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  1. I had the same problem and solved it by lowering the priority of the aglae farm. Hope it can help
  2. Thank you for this study even if it's a little bit depressing for the dupes. (To answer your obvious question, I feel like we need to split substainability into long term and foreever. A low level colony should have a long term survivability but should be doomed by the lack of ressource. This woud help beginners to discover the game. An high level colony should have a short term survivability unless the player carefully manage production and maintenance. The higher the level, ,the more complex managing would be, the more the colony should be able to survive forever)
  3. This shouldn't be fixed, but one should be able to easely understand what's going on, with a pressure overlay for instance. Now for the real question : did you try to build the Morp-based water pump ? If morps can make water goes up enough, then this water may partially fall on an other tank ...
  4. When you search the game on Steam Store, it's not posible to buy it, even if the Alpha is annouced. You have to find the link elsewhere. Not possible to buy the game Ppossible to buy the game Both link above have the same name on Steam Store.