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  1. Okay, I just had 2 of my 3 starting dupes walk into a block as it was being completed (by one of the 2 I'm referring too) and had their heads stuck in the same block. I usually save my dupes, but since it was only a few seconds into a new round I took joy in watch these DUMB F**kin idiots die. This is one of many random absolutely stupid things dupes do, including closing themselves off in areas where they cant breathe. Why do dupes treat there existence so lightly, do they not have the most basic instincts to keep themselves alive, or do they only eat, sleep, sh*t and follow orders, and not in that order either? Thanks, Beercules!
  2. I noticed the same thing upon loading a save game, all my switches are in the off position and my water filter overheats instantly. Thankfully this game allows for ALT+F4 so I can quickly play another game that actually works ;D BEERCULES!
  3. A slow drip of water over the top of the generator seems to resolve my issue. My generator sits between 40 and 60c depending on the flow rate of water which is set to 350g/s.
  4. If your referring to the continuos breaking / repair of the coal generator when made out of copper? Yes, making it out of gold should help.
  5. Can anyone else confirm that slim now acts like Oxylite and slowly drops mass overtime? Also there is a bug when you build a door over material, when you remove the door the material remains or an error like "steel door <do not translate>". A bug exists where a pink animation will show up for the gun or tool the duplicates use.
  6. I notice the same thing with Vaccum space, its now reported the same as carbon dioxide where before it would show up as nothing.
  7. I think the problem here is your patience, for some stupid reason the current generation is seriously impatience but in reality the only one that is suffering from your lack of patience is you, because the rest of us have a great game we can enjoy, and you are whining because you didnt get your game now. Enjoy. BEERCULES!
  8. I had the same issue with CO and the coal generator, even with a cooling fan manned 24/7 right next to it and the coal generator is paused due to batteries being full, my generator was being damaged and needed repair continuously. I think their is a bug with how quickly CO / Thermal damage effects a objects, I think they need to increase the propagation of heat vs staying in one area and damaging the item. Great update, I couldn't be happier to be wrong about no release happening today BEERCULES!
  9. The difficulty is in the choices, I always start off with 3 diver's lung duplicates and only select divers lung duplicates as they become avaliable, this will help ensure a lasting supply of oxygen since you use very little. The map would be the second hardest part of the game, since you can't decided which map you get, its a luck of the draw but once you find a map your happy with (lots of water, algea and coal) then save a copy of the start of the game, this way if you fail the first try, you can always reload the map and try again. Also, it's your idea of winning, I could say creating a stable colony would be winning but since the game is in alpha and the chances of getting a stable colony up is next to nill, I instead focus on playing with the different technology understanding how the mechanics work in prepreation for the next release. Life is only as difficult as you make it, the same could be said about this game. Beercules.
  10. As someone who previously lived in Vancouver, I know for a fact no one does anything until noon except for Wake & Bake, so we might get something in the afternoon but as I said before I hope no one is holding their breath waiting.
  11. I have 64GB of ram in one of my rigs and the game still lags hardcore. The game needs to go thru some optimization but at 3440 x 1440 with a 1080GTX the game runs fine. 8GB of ram should be the absolute minimum memory any modern "GAMING" computer should have, 16GB would be a recommendation but I dont think it will resolve any preformance issues. I hope everyone here isnt holding their breath for the release today, I would imagin we would have heard something by now if they had planned to release it today but I hope I'm wrong. Beercules
  12. As a proud owner of multiple mac's, buying a mac for gaming is a lot like buying a microwave for making toast, it can do it but it doesn't always turn out as planned . You could always use boot camp (included with Mac OSX) and dual boot windows 7 or you can also install the virus software known as Windows 10. BEECULES!
  13. Currently you have a system that flips that valve animation around to accomidate change the in/out ports to be on top or bottom, can you please disable the change of animation and just have the "o" button change the order of the ports while leaving the animation oriented the correct way? Thanks BEERCULES!
  14. They should remove the algae production from slime and just let it produce contaminated water, allowing the Algae terrariums to produce a small amount of algae per with the requirement of carbon dioxide + water with bonus when under light or they die and require more algae to replant. CO2 scrubbers wastes sand which is being used for air scrubbers. if you change slim and algae as i suggested above the CO2 scubber becomes obsolete and it resolves the issue of not enough sand. But i guess you want the game to be impossibly hard eh?