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  1. Yes. But with access doors you don't need to really lock someone out of base. Just limit access to working area to one or two dupes and it means only they will do it and they will stop work just for higher priority tasks like eating or toilet.
  2. Or you could do this thing:
  3. I am changing CO2 + water into fertilizer.
  4. High priority does not mean dupes will communicate with each other and decide who could do it fastest (because is closest or because will be ready soon and is closer or so on ... would much more processing). First dupe that finish his task or is idle just looks around and sees there is some high priority job and takes it even if it is on other side of the map. If job is taken already by someone going to do it, even from very very far no other dupe will "retake" it. Also when some dupe takes job that needs some material he is not looking for closest material to target location but closest to him at the moment he "reserves" that job for him. Additionally bio breaks, eating and so on... by using access doors or just locked doors much higher effectiveness can be achieve.
  5. Lock one or two dupes out of the base to do remote jobs effectively. Just one locked door and dupes in base will not get assigned those far away build jobs and also designated dupes will not be distracted by things in base (like toilet, shower, eating or going to bed). After 2 days working like crazy and stress going to 50% let them in and put them on massage so they forget what happened last 2 days
  6. As Fatmice wrote vacuum can be done very easy if you allow diagonal access. Yesterday I made this speed up video of game start (first 6 cycles) because of some testing and there you can see how it could be done from 7:30 to 8:50 Similar technique can be used to extend any vacuum room from outside without entering or to surround any room with vacuum layer.
  7. Material on the floor or in storage behind doors with controlled access is considered unreachable when "boss" dupe has no access. In this case Catalina is first dupe and even other 2 have access through that door material behind is not in top-right list and bottom left menu is completely disabled and none is going to build that sandstone ladder. When moving one of dupes with access behind door material is added to top-right list and bottom left menu enabled, however selecting build command does not offer any material to choose from.
  8. Vacuum supermarket style:
  9. No need to have power grid under water. I never had any overheating and never cooled anything with water until later in game. Maybe you need to open your base more. I tried starting new game on current version, played as usual and no issue (except my PC had full hard disk), wanted to record first 10 cycles but after 6-7 my HD was completely full... Maybe you started in previous version 211197 where was oxylite bug? Fixed bug where Oxylite was emitting much less oxygen than it was in previous builds Or your version is somehow corrupted...
  10. Better don't even mention such things as termo switches using power or they might change it...
  11. I think you have very small amounts of water that just look big so maybe mop is not bad idea. Liquids do not mix (same with gas). So when you have small amount of polluted water at the bottom and small amount of clean water on top of it... it would look even more strange if there would be thin clean water liquid layer "flying" in the air above thin layer of polluted water.
  12. So we have power switch that can disconnect or reconnect electric wires but with TU same thing can be done with thermal switch except no dupe "turn on/off" action is needed. Setting thermal switch to some very high temperature like 500 °C and then just changing between over or under that temperature is instant off or on switch. Power switches in my base are now something like role play stuff...
  13. I don't think it is current trouble time but intended way how it works. Currently machines can give their heat only to tiles directly behind them. (for tiny battery overheating or not only 2 tiles are important) No heat goes directly to tiles they are standing on or tiles left, right or above them it first needs to go into some medium behind them. (gas or liquid) And speed of heat transfer depends a lot on mass of that medium behind machine. So your two over 3kg water tiles behind supercomputer or large battery are more than 6kg of mass that can take heat. Another thing except mass is thermal conductivity and water has it much higher than oxygen and even less conductive is CO2. What can happen early game is when you put your tiny battery in right corner of low pressure room some small light weight CO2 packet can be over it and never leave so no good heat transfer medium for that poor battery...
  14. I tried it now with current version and it is still true. Batteries can be recharged at any speed. Also one tiny battery can supply 2000W for 5 seconds and currently batteries seems to not loose any charge over time. So that number in current version probably means nothing.