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  1. the output needed for the shower and scrubber is far far far less than the pumps optimal usage its just pumping when its needed not just suckin up as much energy as it can without working
  2. this game has multiple item types each with their own thermal responses. Som transfer heat very quickly som take a very long time to transfer heat but don't loose their temperature as fast. some don't transfer heat at all. insulated tiles prevent amounts of thermal interaction based upon the materials they are made of. for insulated pipes Wolfram Granite and Sand stone are USELESS in this as they are high transfer type material. Abyssalite has the Highest thermal resistance Obsidian, Igneous and Sedimentary fallowing up close behind on thermal resistors. not using the right materials for the right job is not the games fault. The materials say what they do if you wanted perfect thermal resistance (no changeable temperatures) in your pipes stick to Abyssalite. Don't blame the game design because you didn't read the details of what materials you used
  3. the only cluster doors like how you mention are in the shot and are defiantly in the temp of the system I have there so I don't think the doors bug is the issue. I'm thinking its the thermal math happening with the liquid co2 and how I'm keeping it cool after I'm liquefying it. the abysalt insulated tiles are preventing the co2 from changing temp. I am using a gravity well to keep the liquid cold the well itself is only preventing temp loss/gain and the state of the co2 is enforcing the temp
  4. nope didn't clear up. Oh and this happened SimDLL_CRASH_release_217565_20170522-18.04.23.dmp
  5. finally caught it is probably right but he mite be left. will finish getting this liquid and see if it clears up
  6. I think It may have something to do with the volume of gas in my co2 condenser . The attached save is this shot here and should start to liquefy shortly. the switch on the right near the NG Gennys will pump out the remaining gasses in the swamp. 1540k co2 at almost liquid.sav
  7. to place a wire bridge over a Hw wire either build the bridge first then run the Hw under it after it is constructed . or destroy the Hw and do previous. you can also use a bridge to pass a Hw through a wall.
  8. parts of 1 and 4 although the Wheezewart works in a pinch its output isn't that great and to keep the temps of all of the power supply just not enough to cover the task by themselves. you don't need to drip the water on them any more but pumping small(less than 100-1000g/s)amounts past them in sandstone<granite<wolfram respectively (these are you most effective thermal transfer materials without refinement) will do the job nicely. Valves are infinitely handy for controlling output most machines will over heat from constant use and the use of valves can control these over usages preventing over heating and damage to your systems. in this shot I'm pumping to the cooling area for batteries and generators with a valve set to 1000g/s and unmolested to 4 fertilizer makers. the power usage of the pump is limited to what it can pump out limiting its usage to once every few seconds just to keep the line full. I also have a valve set up at the end of the cooling line that used to prevent the incoming p water coming from showers and washrooms now the 1000g/s feed splits at that point and will split them till the line to the water purifier is full then it will stop splitting and continue its out flow. the pipes work on a track style system and the valves depending on how they are placed on the line can alter how the lines function. Placed directly on the line the valve will take what its set to before letting any remaining amount past it. and if placed on an off shoot line it will form a reservoir and let out a stream of the setting on the valve(flow permitting)the pipes themselves don't have a directional orientation and can loose orientation after an intersection. the odd extra valve on a larger system although seemingly excessive will actually prevent directional issues with larger piping and venting system that the AG upgrade is kind of intensive on.
  9. the pipe is a track in this situation its detecting an incoming track so its making every other position available. the valve itself is making the pipe think it has an active lane coming. I have that happen on one of my coolers I only pump 300g/s into the radiator its attached to on mine it starts along the insulated line coming from the air pump and splits or compresses at that junction and will keep that gap till after it passes the outlet to the radiator. if the thermal regulator is cooling it will look as though the pipes are full but it will actually be 2 separate masses with separate temps. that eventually combine in the pump chamber.
  10. the Cycle your on and the Cycle of the save are based on the auto save happening at the very end of the previous Cycle and starting you at the very beginning of the new cycle. its basically counting the days completed versus the day your on
  11. lol that geyser isn't putting out polluted water that p water has been there for a while I let it sit there for the thermal mass. if you do want a geyser to produce p water flood it completely with polluted water will pollute the water as it gushes but needs to be overflowing with pollutedits an old shot but I do mean flood it
  12. yah at the moment hes on a strict no chlorine diet. no heart burn problems. wow my dementia is fun at times he kind of looks like Usope from one piece just needs a longer nose
  13. oh liquid co2 I usually store for later usage usually just store it in liquid just to keep it out of the way.but that's how I collect it. Mr happy is getting his hair did. I could just pur it out on the steam water to cool it faster though using the co2 as a coolant spray just dripping it on the hot water recollecting it in the same way
  14. yah its more that the thermal mass of the larger pool wins conserving the tanks temperature each of the tanks is different temps the to p one sits at about 80 the second at 50 the final one is about 25
  15. the bottom geyser isn't tapped I'm getting water from one above that shot by about 5 tiles. I'm using time and water mass to cool the steam water. it drops into each tank loss of temp happens as mass is added. extra water spills to next tank. added a second pump and I'm only beating the output by about 1k per second