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      Oxygen Not Included - Early Access Coming May 18   05/03/2017

      Oxygen Not Included Entering Early Access First off, we would like to extend a major thanks for the amazing community response to the Oxygen Not Included Alpha. When we released the game on the forums we'd hoped for a few dozen people to try it out and give feedback, but instead over a hundred thousand of you played the game. This was the best surprise we could have received. We're now excited to announce that Oxygen Not Included will be entering Steam Early Access on May 18th. It will cost $24.99, and anyone who owns an existing Klei game on Steam will receive a 20% loyalty discount. Players who purchased Oxygen Not Included in Alpha will not need to purchase the game again. Upcoming Agricultural Upgrade Additionally, we have been working with a handful of dedicated members of the community over the last few weeks to test an experimental build branch in preparation for Early Access. These players have been working with us to provide feedback on the new Agricultural Update content, and we're happy to say it's now in a place where we are ready to share with you all. It will be released on May 18th along with Early Access. Join us on the livestream!
      We'll be showing off the Agricultural Upgrade today at 3:30PDT! Come check us out on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/kleientertainment
        Check out the official post for more details!


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  1. I need a buddy add me on discord RED#1578
  2. whats your steam I'll add you
  3. I need a buddy for metheus xd
  4. we know.... How long have you been behind
  5. I've been trying with my partner to do this for 6 hours no luck we can't get past the 2nd bit If ANYONE has anything that can help us omg dude I would LOVE YOU #nohomo
  6. seriously....
  7. you added me when you said I don't want to trade xd and I think 2 commons for a 1$ item is worse than a 1$ item for a 2$ item what do you think
  8. I'm "always" Looking to Trade and almost "always" on. If you are really interested in my items then add me and we can negociate. If you are wondering why I have a VAC It's from MW2 also you can add me and play dst with me sometime If you like. Here is my Profile ~ Click Here Here is my Trade Link ~ Click Here Inventory Frequently Updated Elegant Camping Crock Pot Catcoon Carryall Bowler Hat Spider Sack (Wes) The Triumphant (Maxwell) The Untriumphant Distinguished Formal Jacket Spiffy Rucksack Classy Sweater Vest x4 Steel Toed Boots Sandals Common Lumberjack Shirt Collared Shirt x3 Buttoned Shirt x2 Sneakers Pants Booties
  9. not as bad as you did mate :)
  10. ok add me on steam
  11. I can do it with you link your steam and I'll add you
  12. Yes I still need it
  13. ADD Me on steam (Click Here)
  14. Si
  15. he wanted to trade 2 commonds for my 1$ item, KingDede add me on steam I have trading to talk about to you