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  1. Many thanks! All taken on board and updated, although I'm leaving the beacons as visible to guards since it's in-line with actual overwatch.
  2. Oh, wow, that's really cool, thankyou for the help! All that's been fixed - the reload's most annoying as I had that working a little while ago and obviously forgot to double check it after I re-worked the toggle code -_- The code was ultra useful (even though the forum censored the middle of trash-item and I had to go digging for errors) and I'm always happy for more inter-compatability with mods The translocator is actually working as intended, but I updated the text to be a bit clearer (end of next turn > end of following turn)
  3. Steam Workshop Page -- TalonMod_v004.zip (for non-steam) It's hard to play this game about spies with cloaking, hacking, throwable teleporters, and the ability to enter 'overwatch', without thinking of Sombra. This was the InvisInc first mod I started, but I felt I should finish a couple of others first before attempting to release it. I'm glad I did. This was a *long* time in development, but I'm finally releasing it, ready for Overwatch's anniversary next week. -------------------- Sombra - A masterful infiltrator. She weaves through facilities unseen with a sprint-based cloaking rig, blasting opportune targets with her ranged EMP, then darts away to safety with her iconic translocators. Few spies work alone, though, so the pack also includes fellow Talon agent: Widowmaker - The infamous assassin. Noone can hide from her sight; she stalks enemies with infra-vision before nullifying them with venom mines and her customised, twin-state sniper rifle. I've done my best to balance it, but I wanted to stay true to the characters and the heroes of Overwatch are over-powered by design. Sombra alone is a mix of Decker, Xu and Derek, while Widow's Augment could easily be one of the best in the game, even before her sniper rifle, so reigning them in has been tricky. Let me know what you think, if you find any bugs or what-not, and, other than that, I hope you enjoy it! ----------------------------- Updates: