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  1. Everything lumped together is good. Way more modding potential, one solid playerbase and you don't have to port SW to add say, wind.
  2. You call it harsh, I call it logical. People WILL complain so it is best to keep it to the original vision.
  3. They wouldn't be linked, like how SW was supposed to be. This is mostly due to the way that people will complain if: a) it requires more than Caves + Forest shards b) it isn't linked at all You can't win, so I chose to separate them like the original vision. If I can find a good way I'll link them back up. I have an idea for a Portal, but I guess Florid Postern would replace it as Charlie doesn't like your damn engineering.
  4. Reposted due to brigading from an abusive moderator and his Discord of idiots. Not to mention the fact I clearly have to point out every minor detail or otherwise nobody can clearly get their goddamn stupid heads around it. Thank you for your time. Don't Starve -Renamed to Don't Starve: Legacy -Removed from sale on the Steam Store -Reign of Giants DLC exchanged for something on DS(T). Shipwrecked DLC exchanged for owning it on DS(T) Don't Starve Together -Renamed to Don't Starve -Shipwrecked ported -Alone mode added (Maxwell's Reign - Runs ROG but not ANR by default.) Alone Menu Screen: Play, Outfits, Collection, Exit (Maxwell will miss you!) Background: Maxwell's Door, in the style of the DST UI with the Florid Postern. A random character with it's Outfit on will come out. -Together mode added (Charlie's Reign - Runs ROG and ANR by default. Characters are rebalanced for Multiplayer.) Together Menu Screen: Play Online, Host, Outfits, Collection, Exit (Charlie will miss you!) Background: Florid Postern, as it currently is. A random character you have met will come out. -Shipwrecked mode added (which is naturally only accessible by owning the Shipwrecked DLC) Shipwrecked Menu Screen: Play Alone, Play Online, Host, Outfits, Collection, Exit (Wolly will miss you!) Background: Wolly on the Crashed Boat (from the start of Shipwrecked) Play Alone Set in Maxwell's Reign (or potentially different - They can retcon the lore.) Basically just Shipwrecked. Play Together Set in Charlie's Reign Crew's Ships and other multi-person ships are added. Characters are rebalanced for SW multiplayer. Game-modes in SW Online: Survival - "Sunken Boat" works like the Portal in DST. Wilderness - Players wash up on beaches when they join. Endless - "Sunken Boat" works like the Portal in DST. World can not reset. Any questions or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism that is not brigading or you not reading the post? Leave it below.
  5. 'Missing' Event Skins

    this might come off wrong but your Wilson looks like he's 40/50 and going through a mid-life crisis
  6. So Woodie still sucks right?

    this all over. Beaver nerfs were stupid, to be honest.
  7. Just let Earmuffs block out STS and Pan Flute, maybe some other things too. Problem solved! AND/OR make STS/Pan Flute take 2 reads/plays to put someone to sleep.
  8. If only. *Berry Bush Hat now makes you blend in to other players *Players now deal full damage to other players *Wigfrid removed from the game *Wolfgang's hunger now drains faster *Juicy Berry Bush Suit lmao
  9. But... he said bottomless.
  10. CitD back in action ???

    Thought Joe agreed to make a section but then never did? .-.
  11. For example: Beefalo Koalefant Ewecus (this one is stupid but i mean... maybe?) Varg (see above) No Eye Deer Volt Goats Grass Gekko? ETC. Salt Lick would set their herd/home/respawn/reproductive position so that you can make them renewable-ish.
  12. Achievements? WHAT?

    how forums views @UnionGaming
  13. maybe it doesn't support gifs. That does suck.
  14. afaik gravatar lets you go above?