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  1. Eh eh eh pretty easy pickins
  2. I meant a char that you choose...
  3. IMG_0269.PNG I finally got what I wanted, and I feel like a jerk :(

  4. lol I remember that movie
  5. Hit me up w/ a challenge!!! Please and thank you.
  6. Definitely fossil fuels >_>
  7. Mmmmmmm
  8. Pineapple pizza is pretty good, but if it's ONLY pineapple cheese and sauce and thin crust otherwise you ruin the pizza with any meat stank
  9. Yeah that's definitely true I'm sorry
  10. Ban @Destros09 for joining evil minion interviews.
  11. All the tags are irrelevant, now ups and downs of don't starve on the iOS, ups: ITS LITERALLY DONT STARVE ON THE GO!!! Downs controls are wonky, you can't really do tactics you can on computer. Ups really easy to get into, downs not easy to get out of (lags you tablet) also the game is pretty laggy, birdtraps don't work beefalo always stay where they are and old bell is really, weird, that's about all I can think up, you guys fill it in.
  12. Hot lava seems pretty fun, should I buy it?

  13. When did I gain the power to do this?

    1. Cyborgspaceninja


      I bet nome will like THIS!! I reaaaallly feeel it this time

  14. This guy is pretty cool

    1. Cyborgspaceninja
    2. Pyromailmann


      Thanks? Just don't mention me for my title in the future.

  15. Now, to this extent, I sommon the hype train @Pyromailmann to the rescue