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  1. You are mostly just repeating what my original post says, but putting a positive spin on the exact same facts. The savannah itself serves no purpose except grass, the mosaic serves no purpose except for rocks, the deciduous serves literally no purpose. The only benefit to the savannah and deciduous at all is the creatures in them. Plains already has grass, rockland and desert already has rocks; and the resources found in the deciduous are so subjective they are genuinely not worth gathering unless you are already there to interact with one of the points of interest. The point is, the world is smaller then it actually is because certain biomes give players little incentive to interact with them and thus players do not even visit or interact that part of the world, they only ever go there because that is where Beefalo or the King happen to be. Players have reason to interact with the desert, swamp, plains and rockland multiple times. Players do not even interact with the deciduous once they simply go there because that is where the King, Glommer and Klaus are. They only go to the savannah for grass, rarely for rabbits, or for the Beefalo. And they only go to the mosaic once for the graveyard and early gold; then often just default to using the rockland as a source of rocks. None of these three biomes themselves serve as valuable parts of the world. they are the grey areas people only ever need to go to for very specific reasons.
  2. Honestly, backpacks should have both a smaller capacity, and slow players down by a percentage amount based on how full the backpack is. With the Piggback and Krampus Sack having more slots with slightly better percentage efficiency. And then yeah, you can carry it in your inventory but only when it is empty. Currently they are too effective and easy to swap to, it just completely imbalances the existence of torso items to an absurd degree. If they were changed to this concept they would be more of a resort people use when they need inventory space desperately for something; so they switch to the backpack to carry it all back to base. The speed reduction being enough to discourage people from using it constantly, only using it when they really need to. Being able to carry it around complementing that idea of it being an on-depend tool. So for example, a backpack has four additional slots which reduce player speed by 20% when it is full. Piggyback has six additional slots which reduce player speed by 20% when they are all full. And Krampus sack has ten which reduce player speed by 20% when all are full. But then again, if the people that play this game wanted it to be more fairly and logically challenging; ice would not be allowed to be the ultimate-game-carrying-filler, and people would not be able to use single monster meat to magically cook healthy meals.
  3. Pig King bases thrive by ferrying in resources from the outside world though, the deciduous biome itself provides little supplies just like the savannah. If you base in the plains for example, you can run around the vicinity and gather useful supplies. In the deciduous there are barely any other then catcoons. Which is the thing is that, places like the swamp and desert give players incentive to revisit the biome over and over because the natural resources of that area are useful. But the savannah and deciduous are only worthwhile for the mobs and points of interest that usually show up in them. That is pretty much it for most players. They dig the graves and gather early rock then never go back, since people usually default to going to the rockland afterwards when they find it. The Mosaic is just as good, save for lack of ice, but that is its main function is just a second rockland with a graveyard and maybe a meteor field. Which does not contribute much to the world as a whole.
  4. Still wish this became a thing.
  5. Yes usually the meteor field is in a mini-rockland often attached or inside of the Mosaic; have seen it appear inside other biomes like the plains though. Although as far as I have seen the meteor field mostly only generates moonrock, and the occasional boulder(?) which are not really major reasons to revisit the field unless you specifically are grinding for moonrocks.
  6. Night Light, - The thing I accidentally craft because it looks and uses similar resources to Life Giving Amulet. But sucks. Rain Hat, - Awkward to get, yet only slightly effective. While there are two other accessible items which fully block rain. Rain Coat, - Very useful if you do not have an Eyebrella or want a head slot open. Ice Cube, - Useful for quick cooldown, but not much else really. Feather Hat, - Good for farming birds, but since farming birds is unusual it really serves no use. Fashion Melon, - Desperate cooldown, I never see it used. Dapper West, - Barely provides any sanity, yet harder to obtain then better sanity regeneration items. Bat Bat, - Takes forever to make, barely any uses. 0/10 Telelocator things, - Dun'no PickAxe(from ruins), - Novelty tool, needs a lowered crafting requirement same with the Bat Bat Hibearnation Vest, - Great if you do not mind sacrificing your torso slot for winter Insulated Pack, - Seems useful in theory yet is pretty meh Summer frest, - Amazing for summer preparation, but people seem to never use it. I would say, the Bat Bat, PickAxe, Cat 'o Three Tails, Feather Hat, Rain Hat and Dapper Vest need their crafting requirement nerfed. Currently the Rain Hat and Dapper Vest are not worth bothering, and while all the other aforementioned items are actually useful; they are so costly to make that they become useless by comparison. They really need to be made more accessible so people do not feel like it is a chore to make them. Only time I ever even made a Cat 'o Three Tails was for the kink of Wendy having a whip. Insulated Pack, Ice Cube, Fashion Melon and Dapper Vest could in turn use a buff to their uses. Maybe remove the speed reduction on ice cube. Same could go for the Piggy Back, almost never see it used if they increased the resource cost and removed the speed reduction it could be a second tier backpack people could craft by saving up resources. And as for the Night Light. How about it regenerates sanity. So people can sacrifice nightmare fuel for a strong sanity aura that actually gives them decent amounts of sanity back.
