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  1. Agreed, I hope the dev increase the natural gas geyser to at least sustain 3 generators per geyser
  2. I did what u mentioned, but the problem is not the cooked meal, but the left over ingredients stored inside cooking station, which is kinda annoying to manually check the cook station... *haih*
  3. Hi all, Its not really a bug, but its kinda annoying that my dupes did not store the excess from Cooking Station into the fridge, end up turned into rot pile. My suggestion for dev: A) Slow down spoilage when stored in cooking station B) After finished cooking, automatically empty storage when ingredients are below minimum requirement. (So that dupes can sweep the drop) C) Stop deliver ingredients to cooking station when ingredients are below minimum requirement. So far, the suggestion B will be easier for players as they need less attention to manually check the storage and empty out the food.
  4. hmmm, perhaps a watering system for more precious food plants, currently mealwood or blossom shouldn't need watering. Perhaps a garden or growing muckroot need water, not necessary clean water. yeah, I'm mostly wrong about Algae Terrarium, did not fact check. EDIT: For Bristle Blossom, it need fertilizer, which requires Fertilizer Maker (converts polluted water into fertilizer, need power). This is already a "watering system" that I forgotten about.
  5. Yeah, radiation can be a fun element for late late game, taking in the hydrogen generator and coal generator as a factor, nuclear plant emit radiation wave that cause fatal illness, which requires careful protection for operator dupes and even the digger dupes, the rare element is needed to build it (encourage player to explore and dig out uranium), it should be more sustainable and better energy than coal generator as it wont consume resource (like coal) but emits more heat than coal generator (need coolant). So much fun!
  6. Right now, with Thermal Update, I'm pumping CO2 from cold area to my greenhouse area where i plant bristle blossom for food, so far it fed my colony for 150++ cycles and I think the plants do consumes gas around them (but not really tested myself). But I think I should bring up Algae Terrarium since it 100% fits the post title, it consume CO2 + Water, emits O2 and doubled when exposed to light source, but I do agree that other plants should also consume CO2 and emits O2 (only when exposed to light source). Game design wise, new players would apply their basic science knowledge of photosynthesis when building greenhouse for plants, such as putting light bulb, watering system, etc. For game balance wise, the Algae Terrarium should have the best efficiency among plants, and other plants should have very low rate that is not efficient for producing O2.