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  1. Yah that was an older version of that base there is one on the show us you base of that base from over 1000 cycles was the Yin Yang just at a very early stage
  2. just for Shlitz and Giggles for your testing of thermal transfer from the pipes to the tiles for effecting heat transfer to gasses. Considering your other tests try using gas permeable tiles to increase the thermal mass instead of open space along the pipes. tiles only allow your gasses (non-piped) to touch it on the available sides usually only 1-3. Gas permeable and mesh tiles allow the materials to actually pass into the thermal mass not just next to it. this should increase the "surface area" for thermal transfer
  3. Thanks for the transformers fix now just waiting on Gas generators that turn off when told or at least having the offending controls removed they haven't worked since before thermal(Hydrogen) still don't work with the new natural gas. if your not going to fix the feature remove it so your not showing us unavailable options
  4. I really like it. Needs something similar to the plants system for propagation of the species. A way for the hatch numbers to be increased naturally without it being exploitive. a reduction in the coal output or a need for non carbons to metabolize to achieve optimal breading health. It would make them more of a farm animal than a simple conversion tool for excess resources and encourage players to figure out a good diet for the most useful pet in the game.
  5. id want to be able to stay on the same asteroid but alter the angle at which you see it from. after a couple of maps you could have a 3d map of your base the maps could even be almost completely different with the only similarities being intersection points with previous maps
  6. my point is stuff like that should have been glaringly obvious unless it was intentionally being ignored. and things like adding a display with controls that do nothing to a new system. I'm not questioning the testers just the manor of the tests and the results. issues that should have been relevant to what was being added that where pushed out anyway even If they served no purpose. id much rather have a generator that runs constantly and has no control mechanism than one that purports to have control mechanisms that don't actually work and continue to consume resources despite the setting on the controls being set for them to not do so. adding new things is nice adding new broken things isn't . testing Is supposed to be there to help stop problems like this from entering the main of the game
  7. So I have played the game well over 1k hours I know a lot of ins and outs. I can make and enter a vacuum without debug cool water using the environment. I have even built an o2 liquefier over a large array of batteries and still had it make o2( thems was some really cold batteries ) but for the life of me I cant figure out why they have a battery threshold on the gas generators or why having more than one transformer makes all the transformers on that circuit drain as much as the highest pull number. I commented on the generators threshold issue ages ago and iv seen others complain about the issue with the transformers but although there are plenty of helpful guides out there. none of them actually address the problems with the system ways of working around them. and we get little feedback at all about the issues if the issues are even acknowledged or intended. makes me wonder what exactly the testing group was actually testing
  8. its like asking why is this box of bowling balls not able to hold as many balls as this box of golf balls
  9. The atomic density of hydrogen is half that of oxygen on top of the individual quantity of the atoms
  10. the flow of p water is blocking the flow of the showers. if the showers get any amount of back pressure on the out pipe the dupes stop not wanting to stand in their own filth. id recommend using valves or bridges in your set up id make the pwater main ine run under the fresh line and use bridges to connect the washrooms and showers to the p line.the bridges will accept the water from the showers without blocking the flow.
  11. they changed it so the colors matched the rest of the systems color schemes like power. its not rally a bug its just a graphical change to make all the systems look like they are from the same game
  12. the fridge at home also has a power source that accommodates for the loss of heat like the wheeze warts do. All the objects in the ice biome have a cold temp and that will reinforce the cold of other things in the biome. if you remove all the actual cold mass from the biome or add a lot of heat to the biome the heat will win the eventually. the same thing will happen with our fridge if unplugged for defrosting the icebox part will stay cold a lot longer than the rest of the fridge but as soon as you pull out the built up ice the cold that was there is gone
  13. logged more hours than one should mention in polite company.(just a bit past 3 digit point already) the violent hulking all over the place stress response is by far my favorite reaction as well. although a dupe going on a feeding frenzy isn't that bad either to spite the costs of it.
  14. its not just natural they have to be a soft material they wont burrow themselves in metals and dense stone but things like clay slim dirt and other porous materials will work. if your lucky and have sand above where you want to make a hatch pen you can drop that sand later to give them a bed to lay down on.. Their pathing is simple and can jump across 1 tile gap or up 2 . so if your having a hard time getting your hatch to a spot you like make them a path and leave it available for them place materials along the path for them to eat s it will attract the Ai more than just a place to sleep( they will happily wander your base eating the clay from your air fresheners if they have the option) for best feeding of hatches use sweep boxes marked with materials you don't want or need and dump the boxes regularly. you can keep them awake constantly increasing their consumption and production by providing no place for them to burrow or give it back by giving them someplace soft to rest. and a tip on finding them before you dig. 1 you can hear them even in the black. 2 you can see their tool tip when your passing over the natural tiles, they take up 2 spaces the tile they rest on and the tile their shell rests in so you can pan with your mouse over tiles just looking for the hatch tool tip to pop up
  15. with the atmo switch set to about 1000g the scrubbers never over work never over heat and will increase workload if you increase the materials given