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  1. You are mostly just repeating what my original post says, but putting a positive spin on the exact same facts. The savannah itself serves no purpose except grass, the mosaic serves no purpose except for rocks, the deciduous serves literally no purpose. The only benefit to the savannah and deciduous at all is the creatures in them. Plains already has grass, rockland and desert already has rocks; and the resources found in the deciduous are so subjective they are genuinely not worth gathering unless you are already there to interact with one of the points of interest. The point is, the world is smaller then it actually is because certain biomes give players little incentive to interact with them and thus players do not even visit or interact that part of the world, they only ever go there because that is where Beefalo or the King happen to be. Players have reason to interact with the desert, swamp, plains and rockland multiple times. Players do not even interact with the deciduous once they simply go there because that is where the King, Glommer and Klaus are. They only go to the savannah for grass, rarely for rabbits, or for the Beefalo. And they only go to the mosaic once for the graveyard and early gold; then often just default to using the rockland as a source of rocks. None of these three biomes themselves serve as valuable parts of the world. they are the grey areas people only ever need to go to for very specific reasons.
  2. Honestly, backpacks should have both a smaller capacity, and slow players down by a percentage amount based on how full the backpack is. With the Piggback and Krampus Sack having more slots with slightly better percentage efficiency. And then yeah, you can carry it in your inventory but only when it is empty. Currently they are too effective and easy to swap to, it just completely imbalances the existence of torso items to an absurd degree. If they were changed to this concept they would be more of a resort people use when they need inventory space desperately for something; so they switch to the backpack to carry it all back to base. The speed reduction being enough to discourage people from using it constantly, only using it when they really need to. Being able to carry it around complementing that idea of it being an on-depend tool. So for example, a backpack has four additional slots which reduce player speed by 20% when it is full. Piggyback has six additional slots which reduce player speed by 20% when they are all full. And Krampus sack has ten which reduce player speed by 20% when all are full. But then again, if the people that play this game wanted it to be more fairly and logically challenging; ice would not be allowed to be the ultimate-game-carrying-filler, and people would not be able to use single monster meat to magically cook healthy meals.
  3. Pig King bases thrive by ferrying in resources from the outside world though, the deciduous biome itself provides little supplies just like the savannah. If you base in the plains for example, you can run around the vicinity and gather useful supplies. In the deciduous there are barely any other then catcoons. Which is the thing is that, places like the swamp and desert give players incentive to revisit the biome over and over because the natural resources of that area are useful. But the savannah and deciduous are only worthwhile for the mobs and points of interest that usually show up in them. That is pretty much it for most players. They dig the graves and gather early rock then never go back, since people usually default to going to the rockland afterwards when they find it. The Mosaic is just as good, save for lack of ice, but that is its main function is just a second rockland with a graveyard and maybe a meteor field. Which does not contribute much to the world as a whole.
  4. Still wish this became a thing.
  5. Yes usually the meteor field is in a mini-rockland often attached or inside of the Mosaic; have seen it appear inside other biomes like the plains though. Although as far as I have seen the meteor field mostly only generates moonrock, and the occasional boulder(?) which are not really major reasons to revisit the field unless you specifically are grinding for moonrocks.
  6. Night Light, - The thing I accidentally craft because it looks and uses similar resources to Life Giving Amulet. But sucks. Rain Hat, - Awkward to get, yet only slightly effective. While there are two other accessible items which fully block rain. Rain Coat, - Very useful if you do not have an Eyebrella or want a head slot open. Ice Cube, - Useful for quick cooldown, but not much else really. Feather Hat, - Good for farming birds, but since farming birds is unusual it really serves no use. Fashion Melon, - Desperate cooldown, I never see it used. Dapper West, - Barely provides any sanity, yet harder to obtain then better sanity regeneration items. Bat Bat, - Takes forever to make, barely any uses. 0/10 Telelocator things, - Dun'no PickAxe(from ruins), - Novelty tool, needs a lowered crafting requirement same with the Bat Bat Hibearnation Vest, - Great if you do not mind sacrificing your torso slot for winter Insulated Pack, - Seems useful in theory yet is pretty meh Summer frest, - Amazing for summer preparation, but people seem to never use it. I would say, the Bat Bat, PickAxe, Cat 'o Three Tails, Feather Hat, Rain Hat and Dapper Vest need their crafting requirement nerfed. Currently the Rain Hat and Dapper Vest are not worth bothering, and while all the other aforementioned items are actually useful; they are so costly to make that they become useless by comparison. They really need to be made more accessible so people do not feel like it is a chore to make them. Only time I ever even made a Cat 'o Three Tails was for the kink of Wendy having a whip. Insulated Pack, Ice Cube, Fashion Melon and Dapper Vest could in turn use a buff to their uses. Maybe remove the speed reduction on ice cube. Same could go for the Piggy Back, almost never see it used if they increased the resource cost and removed the speed reduction it could be a second tier backpack people could craft by saving up resources. And as for the Night Light. How about it regenerates sanity. So people can sacrifice nightmare fuel for a strong sanity aura that actually gives them decent amounts of sanity back.
