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  1. fertilizer makers and plants use the polluted water you can make dirty water from geyser by mixing with dirty water from 3 sides i think doors are immune to pressure so just block off geyser with closed doors
  2. try to use low amount of water like 100 mg per tile and small batteries
  3. toilets wake them up also walking time takes away from stamina, so they will have some small interruptions during day when tired, not 0 stamina interaction implemented yet, still the stress charge rate with stepping in contaminated water is very bad lavatories wont wake them up but 75 sec night and 60 sec bladder holding so they may piss themselves at morning, thats why i usually build lavatories right next to bedrooms or inside it (3x9 with 2 sculptures and 1 painting is around 100 decor). they still get interrupted sleep but the bladder is around 1 cycle so resets pee to morning for a while they get interrupted sleep from low oxygen, so they need left side under bed made of gas permeable, right side can be normal to save on decor, and ventilation is fine anyway your issue must be hunger, when they hit 50% they become hungry and they get interrupted sleep, you cant really fix it, maybe set their ration to 1500 daily so they eat 2x in 3 days and fullness is at 85% not 75% after eating, this requires food stacks, so they take from a stack, not from floor, so high priority food delivery maybe mealwood or my other tip is the soggy feet, keep them healthy, in good temperature, dont let hydrogen float. stinking, snoring or farting dupes can wake others up so try separate the beds
  4. chlorine also good i think? then bleachstone, i used some cheaty doors so wont let any gas out *empty tile below doors, closed diagonally, it wont open they crawl trough it), then just a hand sanitizer and a storage makes enough chlorine to keep the boxes in chlorine and reach diagonally, used vacuum before but think it doesnt work now, but can be vacuum before placing the sanitizer. seems they got dirty hands from digging, but also usually wash it before eating and should be close to fridge/box and mess tables, so 2 in 1 co2 also works, now especially with natural gas and co2 output
  5. should be a "cost" of skill and that way some negative stats to balance it, decor expectation wont cut, maybe create one dupe and the rest as it is randomly
  6. build a horizontal door and 1-2 storages on it, will be active even if opened, then check sweep only if needed, then select useless materials like sandstone into it, open door after and uncheck, build the room below it, can be hatch room, hot room, cold room, water same way you can make fertilizer from extra food by building at least 3 height closed room so they wont reach dropped food, then drop again the polluted dirt, not that useful, maybe when you want to get rid of low quality or not so fresh food, or an outpost with a food shaft where you drop some food to a separated colonist, or just stylish kitchen above dining room, or farm above kitchen
  7. well i used bonus rather than the skill, fast learner has 5 extra skills, but still the same xp needed to level up few levels good to know ty my strategy was using my scientists as diggers so they level up faster at digging, never checked if its true i wish research would be slower, at least 100 cycles per 2 dupes constantly or research points could be used as a currency to buy/upgrade things for example some limited buildings would be 100-200 research points, animals like 50 rp or special items, like some concentrated oxygen, clean water package, seeds, special planter boxes , medicine, air cleaners , bigger battery, food package, controlable temperature room, decor
  8. cant place in walls but can bridge trough, bridges use less resources and less ugly so place bridges to save some resources and decor you need to make generators which add up to 2k watts like 2 natural gas and 1 wheel wheels need a transformer to main line, main lines need to be made from bridges, hidden in a shaft where no one visits them i dont like the size of them, hard to place decor around, maybe 2 transformers and 3 paintings look okayish but you need anyways 1 transformer from wheels and 1 transformer to feed other lines so hide them in a small room i had a private room design where everybody had his own cot toilet, mess table+deodorizer, some vents, lights and between each 2 blocks 1 sculpture, total 8 wide, and paintings between, around 100 decor, the printer needs to be a 4x4 room, then a 4 wide shaft with ladders on sides, the whole printer level is 4 height, rooms start on top/bottom of it on sides, this way rooms are 4x8 and shafts can hold toilets, art and some stuff, i think transformers can fit same way somewhere, maybe use the 2x2 for switches or bridges
  9. i mostly like the changes, havent played but watched a long stream online what i like is less clicks, more features sideways pushing of resources what i dont like the wire cant go trough walls and bridge is cheaper than wires. irrigation of grain in ice biome too sensitive farm tiles dont drink up the water dripped on them the size of transformer should be 2x2 or 4x4 or even 3x2 or 3x3 just not 2x3 because cant place them in a shaft with art. also allow mirroring it
  10. pufts dont go under water so 1+2+1 tiles of pool with a wall above stops them to exit
  11. or time limit for doing filler jobs, better contol by terrytory, specific delivery materials
  12. most compact setup i can think of, some decor wont hurt 1. valves make 10kg pockets, so as pipe ends, i dont see why would you need valves, but as turkoiz setup notice no outputs run trough each other, his is still wrong. dupe starts shower, 45kg comes out, next shower dupe starts after, blocks output. first shower + or T shape pipes with 2 pumps , L or F shape good, always set a main pipe and then connect secondary 2. you got 45kg outputs thats 4.5 pipes/blocks, 2x4.5 is 9 thats 2 showers. on 4.5 next shower can stop after 0.5 in short pipe, in 9 stops at 9 3shower needs water, outputs water. in a closed loop, clean water depends on sand/power so you need at least 9 pipes so water can go out even if purifier stops. 4inputs doesnt matter as long as water comes, outputs must fit to complete showers 5 purifier on left, shower right, seems to be better looking to have exactly 9 output 6purifier never between 2 showers, or will be messy clockwise ant counterclockwise pipes 7purifier only using sand/power only when has dirty water, if you got 2 showers for 1 purifier, uses same amount sand/power as 2 purifiers for same number of showers. so as long as space doesnt matter have each shower separate purifier. 8 you got x dupes, you need x*45kg water output. for 10 you need 450, for odd numbers round up, 9*45is 405, must be dividable by 10(max water pressure). so you prepare 1 shower daily for dupes. i think they step in dirty water they start again so dont have everybody digging, mop up with a miner instantly,keep inside base clean. 9 to kickstart shower, best use a biodistillery(pumps initial dirty water for purifier), use a valve for exact 90liters of water so 9 long pipes 10 toilets take 5l water in but 11.67 out, this fills a closed loop, or you need long pipe or vent out, or use a fertilizer maker instead of purifier.1 block of water 1024 liter water, thats 200 toilet uses, they need daily 1 use exept small bladder 1.8? or diahhrea 4-5 daily, get a small clean water pool for toilet or same biodistillery to purifier then pile up like 200kg water, will do it for a while. 11 valves set on 0 still push water in pipe 12 if you dont have outhouse then they dont wake up from full bladder so you need lavatory very close to beds. they also forgot to breath going to toilet, have 1 lavatory in each biome. or each corner of base. have shower closer where higher chance of stepping in polluted water. 13 try to close off any dirty water or showers, if they deliver something from below water they get grimy, take shower, infinite loop.
  13. im thinking about a shutoff valve after a filter and a parallel shutoff valve(or deconstruct pipe piece), once you select first gas, filter takes it in, then second, third, ... once all good, turn filter off and reroute gas to other line if any problem valve to 0, setup again nice catch
  14. can i use it as thumbnail? =))