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  1. @Donke60 i started thinking about clones theory after i saw this picture and it is NPC NOT CPU Although it is going to good joke with every Maxwell CPU you buy . got codex a Umbra hard disk for free
  2. Maxwell has his pros and cons so does Charlie. but the king is more important than the queen in chess. but any way i was thinking what if THEY made a shadow clone . a clone made of darkness of Maxwell and Charlie . and the clone is able of shape shifting so it can look like a human and trick other people like Maxwell cunning and deceptive . and ruthless and intimidating and more powerful than Charlie that it is able to kill you in the darkness in one hit even your health is 300 and wearing armor it well be so cool and i wandering what kind of boss we will have . and the game will be harder and i love the idea of Wendy on the throne plus she is my second favorite character after Maxwell
  3. i will be from now on the topic but it was fun to get out of topic for some time
  4. i myself do not see the fun in shipping people who most likely hate each other and there are different between canon ships and non canon ships even if it was all fantasy i think you got my point now @Donke60
  5. i will try to focus more next time i will write a word wall and a i mention before that i love word walls
  6. @Arlesienne now i got your point and about the last one you do not how much i hate it Wilswell is most thing i hate about Don't Starve everyone have the right to love what ever they want i have the right to hate what ever i want i hate and i hate that Wilswell ever existed i mean they are barely friends and i hate it a lot when fans create something out of nothing i love to follow canon i do not understand why fans in any fandom will still support something that will never going to happen it is like lying to yourself believing in illusion something only in your mined i not a huge shipper i am a medium shipper one of reasons i stop believing in Maxwell/Charlie is that is see that are no way to fix what had happen between them so i stopped believing in it so if Willowson never going to happen i will leave it i am not some guy who cry or be say because his ship never happen if my ship sink i will search for another canon ship that simply
  7. @Arlesienne you asked me to Check AO3 and i did so it is not fair to to reply saying " You're not searching in the right places, young padawan. There are reaches of the Web you have never delved into" and i am happy and agree with you there are some places at internet you regret going into
  8. not even one reply since one day or two this topic is dead i was hoping it will not be dead but now i give up when i will have new question i will start new topic
  9. we can talk about when do think they will stop updating DST and finish the story and start new DS game i think it will happen by the end of this year or at best by the end of 2018 i mean every one or tow year we need new DS game
  10. thank you all my question have been answered but we can talk about other things because i had a lot of fun here
  11. i totally agree with you i still can not believe smoking is not his style
  12. sorry for the late reply but i got distracted by other replies and i forgot to reply to you and yes you all convinced me that i was harsh on charlie and maybe she can not control herself because "they" turn her into monster you are right with that but @Arlesienne was wrong Maxwell/Charlie is not that popular and Wilson/willow is much more popular even though it is not a canon and i could not reply yesterday because there were maintenance at AO3 do not believe me see the picture by yourself