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  1. 90% of phosphorite is used to make fertilizer, so that's looks to be one function.
  2. I played around with it and dropped Contaminated Water in a second reservoir and the same thing happened in only 2 sets of tiles that were on the floor below the opening. The wall side showed no damage because the other side held water to re-enforce it. The weakened tiles only had 1 that had 2 tiles while everything else was surrounded by dirt. The only thing that I can see that's happening is that the water's force of weight from dropping is damaging the tiles. 2 tiles thickness should still hold if the liquid is pumped or dropped from less than a 5 tile height.
  3. With Klei update fixing overheating I decided to start a new world and over my start point there was a nice batch of water that perfectly fit the an 8x8 reservoir I like to build for water. After its completion I dug a hole up for the water to pour straight into the reservoir. As it did so at the bottom of the reservoir's bottom where the water first hit the bottom stress fractures began to appear from either weight or force and I even had to repair the Sandstone of 1 tile. As a precaution I added a third layer around it to play it safe. If it does collapse its okay, because there's more water in a chasm under it. Anyways I've never seen this happen before when I put water into a reservoir with tiles 2 thick. I also never poured water directly into one from right above and either built around the water, had it flow from the side or pumped it in without problems. Was it always like this or a recent change? I do admit the water dropped much faster than before, which usually was a trickle. The water pretty much fell out of the hole in and made a huge blob before entering the reservoir. I do have another huge batch of water above and when the tank is empty I'll repair it and slowly release it in waves and see what happens.
  4. After a Dupe makes an invisible block wait for an auto-save and just load that save. The invisible box will disappear.
  5. I admit my game at this point was in bad shape with the stress through the roof, but I had a crop read with the Stress Tables near by and with the Dupes set just to Harvest with plants set to P9, tables set to P1 and I think I even remove Dupes from using them to get food. They would rather die from Starvation than get off the tables.
  6. I thought I saved this colony last night with 4 Dupes, but when I went to load the game this morning all the saves after Cycle 46 were only 1K. I went back to the last good save where I still had 7 Dupes. I know that's too many, but I was just adding any Dupe to save my colony and knew they were going to die. I wasn't able to repeat my success and was only able to save 1 Dupe before the Dupe Machine gave me another, but the colony was too big for them to handle. After I got to Cycle 60 I checked to see if the game saved my progress, but everything was just 1K files. I even tried to save the game under a new name, but that didn't work forcing me to give up on it.
  7. Sometimes a Hatch will appear and instead of being in front, he's hiding behind everything making it hard to click on it to attack it.
  8. Actually, I was planning to do that to see if it would work. I guess I'll toss the Musher in there, too. I'm up to Cycle 51 and I'm barely surviving. I'm running out of Algae and barely have enough Mealwood growing to keep 4 Dupes alive. The only thing that looks to be a way to save this colony is using the Geyser really close by to harness the Water and move to using the Electrolyer. The only problem is I have no place to pump the Hydrogen. I guess I could build a huge room under the base an pump it in there and slap a Hydrogen Generator when I finish researching it.
  9. When anything overheats just destroy and rebuild it. As the game is right now this is the best solution outside of making multiples on the Musher and Super Computer. Basically the way the game plays now is that the machines are always running at full power even when they are disabled and the cool down is minuscule, which is basically a car running in neutral 24/7. I stopped using the Super Computer for a Cycle and after 3 researches are finished it becomes scalding hot again. That shouldn't happen. That would be like a car engine overheating after being turned on for less than an hour. When something isn't in use the cool down should be twice as fast as it takes to overheat. Currently that seem to be backwards with it taking twice as long to cool down than it takes to overheat. I'm going to play around with power switches, which I hope are fixed since I haven't tried using them this update, and see if there is a difference. If there is zero power going the machines should completely give no heat.
  10. Are you using Thermal Update? If not, this has been fixed.
  11. If only this wasn't a bug and could be used for dead Dupes.
  12. Alternate between using machines and disable the Super Computer when not in use to cool down.
  13. Doesn't matter. The problem is you can't move Dupes at all unless you build a grave. There's also a bug were you can't select materials inside airlocks with Sweep.
  14. I think I have a way to solve the problem for the moment. All you have to do is build a trough with floor tiles and put the Musher and Super Computer beside a Storage container filled with Snow. The heat from both machines should melt the Snow for the water to cool the machines. If the water evaporates just get more Snow. I have another way to stop it if there isn't an ice biome, but I have to test it.