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  1. So, I mustn't dig out Abbyssalite? What's doing when i dig out it?
  2. It's Special, but what is it doing?
  3. God damage!... Thank you @Cheerio!
  4. Hello! When I click ,,New Game", I have error, becasue ,,I haven't" VC++ 2015 64 bit runtime, but I have it! Why? I thanks for answer or hints PS: I did reinstal VC++ 2015 64 bit runtime and Oxygen Not Included.
  5. Ok @Cheerio DxDiag.txt
  6. Hi! My graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. So, whether Oxygen Not Included will work? I know, I read system requirements but I don't know whether at me it will work. (Sorry for my English, I from Poland). Thanks from answer!