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  1. What is your game plan when starting a game? Your colony shouldn't fall apart as long as you have a Musher and Water. The Water in the start biome should last you at least 150 Cycles, which should be more than long enough to find a Water Geyser and harness its liquid.
  2. Sometimes you have to unassign Dupes from the gurney.
  3. What happens is that the Dupe was standing on a tile that was dug up. The animation of the Dupe reacting to it has the Dupe jump before falling. That jump if there is a Tile above their head causes the Dupe's head to sometimes get stuck.
  4. Make a Liquid Airlock using Polluted Water to contain the gas. I built one to contain Fertilizers and a Natural Gas Geyser and never has any problems. Here's an example, but for food storage:
  5. Are you accepting every Dupe? You don't have to do that. Stay at a maximum of 6 Dupes and turn the Dupe Generator off.
  6. I just built a giant CO2 Food Storage Vault with a Polluted Water Airlock. You might want to give it a try. Since its just finished the CO2 concentration to reach a sterile environment only reaches the 6 lowest Storage containers. It'll take some time for the CO2 to completely fill from Dupes going in. I was thinking about pumping in CO2 to speed up the process.
  7. Did you check the Dupes' status to see how long they'll remain sick?
  8. Its not deleted. The water went backwards and merged with the packet behind it, because your Valve pressure is at 100g and not 1000g like in the video.
  9. I think I know why the save fixed the problem. The game doesn't save the health status of Dupes, so when a game loads it resets them. As you see Catrina was Suffocating, which is causing the main bug, but when the save loads she's not Suffocating anymore.
  10. Hatches die in water, too. Even when burrowed. I didn't know Morbs died in Water. They survive just fine in Polluted Water. I once filled a cavern with Polluted Water that had Morbs in two smaller caverns below that. The pressure eroded the tiles flooding them and the Morbs lived still releasing Polluted Oxygen.
  11. Dupe kept hopping on and off ladder. Even bed time wouldn't break the loop with an assigned Cot. Tried to do a save file, but it breaks the loop on load.
  12. I'm guessing this has something to do with Natural Gas. What's in the tile above of the water? Here's another crazy physics picture involving Natural Gas, Polluted Gas and Polluted Water. This could be the same problem, but it only affects 1 tile instead of all of them.
  13. As you can see in the picture the Dupe's path shows she climbs up the first ladder and switches to the second when she should just walk to the second ladder and climb up. I don't know how pathing is broken down, but I'm guessing each tile has a movement number based on the number of steps. If so, I think the process should be broken down like this: 1 = walk across tile 2 = jump across gap between 2 tiles 3 = climb ladder 4 = cross from one ladder to another 5 = climb 2 tiles The number is based on difficulty of movement and with it broken down this way the least number computed to reach a destination would be the quickest and most direct route. So instead of the path shown Maria would: climb ladder, jump down, go to second ladder, and climb up to the Musher.
  14. Did any rot? That's the only time I've seen it start.
  15. Night terrors should be a thing when a Dupe's stress is over 50%.