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  1. It matters how you have your system set up. If you have multiple Pumps on one line its possible to have them fight against each other when it comes to flow because they are always pushing the liquid even when disabled so to not have liquid sent back to them. You have to set it up where the Pumps all try to flow in the same direction.
  2. The only way to do it is if ONI changes Batteries so that they have both input and output, which I'd wish they would do when it comes to large Batteries. Small Batteries could stay with the current system with them being inferior.
  3. I was just wondering if anybody had any data on cooling raw material. I have a Steam Geyser partially buried in Abyssilite at an the intersection of 3 biomes. The Abyssilite covering the Geyser is molten hot and right next to it is an Ice biome with the material cool. How long does it take the hot Abyssilite placed in the Ice biome to drop in temperature to cold? Another question is does Insulated Abyssilite change in temperature at all? In one game I used Abyssilite from an Ice biome to contain a Steam Geyser and I don't recall the temperature ever changing.
  4. I always thought the best solution was assigning a number to movement per tile. walk = 0 ladder = 1 climb = 2 Whatever the lowest number computed to reach a destination would be the path taken.
  5. How much CO2 is needs to make the Frig sterile? I know a Ration Box is roughly 45-50g.
  6. I've been working on it and this was my first experiment with drip cooling. It was working very good getting the water at the bottom to hit 32F and you can see I did create Ice in the first tier of Wheezeworts, but that only happened because I was doing a very low amount of Water. I Also created Ice burying the Pump, which was so cold it dropped it below freezing. I had to go in and dig the Ice away to fix it. The big problem came later at about 50 Cycles later when the Wheezeworts became hot reaching 86F. I turned it off to let them cool but, it takes forever for Wheezeworts to lower in temperature at roughly -.1F a Cycle. I have a few new ideas to fix the flaws. As for the video Part 1 of it isn't truly self-sustaining because over time the lines will become full from Dupes creating Polluted Water. A better solution is just have an output Spout to get rid of the excess Water. Also Part 2 doesn't solve the problem of the Natural Gas the Fertilizer creates.
  7. I hit reshuffle until I get a team where one Dupe has a skill of at least +5 in either; Cook, Creativity or Learning. I avoid Dupes with a 10+ Decor demand.
  8. Brothgar discovered a different and super easy way to create steam using Heaters and Chlorine.
  9. As for the Shower check to see if the plumbing is completely full of liquid or not enough Water going to the Shower. I can't see you set up, but it is possible that something's suction so strong that its taking it from other equipment.
  10. Lower the priority level to the Terrariums to break them out of the loop.
  11. Confine the Outhouse use the powered Airlock and set it to bar all Dupes access to it.
  12. Post a pic of your gas setup, so we can better assess the problem. - It could be that the places were you are pumping gases to are over pressurized thus causing a blockage. Check your vents. - Merging lines could cause a bottleneck. You might have to add a Valve or Atmo Switch to Pumps to regulate the flow.
  13. What Klei needs to do is add an input line to the Gas Pump. We could then transfer gases and place pumps wherever we want.
  14. It should be the same water pressure that is able to crack Sandstone tiles when water falls on them. I don't know what that amount is, but that would be a good starting base point. In my current build I would have been royally screwed if this was currently in effect. I misjudged the Polluted Water pressure in the swamp biome and the wall of slime and algae broke away and flooded an area I had below it. if I didn't have airlock there my whole base would have been flooded. That airlock wouldn't have stood a chance.
  15. The connection going to the Fertilizer is too short causing a blockage. If you have a pipe go straight from the main line directly into a build with no slack this will happen because the Fertilizer can only process Polluted Water so fast. What you need to do is either extend the line going to the Fertilizer a few tiles and/or put in a Liquid Valve after the Pump and set it to send half the max pressure to give the Polluted Water room to flow freely. With the blockage gone the Pump's pressure should be stronger than the bathroom build outputs.