  7. The game does a good job of making every biome useful for something but it feels like the balance of usefulness in a normal world is really awkward. So, deserts provide bones, rocks, ore, tumbleweed, cactus. Plains has bees, berries, all the normal resources. Swamp has reeds, spiders, tentacles, merm. Spider forest has spiders, lesser normal resources, graves, pigs. But the savannah, deciduous and mosaic are really left out? Savannah has rabbits, spiders and beefalo, but the only many resource is grass. So, outside of acquiring grass a savannah biome in itself has no inherent resources players will want. And since grass can usually be found in the plains it matters even less. Deciduous has birch, pigs, catcoons and mushrooms, with some lesser resources. But in the end players normally only go to the deciduous for Glommer or the King. Catcoons are good for meat and birch for trail mix, but both of those sources are obsolete compared to most others in easier places. The biome itself has virtually no resources that are valuable enough to encourage players to go there. Which is the big reason why generic Pig King bases are so unethical because the deciduous biome itself has no majorly useful materials for players to sustain themselves with. Mosaic has rocks, and a graveyard. Personally hate the existence of this biome because outside of the graveyard; there is literally no beneficial resources for players to gather while they are there other then rocks. Which is what the rockland is meant to be for is the prime rock source, so the mosaic is basically a second rockland pretending it is something more; with a graveyard as attempted evidence. It would be cool if they maybe "buffed" these biomes to give them better resources. Perhaps the savannah could have more rocks and rare gold veins to make it a soft-rockland, the deciduous could have significantly more mushrooms and inherent juicy berry bushes, and the Mosaic could have less rocks but more random resources. Just something to make these biomes more useful on their own since they currently feel like dead-zones in the world where there are only specific reasons to visit them, which often are unrelated to the resources of the biome itself. Savannah would give players a more lenient access to rocks on-the-fly, players could visit the deciduous for the unique mushrooms and gather berries while there, and the mosaic would just have general useful things for players to gather. Although it would also be useful if catcoons occasionally spawned in the plains, since they are a pretty generic mob yet they are confined to one biome where they are rarely interacted with. Not in Suggestions & Feedback because this isn't a statement of a suggestion it is more of a question on whether people feel this is an issue.
  8. Yeah I wasn't really sure about those variables, it would depend on what the weapon ended up being useful for. The original premise was monster meat needs to be acquired usually from combat, so if you want to use the dart to fight you will need to gather meat normally to fuel it. But if the dart ended up being useful for more utility purposes it probably would not matter. Will lower the repair percentages, for whatever it is worth.
  9. Living Dart, a dark brown wooden blowpipe crafted at a Shadow Manipulator, fires black and purple tinted darts. Crafting Requirement: 1 Living Log, 2 Nightmare Fuel, 3 Tentacle Spots Combat Specs: 40 Damage per dart, -20% durability per shot, User -0.5 sanity per shot, same range a Blow Dart, 15% chance for target to be Haunted when hit Durability: Unusable at 0%, restored +20% per raw morsel, +40% per raw monster meat, +80% per raw meat Recharge: User becomes exhausted after firing the dart more than once a second (same effect as waking up from eating a Mandrake)
  10. They Grow Stronger is an expansion concept revolving around making Them a more prominent and noticeable threat, while still retaining their rarity. Currently They are a crucial aspect of the lore of the world, yet their appearance is exceptionally pallid. It does not feel like they are sparse because they are distant from survivors, but more so because their numbers were never fully fleshed out. This expansion would see that there is significantly more diversity among them, and while they would still be rare their appearances would become more unique and impacting. Specifically, the new ranks within Them specialize in attacking survivors who are alone; or landing blows against bases in order to challenge groups more. The seasons should also be considered when choosing when some of these threats emerge, as having attacks made against bases during harder times will prove more effective. Additionally, having season based random elements will increase their rarity and uniqueness. Posing Horrors : Shadows that take the appearance of the silhouette of survivors, but with empty eyes and grimace expressions. When sanity is low enough to see shadows, Posing Horrors have a chance to spawn from a survivor and attack them as if their own shadow turned against them. Groups of Posing Horrors sometimes will even spawn from the darkness and ambush campsites at night, their power and numbers increasing based off how many survivors are present. During these ambushes, some Posing Horrors will even attempt to deconstruct structures and stations built around the camp. Camps with fires that are well stocked are less likely to be attacked. Crowded Darkness : On extremely rare circumstances, large watching eyes will appear in the darkness of the night. Additionally, the sound of an off-key marching band can be heard wandering around during the night. Although