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  1. Well I have three Wheezeworts next to my two coal generators with 12 batteries and five hatches (Romeo, Juliet, Bob, Cisco and Juniper). I thought for a bit it might be because the CO2 was condensing but even in the ice biome it didn't get much colder than -34c, also I get a blue halo around red gasses with Wheezeworts, so the only explanation is that its consuming CO2 and producing O2. I haven't needed a single CO2 scrubber in 70+ rounds so far.
  2. Wheezeworts are consuming CO2 and producing O2 in the latest release, Reasons why I think this; a. When uprooting them, they drop container of CO2 (tells me Wheezeworts is consuming CO2) b. The pocket in the ice biome I found them in was pure O2. c. When I stick them next to my coal generator they almost completely eliminate all CO2. Beercules!
  3. Thank you. I took your advice and started over.
  4. This is the guy going online telling people what they can and cannot do, you should not be allowed to use the internet. GOOGLE constructive comments you ETHUG!
  5. As with many, I have a 80+ hour save game that I'd like to continue, while all new building and research are available but the new plants are not. How do you we go about getting these new plants seeded into an old save game? And if you say start a new one, Ill be happy to uninstall the game Thanks, Beercules
  6. Actually have more than two choices, and I'm more than happy to uninstall the game and move on, Plenty of other games out there to spend my time on. I've got more than enough enjoyment out of the game and if the developers would rather put there heads up their a** then fix a serious annoyance with their game, than I wish them all the best, because they will need it.
  7. THE AI is absolutely stupid, calling the player stupid is a great way to advertise for this game, DONT WORRY ITS NOT THE ALPHA AI, ITS JUST THE STUPID PLAYER.. You sir are the perfect example of a PEBKAC! Thanks BEERCULES!
  8. This is exactly what the dupes were told do to, they just priorities building vs digging, anyone who plays this game for 4 seconds know this is a fact!
  9. The picture is a perfect example of how unbelievably STUPID these dupes are. The space above the tiles they trap themselves in was a vacuum, why do they walk into a vacuum just to seal themselves off from their oxygen. And yes, I watched these stupid dupes die with pleasure! The biggest issue is that they don't draw their orders / jobs based on the dupes location, instead it must draw from a master queue which makes the dupe not only inefficient but really stupid because they do orders / jobs out of order, hence why they get trapped in stupid places. It's to the point where I have to micro manage every build or dig just to ensure these guys don't kill themselves doing simple task, I believe your intention was for the player to ensure we manage their survival and not their stupidity, Please fix this issues, this is really annoying and makes the game not fun!
  10. Okay, I just had 2 of my 3 starting dupes walk into a block as it was being completed (by one of the 2 I'm referring too) and had their heads stuck in the same block. I usually save my dupes, but since it was only a few seconds into a new round I took joy in watch these DUMB F**kin idiots die. This is one of many random absolutely stupid things dupes do, including closing themselves off in areas where they cant breathe. Why do dupes treat there existence so lightly, do they not have the most basic instincts to keep themselves alive, or do they only eat, sleep, sh*t and follow orders, and not in that order either? Thanks, Beercules!
  11. I noticed the same thing upon loading a save game, all my switches are in the off position and my water filter overheats instantly. Thankfully this game allows for ALT+F4 so I can quickly play another game that actually works ;D BEERCULES!
  12. A slow drip of water over the top of the generator seems to resolve my issue. My generator sits between 40 and 60c depending on the flow rate of water which is set to 350g/s.
  13. If your referring to the continuos breaking / repair of the coal generator when made out of copper? Yes, making it out of gold should help.
  14. Can anyone else confirm that slim now acts like Oxylite and slowly drops mass overtime? Also there is a bug when you build a door over material, when you remove the door the material remains or an error like "steel door <do not translate>". A bug exists where a pink animation will show up for the gun or tool the duplicates use.
  15. I notice the same thing with Vaccum space, its now reported the same as carbon dioxide where before it would show up as nothing.