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  1. I have an offering for our lord and savior @nome
  2. You can lure Gobblers with berries or any veggie. Koalefants: After your 1st winter you should have AT LEAST 1 blow dart as a loot from McTusk so getting a koalefant should be easy and if you have a succesful bynnymen/pig farm you shouldn't waste time on koalefants
  3. Finally someone's done this
  4. Was expecting this... I am not disappointed
  5. I'm not sure if topic like this already exists so I decided to start it. The point (as you porobably guessed) is to show how you love your beefalo. Here's mine:
  6. I love how creepy she can be.
  7. So i was doing a stage 2 with my buddy and when we finally (after 1 hour) finished it our consoles turned blank, we couldn't tell how it looked finished and so we couldn't do the stage 3 of this puzzle. I tried to do this on paper by looking at our conversation and it looks like i need to imput 8 rabbits into chest. i know that i probably did somethink wrong while looking at the conversation but still why did the consoles turned blank?
  8. Best day of my life
  9. ok I've just sent you the invite
  10. i need a buddy with gold part
  11. It doesn't show me the day AND I can't get to server it just said ,,Dedicated server failed to start" which is weird because it isn't a dedicated server
  12. So ehm I am not sure on how to make a dedicated server because i don't understand every word there is in the guide. And I keep getting something like this: Icall it the ,,Day 1 bug". On the Bug Tracker no one helped me with this so i guess I'm doing something wrong. That's why I'm asking if maybe it's because I don't have a dedicated server
  13. The ,,Day 1" bug

    So I'm playing on a normal server hosted by me and I disconnected and left the game as always by simply clicking "disconnect". But when i close the game and then come back it says that I'm on ,,Day 1" without anything like ,,early winter". I don't know what to do, the server is without mods but with caves.
  14. So I was playing a normal game without mods and without caves and i was on like day 40 (spring started) and i disconnected from server and exited the game. When I came back and i wanted to play on that server (I was the host) it just said that I'm on "Day 1" without anything like "early spring" or something. When I tried to connect on that server it just said "Dedicated server failed to start, please try again" That bug happened again and again and almost everytime I left the game when i came back it was at "Day 1". I don't know if it was caused by mods because as i said earlier it 1st happened on server without mods