  7. The game does a good job of making every biome useful for something but it feels like the balance of usefulness in a normal world is really awkward. So, deserts provide bones, rocks, ore, tumbleweed, cactus. Plains has bees, berries, all the normal resources. Swamp has reeds, spiders, tentacles, merm. Spider forest has spiders, lesser normal resources, graves, pigs. But the savannah, deciduous and mosaic are really left out? Savannah has rabbits, spiders and beefalo, but the only many resource is grass. So, outside of acquiring grass a savannah biome in itself has no inherent resources players will want. And since grass can usually be found in the plains it matters even less. Deciduous has birch, pigs, catcoons and mushrooms, with some lesser resources. But in the end players normally only go to the deciduous for Glommer or the King. Catcoons are good for meat and birch for trail mix, but both of those sources are obsolete compared to most others in easier places. The biome itself has virtually no resources that are valuable enough to encourage players to go there. Which is the big reason why generic Pig King bases are so unethical because the deciduous biome itself has no majorly useful materials for players to sustain themselves with. Mosaic has rocks, and a graveyard. Personally hate the existence of this biome because outside of the graveyard; there is literally no beneficial resources for players to gather while they are there other then rocks. Which is what the rockland is meant to be for is the prime rock source, so the mosaic is basically a second rockland pretending it is something more; with a graveyard as attempted evidence. It would be cool if they maybe "buffed" these biomes to give them better resources. Perhaps the savannah could have more rocks and rare gold veins to make it a soft-rockland, the deciduous could have significantly more mushrooms and inherent juicy berry bushes, and the Mosaic could have less rocks but more random resources. Just something to make these biomes more useful on their own since they currently feel like dead-zones in the world where there are only specific reasons to visit them, which often are unrelated to the resources of the biome itself. Savannah would give players a more lenient access to rocks on-the-fly, players could visit the deciduous for the unique mushrooms and gather berries while there, and the mosaic would just have general useful things for players to gather. Although it would also be useful if catcoons occasionally spawned in the plains, since they are a pretty generic mob yet they are confined to one biome where they are rarely interacted with. Not in Suggestions & Feedback because this isn't a statement of a suggestion it is more of a question on whether people feel this is an issue.
  8. Yeah I wasn't really sure about those variables, it would depend on what the weapon ended up being useful for. The original premise was monster meat needs to be acquired usually from combat, so if you want to use the dart to fight you will need to gather meat normally to fuel it. But if the dart ended up being useful for more utility purposes it probably would not matter. Will lower the repair percentages, for whatever it is worth.
  9. Living Dart, a dark brown wooden blowpipe crafted at a Shadow Manipulator, fires black and purple tinted darts. Crafting Requirement: 1 Living Log, 2 Nightmare Fuel, 3 Tentacle Spots Combat Specs: 40 Damage per dart, -20% durability per shot, User -0.5 sanity per shot, same range a Blow Dart, 15% chance for target to be Haunted when hit Durability: Unusable at 0%, restored +20% per raw morsel, +40% per raw monster meat, +80% per raw meat Recharge: User becomes exhausted after firing the dart more than once a second (same effect as waking up from eating a Mandrake)
  10. Makes it rather, actually, impossibly difficult to spread the word now does it. Am assuming it is a privacy matter. Yes, and so they privately run around causing chaos and suffering. The criminal justice system does not respect privacy either, as the whole point is making people aware of threats. And if people want to frame other people, they will run around servers warning them of a false problem anyways. Rhetorical.
  11. So not an update to the live game though? Because the previous mentioning the Antlion, sandstorms and new actions was mentioned awhile ago and it still does not seem to be live.
  12. Would make more sense to have the shovel default and the hammer to be prototyped. Hammer is more costly, and outside of getting rid of houses or heads-on-poles it doesn't have much use until a base is made. The shovel however, extremely useful for grave digging, gathering plants and removing stumps. Rather backwards in general.
  13. So this update is; a portion of the Atrium, the Reanimated Skeleton boss(es), sitting and squatting actions, sandstorms and the Antlion?
  14. The problem with private servers is they are private, which means the community will be less open. Which is inherently good for gameplay and bad for sociability. Are they any specifically auspicious groups to join, as there seem to be many random no-name-brand ones. Would assume groups also have more experienced players though, who are inherently less enjoyable to play with being they know all the min-max techniques which leads to less failure and struggle. Deerclops is the biggest adjudicator for it.
  15. Apparently now servers are all being reset by a group of tumors- group of users Door, Kleo and Chess who are joining and kicking everybody. Destroying their progress and locking them out of that server. Just lost twenty eight days with four canes and krampus sack. Hey developers. Want to fix your voting system. Hey developers. Want to learn how to make one. Have not been able to leave a server willfully in four days; because it always gets regenerated or grief'd. FIX IT.