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  1. true and the calculations should be but the visual bugs for things working when there not have long been an issue in the game. and its usually how the games dose its calculations that are the problem. the exploitable amount would still only be negligible the devices show that they are on but don't actually perform their function they just visually perform them.
  2. you can limit usage of a device that you only want to be used sporadically by reducing the supply of resouces limiting water from pumps for example
  3. the video itself yes is not directly an example but the lights he has set up on either side of the build he was using for the test had 60 lights hooked up and they never once had any more than 40 running. the extra power is a small amount that's not reliable or even detectable beyond being a remainder left over after power calculations are made. most devices have a listing of requirements costs and usages these are maximums not the constant total so devices whether running at half capacity or full use based on that formula not all devices need to be at full to operate. water pumps will stagger themselves if the pipes they are filling are full will sometimes show they are pumping but are not using energy or moving mass. Oxygen electrolysers wont always fire every second and water purifier will only use energy and sand in accordance with the rate that contaminated water happens to be available. you can have large scale circuits that have maxes well beyond the 2k if the usage of power on average across the system is less than the 2k. air supply systems are good examples of this with the constant max pressure keeping the system from overpresurizing your base
  4. that's not a bug your just not setting your priorities based on your priorities. it sounds like your having too many high priority tasks so they neglect the things they need. having the musher set to 8 and the food box set to 8 with power wheels set to 7 and digging set to 6 you would never have that problem as they would be focused on the things they need not the tasks that are keeping them from doing their survival jobs
  5. if you only have a box set to sweep metal and no other sweep boxes it will only sweep the metal they are still tagged for sweeping but will only sweep when a box marked for sweep only has that materials filter set for it
  6. the sweep function and general storage functions are 2 separate ideas if the storage box is higher than the sweep box yes it will take from the sweep box if the storage is less it will leave the box alone till you empty the sweep box. storage boxes are good for automatically clean a material as its dug up if your priority is set higher than your digging. slime and polluted dirt are good examples of this. sweeping is good for clearing out specific areas and even leaving things there if you have no boxes set to receive it although they will still be marked for sweeping. general storage is good for things like sand coal slime and other things you want to have near the machines that use them but for storing excess materials you are far better off using a sweep box and emptying it out and re using it. if your having problems with dupes looting other boxes for stuff you can all ways lock unneeded resources with a door and lock it this works if you want to have metal storage in a hot or cold place so you can gather the heat without worrying about grabbing the wrong material
  7. yah the not a hugger came to my mind to. instead of bothincreased stress the not a hugger should slug the hugger giving the hugger stress but still reducing the stress on the not a hugger
  8. yah but that's actually a really old idea heck even jetsons used it
  9. the faults would be the data errors that show devices that are working when they arnt and devices using 90% of their energy max leave the 10 % for other things several non full devices can leave waves of extra unused energy that would leave the appearances of extra energy when its only a lack of total consumption not a surpluss
  10. he has a section of lights that will show you what your looking for in surplus from the illusion of extra power
  11. the production scales from the devices like electrolyser scrubbers and anything with consumption. having 10 machines running the same task sporadically at about 10% are the same as 1 machine doing the job at 100%. creating a circuit based on faults is only going to encourage faults
  12. LOL burst circuits . try smaller grids for non essentials with their own wheels. the lights cost so little energy you could run a bunch off one battery for cycles between charges and if they forget to charge them for extended cycles because of more important duties then you not suffering from their drain on the rest of the system
  13. part of the problem comes from how it determines the tasks and in what order. if all your tasks are 9 they will go to the shortest/highest docore travel to the next 9 if your coal is further from the generator at 9 than say delivering algae it will pick the algae complete that task then look again for the closest high priority job. placing storage boxes with the proper resources near machines that need them reduces the distance the priority scale has to look for tasks and can help prevent chaos
  14. glass vacuum tubes would make more sense for horizontal and vertical motion and could be set up in a similar fashion as the vents and such. a mining car and elevators I could also agree with in a similar variation of this idea would make a bit more logic then the great glass elevator and could be used for cargo as well as dupe transport
  15. i like it and I wouldn't mind seeing an option for a night shift for my dupes. lol and add sleep apnea (divers lungs/deep sleep) I'm familiar with actually would scare roommates from momentary thought s of living with a dupe that looks dead(my ex wife was convinced I was a vampire)