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  1. When I'm reading treads like this I'm super happy that i only play DST alone.
  2. I'm creating servers by going into host server option in the menu and after I'm done with world options i click generate a world, but in the server log it says "[00:00:05]: About to start a server with the following settings: [00:00:05]: Dedicated: true"
  3. I don't have any ,,client mod" in my "DoNotStarveTogether" folder i only have backup, client save , all the clusters client.ini, clientchat-log and client log
  4. Also I've never made a dedicated serve, these are the normal ones where you are the host.
  5. server_log: "[Warning] Could not confirm port 10888 is open in the firewall." This is what I mean. How do I forward port into firewall?
  6. So I had this problem tht i made a topic like a day ago and i tried looking into firewall (I'm on Windows 10) and I found Don't Starve Together/ So I wanted to ask a question: should it be only on private or what? My problem was that the port of my servers wasn't in the firewall or something.
  7. Actually I don't know. I'm not so good at computers and stuff.
  8. I'd call that a ,,reversed webber attack" but this also works
  9. It was deerclops With deafult setting he will visit you on the night of day 30. He will attack or destroy anything in his path so it's better to leaave base on that day. i recomand fighting him because he gives you eyeball wchich you can turn into a really good umbrella.
  10. Where did you get this image. Never seen a crying Wilson
  11. No this ,,bug" is happening for more than a month. I tried uninstalling and installing dst again and nothing changed.