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  1. you should know better before you write your comment/reply. it is so obvious they're just friends.
  2. i extracted the sound files for you and for these who think they are hearing things and to make people stop caring to much about the sound caveAMB.ogg click_negative.ogg click_positive.ogg gliphdrop.ogg magictorch.ogg obeliskturn.ogg successhum.ogg torch.ogg
  3. it is really Hot here i am going to buy some ice-cream to cool off
  4. i love mining a lot so i had been trying to use old cyclum puzzle the cyclum puzzle ip is and it uses port 80 that mean http the metheus puzzle ip is and it uses port 443 that mean https Although the https is useless for us we dont need it so if it is a different ip mean a different server then why = and = and i notice that the obelisk images are gone i mean why the dev after some time put X on it but after like 10 hours they delete it i mean the could delete it from the first time
  5. HI guys look what i found i found it in i used the old puzzle as a reference the old green login link is it is in now i am sure the well add the steam login after some time
  6. Yes i do . but at least it should be half of 290 like 100 vote. just 100vote . am i asking for to much just 100 vote
  7. i am very disappointed. after all this time there are only 51 vote. it does not make sense because there are about 290 reply and 5,604 views but there are only 51 vote . voting is not hard thing to do. so does anyone have any idea how to make more people vote
  8. I am not trying to be annoying . i am just trying to get everyone attention . the elections will end after 500 votes . the Nightmare Throne Election Day is today . so please i want everyone to vote. i am going to mention some people who reply on the topic and maybe people from other topics @watermelen671 @Donke60 @Arlesienne @disies @Asparagus @ShadowDuelist @CaptainChaotica @minespatch @Master Jand @Bunions @StarmanNess @ImDaMisterL @CarlZalph @The Curator @ExtollerOfTrolls @Destros09 @absimiliard @TheKingDedede @Quoth143 @Chris1488 @NightWonder7 @spiderdian @oCrapaCreeper @Sinister_Fang @AniMike @Maslak @halfrose @ImpactedTooth @Michi01 @EuedeAdodooedoe @Zeklo @mochilo @DatShadowJK @l96735063 @JimmyJam @Kittydub @NeddoFreddo @Evivo @Raven Crow @Wexton @Electroely @Escaped @Instant-Noodles @jantonio @Angel_Octoling @Spaartan @Battal @Zhuzha @LePietatoLord @aukingiii @SkyCommision @mathem99 @PuffinBy @Sketched_Philo @Radax3 @1v0 @Walter0 @Weirdobob @JellyUltra @Silxer @nome @Tylordian if you are reading my post please tell other people you know to come here and vote.
  9. i think it will by funny if You can choose multiple people but i was wrong so i change it to be single
  10. yes the old DS game was not that complicated but the DTS is way to much complex for example the Reanimated Skeleton and it was easy to make Ancient Fuelweaver because we already know make Reanimated Skeleton we need just to do it near the Ancient Gateway and noone think the Fossil is connected to Shadow Atrium so did anyone figure out how to build the Stalker by himself or herself with out asking other on servers or going to the wiki if the answer is no that mean we have to use wiki to enjoy DST
  11. you just made my day i wish i can give you 1000 like because i laugh so hard
  12. i did it i made a poll so people can vote thanks @Asparagus i did not think of making a poll
  13. anyone care to fully enplane this to me
  14. @Donke60 i started thinking about clones theory after i saw this picture and it is NPC NOT CPU Although it is going to good joke with every Maxwell CPU you buy . got codex a Umbra hard disk for free