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  1. I don't think you can spawn a hatch and it will be a pain in my knees to navigate one of them considering there isn't any left around at the moment.Don't they eat a very small portion of it though like 25 to 50 kg?
  2. Nice idea but every time I see that spec of the cluster that is going to be half a million tonnes in weight I will lose my sanity bit by bit.I am just wondering whether if I can just destroy it instead of dealing with a compactor now and then.Plus sometimes too much mass in one body corrupts your save file and crashes the game I don't want to take that risk
  3. The integrity of the base is the essential part of gas flows. If I dig deeper, then I have to deal with the co2 that is going to be stuck there instead of where it should be.If I dig higher, then I introduce other problems such as pressure
  4. No, I know that but after some point, you just have to build more and more storage compactors just for the elements that you can't use it for anything and I hate rearranging the base layout just so I can fit 7 more storage compactors
  5. I was wondering if you can destroy elements and such that just clutters in the ground.I tried melting it burying it, but none of it seems to be doing anything. Is there a debug command to destroy items?
  6. Finally fixed it.Here is how. I just build the valve next to the pump, that way every 10 kg would be divided into 1 kg's and when the left side of the pipe gets full the pump simply stops working.Brilliant! I was just furious that I had to constantly watch over the pump but now it is fixed.(PS.I even tried to divide the water with vents but because of that pump would just keep working which is inefficient electricity consumption)
  7. Yeah, I just realised that.Water just stacks up on top of each other until it's 10 kg.Do you have any suggestions on how to fix that
  8. So the electrolyzers have their own storage? I didn't know they added that last time I checked electrolyzers were just destroying the water that they don't use.Although my problem is not with electrolyzers rather with the valves.I can't seem to make the valves work properly So if I split the pipes before the valve and then use the valves, will it fix the problem?
  9. So apparently New beta update totally busted the liquid valves (Although I have to say I love the fact that the gas traffic inside the vents are silk smooth) I was using 1 valve in 1 kg water flow rate for electrolyzer but the valve seemed to be doing jacksh*t.So I thought hey maybe one valve can't keep up with the pressure of keeping extra 9kg inside the pipe, so I set 9 of them and gradually decreased the flow control in the decrements of 1 kg. What do you know? It still does Jacksh*t.After searching with Uncle Google, I couldn't find anything, so I thought to myself "I think I am dumb, can't even figure out how to operate the valves".That's why I am here. Any ideas? Here is the setup If you can spot something wrong please tell me. I FIXED IT WITH EVERYBODY'S HELP.LOOK AT THE COMMENTS
  10. Had it fixed for now by just using the gas valve.I let the generators be full then cut the intake by 1/4 and voula.every 2-4 cycles or so I fill up my batteries.
  11. I had gas pumps to get hydrogen to the generator and oxygen to the main room faster, but the energy consumption was out of the charts. They are just there for plans for now I guess...I was just too lazy to deconstruct them.Should have disabled them but laziness have no boundary
  12. no generators just keep taking the hydrogen in.I added a valve and decreased the amount of gas in the pipes but I didn't optimize the intake/consumption rate yet
  13. So here is the problem.My hydrogen generators seem to be full of hydrogen (to be precise 49.9 kg hydrogen) but they don't produce energy when there is no hydrogen in the pipe. Because of that, I have to keep my coal generators or the manual generators running which in return either forces me to dig for more coal(like in the picture) or keeps my dupes busy. Anyone have any idea or a fix? Here is how much I had to dig for more coal (I am at the edge of the map)