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  1. Standalone, it just uses the game engine for Multiplayer. Some more SW stuff got completed but never released.
  2. A remade/remastered Don't Starve Shipwrecked, Standalone. DST Engine
  3. (the typo isn't a typo, it's a bad pun) Selling Points: Multiplayer & Singleplayer (it can do both, easily.) Skins - Completely optional & aesthetic. Unlockable, not drops. No community market. Lore - Set before Maxwell takes the throne, under the rule of an eccentric inventor. Main Features: Lore Overview: Tribes Biomes: Characters: Bosses: Animals: Enemies:
  4. This way it's Master > Slave Priority 1 > Slave Priority 2 For those that can spare it, they get the full blown canonical experience This also means the Ruins reset from the gateway isn't so underwhelming, it can totally reset the world, minus the Atrium (as it appears to go back in time) This also means mod support for Slaves with Priorities, e.g 3 for below ruins, -1 for above Master (Up and Away?)
  5. Not going to update this further, I am working on a new idea for a standalone Shipwrecked. @ImDaMisterL Please lock, I'd like it to be visible still.
  6. It implies that the DS world consists of dimensions, so perhaps we should be able to go between them using the Gateway
  7. Bump - Character details (some of the characters, at least!)
  8. character mod

    check the Extra Adorable Lavae prefab, that sets fire to stuff.
  9. SW was said NOT to be the last DLC, so yes there'll be a new one. As for DST, it's confirmed it would still get stuff post-ANR still, won't be for ages. don't listen to deadlines. it's klei.
  10. rez' status announcements, tbh. It's touch-screen, easy.
  11. A little more iffy than I remember it at first, but this is the post. "Tencent just got them first" essentially.
  12. FAKE NEWS On a serious note - JoeW actually confirmed it would happen (Rose on Steam) however nothing was said for the other way round.
  13. It's okay, it was a double negative. This troll sapling is going to bloom into a beautiful Cooperative Tree. or he's not.
  14. Surely weapons should do 50% damage? This is PVP, you heathens!