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  1. Makes it rather, actually, impossibly difficult to spread the word now does it. Am assuming it is a privacy matter. Yes, and so they privately run around causing chaos and suffering. The criminal justice system does not respect privacy either, as the whole point is making people aware of threats. And if people want to frame other people, they will run around servers warning them of a false problem anyways. Rhetorical.
  2. So not an update to the live game though? Because the previous mentioning the Antlion, sandstorms and new actions was mentioned awhile ago and it still does not seem to be live.
  3. Would make more sense to have the shovel default and the hammer to be prototyped. Hammer is more costly, and outside of getting rid of houses or heads-on-poles it doesn't have much use until a base is made. The shovel however, extremely useful for grave digging, gathering plants and removing stumps. Rather backwards in general.
  4. So this update is; a portion of the Atrium, the Reanimated Skeleton boss(es), sitting and squatting actions, sandstorms and the Antlion?
  5. The problem with private servers is they are private, which means the community will be less open. Which is inherently good for gameplay and bad for sociability. Are they any specifically auspicious groups to join, as there seem to be many random no-name-brand ones. Would assume groups also have more experienced players though, who are inherently less enjoyable to play with being they know all the min-max techniques which leads to less failure and struggle. Deerclops is the biggest adjudicator for it.
  6. Apparently now servers are all being reset by a group of tumors- group of users Door, Kleo and Chess who are joining and kicking everybody. Destroying their progress and locking them out of that server. Just lost twenty eight days with four canes and krampus sack. Hey developers. Want to fix your voting system. Hey developers. Want to learn how to make one. Have not been able to leave a server willfully in four days; because it always gets regenerated or grief'd. FIX IT.
  7. Extremely. Extremely. Extremely. Tired of getting a server to spring or summer, and when new players start joining because the season is easier to survive in and they get their arses plastered all over the walls; because the server is already in progress and thus starting is not easy. And guess what happens, they vote for a regeneration. Because they want to play in a new game. So the two or three players that have been in said server for twenty to fifty days, hours of gameplay, are pretty much always outnumbered by the slew of new players that show up. And so the server gets reset. Flawless system. Why bother progressing at all. Just spent an entire day getting to late spring, had it all erased because all the new players got whiny over frog rain. The fact this is possible is absurd and it has now happened three times in as many days. New players should not be able to start or vote for a server regeneration unless they have been playing for a week. Or two. That is just it really, this problem makes it borderline impossible to get a public server into summer. Because you literally have to hope the new players will not have a tantrum and want to erase everybodies progress so they can play instead of just finding a new server. You literally have to roll the dice, and beg and plead to the stars that the players who join you will behave or the players who stay through winter outnumber them. But you will almost always be outnumbered, because most players die or quit in winter anyways. Leaving maybe two at maximum usually still there. Not to mention the fact that if you leave a server while you are on vote to be kicked, it negates the vote and forces players to vote again when you come back. Making kicking impossible to perform on players that want to avoid it. Endless griefing potential. Fantastic system. Seriously. Want to play on a public server for better connection and more community openness, might as well just stand and talk really because if you actually make it through winter you will have fresh garbage slump through the portal and take it all away from you because they do not care.
  8. The slew of users advocating that items having singular, niche uses which almost never make it into public servers but instead only practiced by experienced players who only do it once every age, is predictable. Because any time you attempt to ask for balance changes, a massive wave of random people show up screaming about how useful all these things are. Even though they are never used normally because they are not useful, but the entire human species seems to need to resist. And so if they can find one pointless use for something, that is a valid argument to it not being rebalanced to have use all of the time. Because. Instead of the Piggyback being rebalanced to be a part of a tiered system that enhances the depth of the game and gives players more to work with and work for. It should be left as it is, with it barely being used; except by a few nameless players. No particular reason for this, just do not change it because you are chemically geared towards resisting change. Better change. But then again, the problem of backpacks being so-to-speak meta is mostly brushed off as well. Paltry attempts to claim the backpack is not so great, amusing. At this point it should be quite evident as it is that fixing games is futile, because again, there are blatant examples here of users advocating for something to not be changed because it can serve a purpose one one hundredth of the time; instead of it being balanced to be useful without leaping through hoops. Literally resisting change for the sake of it. This exact scenario occurs everytime we try to suggest changes, every single time in any environment or community. Do not fix the stopped clock, it is still right twice a day, keep it that way instead of fixing it. So long as it is still right some of the time, that justifies not going through the terrifying process of change in order to improve things.