it has no source. Eyes in the darkness will disappear before survivors get too close to them, as currently eyes sometimes do not disappear in time. Sometimes, when survivors cross paths with eyes in the darkness they may turn out to belong to a Posing Horror; which may either attack them or ominously run away. The chance of the Posing Horror attacking depends on how low sanity is. Campfires will also find that sometimes, a shadowy mouth will begin closing in around them from the borders of the darkness. If the mouth closes, it will completely extinguish the campfire. Stocking the fire banishes the mouth, but it closes faster if low sanity survivors are nearby. As well, while camping during the night the silhouettes of multiple survivors may appear sitting around the fire; although they seemingly are of no threat. Gapinggores : Shadows composed of a large circular mouth filled with eyes, tendrils serving as their lips. Gapinggores attack by passing over their prey and biting down, causing real harm. Gapinggores can be found posing as discoloured wormholes which will kill survivors that enter them, and can only be seen and used at lower sanity. Attacking the wormhole will cause the Gapinggore to take their real shape and fight back. As well, Gapinggores sometimes will pose as a piece of meat on the ground which can only be seen and touched at low hunger. If the survivor attempts to take the meat they will find it is tethered to the Gapinggore by a shadowy tendril, and the Gapinggore will emerge and attack to deal a large amount of unavoidable damage before engaging in open combat. Players can spring the trap and avoid taking damage by setting the meat on fire, or waiting around it long enough for the Gapinggore to become impatient and appear to fight. Parasites : Mr. Skits will now attempt to attack survivors when they are not looking, stealing items and sanity from them if the attempt succeeds. Looking at Mr. Skits will make them retreat, but them actually attempting to steal from survivors is rare. During the night however, Mr. Skits may appear to attack refrigerators and crock pots to steal food from them if survivors with low sanity are nearby. In this form, Mr. Skits can actually be fought. Shadows known as Boofsies will also pillage farms during the night, small little shadowy balls with tiny legs and large mouths. These shadows will consume resources from saplings, bushes and tall grass from survivor-made farms, will defertilize these things if they do not find resources to consume, or may even set them on fire. Boofsies however make noises when they are on the prowl, which can be used to identify their nearby presence. Boofsies will flee if approached in the early stages of their encroachment on a farm, but if a survivor approaches them when they are eating or crippling a farm the Boofsies will fight back. With low health and high attack, they swarm offenders. Night Music : Survivors sometimes will experience the phenomenon of a phonograph playing nearby when they are camping at night. The sound of this phonograph draws the shadows in, and drastically increases the rate at which all nighttime threats appear to assault any nearby campfires. Survivors can track the phonograph down nearby in the darkness by its sound, and destroy it to end the cacophony and threat boost. Survivors can even build the phonograph using a shadow manipulator station, turning it on at night to create a greater challenge. Phonographs not built by survivors however will drain their sanity while they are within range to hear their sound. Doppelgangers : When there is more then one survivor in the world, copies of a survivor can rarely spawn. These copies look exactly like the general appearance of the original, and even have their username floating above their head. The copy will wander the world, and if a survivor gets near them the copy may either outright attack; or briefly follow the survivor before suddenly attacking. Killing it will yield random equipment and nightmare fuel, and will damage the sanity of the slayer. Doppelgangers can be outran, but they will continue wondering the world even after. Rarely, they may even approach campsites at night pretending to be real and will then turn on any survivors nearby. Harbinger : The Shadow Watcher being present will now increase the rate at which nighttime threats such as ambushes and Boofsies emerge. However they still cannot be harmed, if they are present they simply mark the chances of more chaos. They Grow Stronger : Crawling Horrors and Terrorbreaks have noticeably increased power and health, dropping more nightmare fuel. Making insanity more dangerous, as currently basic armour and weapons can take down these creatures with only moderate trouble. This also is in response to the existence of multiple new lesser shadows which can be killed for nightmare fuel in turn, however their drop rate is uncommon to rare. The Hunter of Minds : Survivors who fend off Terrorbreaks and Crawling Horrors long enough, or remain insane for too long while avoiding the shadows; run the risk of being visited by the Mind Hunter. A massive hound like beast with mouths forming its body instead of limbs. The Mind Hunter is a shadow boss, and attacks by rearing back and rushing at its target horizontally or vertically after a brief pause. Teleporting around, it can stop and let out a howl which creates a sanity and health draining shockwave around it. The Mind Hunter is meant to be the final strike to punish survivors who remain insane against the odds, and would be a potential high level boss whose drops could be used to unlock a later game area heavily involving Them.