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  1. Showers don't have very constant usage and so I think they are best on loop with purifier. Sand used only for showers water is no issue. I mean if people don't want to make any waste from their colonies it is still doable and not that extreme... less than one FM for each dupe. And making some waste is normal, with my 10 dupes colony I am putting away around 50% polluted water from toilets and container I build outside my base would be big enough for 1000 cycles.
  2. Output of air scrubber (polluted water) is input of fertilizer maker. And it is not necessary to connect it to 24 fertilizer makers as OP wanted to do but just 2 or 3 depending on number of dupes and amount of CO2 available that will be continuously converted into fertilizer without need to switch air scrubber on and off.
  3. That is cool "exploit" how to never over pressure your vent... Finally my base can have 10kg oxygen per tile.
  4. Ok I got it. You mean it is draining 120W when it is in pure oxygen and not in CO2. But that's OK, that is why I was turning it off and on. But now when connected to fertilizer maker it is not using any power most of the time because it is waiting for FM to take some contaminated water from pipe and so that FM effectively slows down air scrubber to optimal speed.
  5. Really? Some bug or? But it says Airs scrubber: 0.0 W /120 W And what about that description? Requirements -300 g/s and then effects -100 g/s?
  6. But you don't need Air Scrubber to run permanently unless you have huge amount of dupes. I am not sure from that description how much CO2 it removes, but maybe 300 g/s or maybe 400 and so that would be enough for 150+ dupes. Connecting air scrubber to fertilizer maker means it will run only sporadically (1/24) and so use only very little energy and also you don't need to deal with turning it on and off if you have right amount of fertilizer makers connected to air scrubber for your number of dupes. I have currently only 6 dupes and air scrubber connected to only one FM is more then enough for me and no pumps needed or anything else.
  7. My first plan was not good because they all jumped into water and died there. But they can live also in vacuum so now I have them in vacuum room but could have been much smaller.
  8. Build lavatories instead of outhouses. They will hold it instead of waking up and get interrupted sleep just one time. Outhouse will give them interrupted sleep also and several nights in a row because they will go to outhouse exactly one cycle after exiting it and it will be during night time 4-5 nights continuously. But same problem is with food. That can be solved only by using Calories/Cycle limit... more complicated but they get interrupted sleep when fullness drops below 50% during night and that also happens several nights in a row if you don't micromanage it a bit manually.
  9. If you leave them just one place where they can go underground they will eventually all end on that one spot. Like on that one sandstone bottom left. I am going to drop 5 of them into one tiny vacuum isolated 12 °C room. Clay is good or they can eat ice but also food from Bristle Blossoms or that item used for cloth. I was not careful and found out they eat also content from machines like algae from my running deoxidizer or I think they can also steal material from dupes delivering it somewhere when running around them.
  10. Yes several people. I looked also into dll code and there was one suspicious change made in new 210489 version. For temporary workaround you can do this:
  11. That thing is really pink... now I also want to make it! I wouldn't mine pipe breaking to get at least some small amount but problem is that first pipe which breaks is right behind thermo regulator and even in vacuum that small liquid hydrogen immediately evaporates from regulator heat.
  12. Probably digging that green oxylite right after start is not the best strategy.
  13. Yes... that is what I tried before digging into code changes. Geyser is the correct setting and works in 210320 build. There is also some limit to 200 added things on the map.
  14. Just for world generation you can temporary replace new Assembly-CSharp.dll with older version (210320). Create new world, exit and put back new 210489 version of that dll so that you don't have mixed version. Then load your new world into normal new version - starting save file is automatically created after world generation. That dll is in folder like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\Managed" Assembly-CSharp.dll (210320 version)
  15. I really want geysers in my new world... I had to go back to 210320 and create world there and then start playing with that save on new version --- Why change in Subworld.cs function GenerateChildren() for 210489 build? Why that +1 was removed? old: if (someVariable + 1 < randomPoints.Count) new: if (someVariable < randomPoints.Count) and then inside if accessing randomPoints[someVariable++] That old check seems better if someVariable is just one bellow Count with zero based arrays.