interactive puzzle.
  6. IDK why you didn't think of Warly when you saw that. *just look at that hair*
  7. Ok, Normans is done!
  8. That was intentional.
  9. Yup.