  9. The game has a lot of them surprisingly. They are just items in the game that either are not worth using, or they require too many resources. While it is true that playing longer sessions will eventually lead to an abundance of resources. Most public servers do not last past winter. And in general, it makes little sense how the resource requirement of certain items just, scales up sharply for no reason at all. While other items have just unbalanced features in general. Some examples would be the Piggyback. If the developers increased its resource requirement, and removed its negative effects, it could be a legitimate second tier backpack players who save up or survive long enough can get. Instead, never really used. Why be slower, that means every trip will be longer. Oh if you wield the walking cane you can move around just fine with the Piggyback. Well then why do you not just get rid of the Piggyback and fly around the map with the cane with a mere four less inventory slots. anticipated counter to generic everything-is-useful commentors Also have the Bat Bat. Lots of resources, few uses. There is also Smallbird raising, which is just a challenge instead of a real beneficial mechanic. Same goes for Beefalo riding, takes up too many resources and is completely finite. Farm pits, lots of resources required yet they barely produce any food; ever. Why make a bee mine, when you have tooth traps. Why make a bee box, it really does not produce anything you need that is worth sacrificing the time over doing something else. Honestly backpacks in general should be nerfed. They pretty much defeat the existence of torso items in general, can just use a thermal stone to substitute for warm or cool tops. Can just swap back and forth between the backpack and torso armor. Unless the developers intended for backpacks to be the base, always present lifeblood of the player; it really should not dominate the scene as much as it does over everything else. Again, less variety in how people play the game because of this. The game has a surprising amount of things like this. If the Piggyback and Beefalo riding features had their negative and finite aspects removed, and their resource requirement increased, they could become legitimate higher-tier features of the game players could work towards. If the Bat Bat did not cost such a ridiculous amount for so little use, it could be an actual weapon players use. Instead these items have mixed requirements and aspects; which leads to them being completely cosmetic or not even worth getting to begin with. General discussion and references to other items in the game which could use improvement would be useful for bringing more attention to this.
  10. Farmplots. Lots of resources, infinite time required to grow anything. Beefalo. Lots of food and resources, speed boost that only likes you while you feed it. Just going to make a thread to discuss all the dead content in the game. At least rebalancing existing content requires less development time then making new.
  11. Wimsa would be a mid-adolescent girl with deep brown medium length hair, bound in a single ponytail draping down her back. She wears large round lens spectacles, a pale red sweater vest and thick pale grey shorts. Her face is evenly shaped and exceedingly earnest. She likes nature and collecting things, and is seldom critical or judgmental. Although she distinctly distrusts males above her age grouping. Base Sanity : 50 Base Hunger : 100 Base Health :120 Wimsa is an avid kleptomaniac, and her gameplay revolves around item management. Wimsa gains a silent 1.5 sanity increase for every item she picks up, as having the sanity up sound proc endlessly would be horrifying. While standing around items on the ground for more then a second, she will start to lose sanity at 1 per second for each item in proximity to her. Wimsa yields one extra item from harvesting from natural resources, and she recovers a hundred percent of the items from deconstructing things. Wimsa starts off with a satchel which takes up her back item slot, and it holds a maximum of twelve additional items. When Wimsa picks up items successively she slowly begins to move towards having an episode. As she picks things up, her standard idle position will feature her shivering; and when she is walking her head will occasionally twitch. Picking up an item increases this counter by one, and if she has not picked up an item in three seconds it will begin to decrease by one per second. If the counter reaches twenty Wimsa will spiral into an episode, increasing her movement and functioning speed by thirty percent, and damage by thirty percent. The episode will last 20 seconds. When it ends, she will fall asleep briefly and when she awakes her sanity will be reduced to 10. Wimsa is designed to be a gatherer who depends and specializes in collecting and managing items. Her breakdowns allowing her to collect even more items even faster in bursts, or they can be used to aid in blitz combat. While she could function independently just fine, her benefit in a group would be the specific roll of collecting or harvesting items for everybody else.
  12. Some current examples of new items would be a ranged weapon which consumes bees to fire stingers, a barbed coat of hound teeth, a bee wax doll which attracts lesser enemy aggravation, a bird feather doll which wards lesser enemies away and a bludgeon made of gems.
  13. Or meat balls need to be toned down considering that they allow players to just mass multiply the effectiveness of less effective meats. But again, we have not played extensively over all the content. Like in any game, there could be plenty of balance issues. And in a small game that revolves around the diversity of the randomization and experiences of its players, having unbalanced items just decreases the size of the game. Bat bat could be another tier of the weapon system, but it is not because why bother.
  14. This was noticed as well. Some items just have wildly exaggerated costs. Dark Sword is quite simple and affordable for what it requires to make, yet some items are just over the edge. There is too much content in the game we have yet to look over for us to definitively say what is and is not too much. Although the Bat Bat was one we noticed very early on was, just wrong in terms of requirements. Highly suggest posting a thread about that. Another problem is the core of the game. Some materials do not get used as much as they should while some items ask you to use too many materials for it to be reasonable.
  15. Keeping in mind, many players will not know all of the niche intricate aspects of which certain items can be used. Stingers, feathers and hound teeth are very good examples of items which have singular effective uses; and nothing else within reason.