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  1. I think it will be a similar value when I operate several air locks with one pump.
  2. i did Of course, if you emit carbon dioxide in that space, it may not be vacuum
  3. It is air lock which uses cohesion of water. When the water meets the cliff, it does not function as a block. However, when there is water in the lower space and cohesion is generated, it keeps the block form momentarily. Using this effect. We make cohesive power in one line and supply steady water to keep the cohesiveness from disappearing. When I constantly supplied 200 grams of water, it seemed to be stable for a few cycles. After 20 cycles, cohesion was released. I am experimenting with 500g of water this time. It still seems to be more stable. The benefits of this air lock. It does not disturb movement at all. And you need 500 grams of water per second. The water pump consumes 240 W of electricity per 10 kg per second. I think you can eat 12 watts of electricity per second. ps. Please ignore the sound of the "Big Bang Theory".
  4. plz korean characters.. T.T
  5. I made cloud! It is also efficient without electricity.
  6. Basically, the building's temperature is water cooling. The reason is to stabilize the temperature of the battery. It seems to maintain an efficient system at 20 degrees. I am very satisfied. (Pump, purifier, fertilizer, heater) will only operate when going below 21.9 degrees. The "Electrolyzer" uses electricity that does not run at full pressure to raise its efficiency. The gas filter was compressed once and processed a lot at a time to increase the efficiency of the electric power. Fertilizers are produced only by recycling. I also made air conditioners. very Fun!
  7. Please support Korean characters. It does not apply to translation. T.T
  8. If you make it with copper, it will be damaged by overheating, so you must make it with "Gold amalgam". I even made the pipe "Abyssalite".
  9. oh... sry about that...thk
  10. In fact, I restarted until I got a lot of hatch maps. 3 There was a map that came out with a hatch, so I started with that map. And if you keep it, you keep eating every 10 seconds without hiding. Geyser.. Red line : power swtich blue line : hot water orange line : Cooling route
  11. check my video
  12. The difference with me is that I always stockpile enough fertilizer. Always stockpile It is consumed only when newly growing. It is no longer consumed in the present state. Until all of them are harvested.
  13. Click on the "planter box" instead of the plant You can see that the fertilizer does not decrease. I am checking with my eyes now.
  14. It seems to be the right answer to bring out the clothes again.