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  1. If you want to publish something, by all means do so! I just now released my first big update for this mod (Decker, Shalem and Archive Prism), so maybe that will help give you an idea of the direction I'm headed? I kinda don't want to go into details due to things probably changing before release, I'm looking at Banks and Archive Shalem (including revives of course) next, with Olivia and Sharp being possible future additions.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the input, but I kinda don't mind changing how the character plays, since you'll always be able to toggle them on/off individually if you'd prefer to use 'vanilla' agents. I also find that the more I write, the more I question older ideas, so I'm kinda locking off agents once they're published (at least for a while, and not including balance tweaks). Don't worry, I've got a load of stuff planned; both Shalems are in the pipeline (in fact Shalem's one of the big reasons I wanted to do this in the first place), and *hopefully* I'll be able to upload one of them this weekend.
  3. Hmm, I figured the lack of being able to add charge from outside sources (without disturbing guards) would help nerf the disguise a bit... With the pistol that's mostly because I couldn't find a way to make it do /less/ damage. Thankyou for the feedback, though! Made some quick changes based on it: +1 charge cost to using and maintaining cloak +1 cooldown to LARP Removed 'shoot single' from LARP (can only be used defensively via overwatch which actually really fits the playstyle) Fixed missing Archive Prism (thankyou for the help with that, I really had no clue!) Hopefully this is a step in the right direction?
  4. Ah, sorry, dunno how I missed that. Added the most recent .zip The tagger's pretty powerful, but situational. It's like carrying a cloak around for another agent. You really need to focus on strength and drag augments if you want to use it to its full potential, though. I hope it's not too OP, 'cause I really enjoy using it, especially alongside the disguise. Thanks for the Sharp thing! That's actually kinda similar to my plan for Shalem, but I do really like the idea of Sharp being able to rip augments out of people - gives you a whole different reason to hit up Detention Centres... Maybe a his disruptor could be replaced with a handheld Augment Drill / Guard-Only EMP.
  5. I had a few ideas for some of the agents whose loadouts don't seem to match their descriptions. So far I've only finished my vision of Prism, but I wanted to upload something just to see how it works. Steam Page Features: Known bugs: Possible future changes: Hopefully you guys like it. I've tried my best to balance it, but obviously this will come with more testing and opinions. Let me know your thoughts! Change Notes FlavorfulAgents v003.zip
  6. Hey Third, any luck with this yet? Just a thought if not - make sure the animdefs.lua is pointing to the right spot (e.g. "data/anims/agent_splintercell.abld")
  7. Nevermind, solved it! Turns out the green skirts are coming from shared_female_attacks.lua; It has to be placed above the character's own .abld in animdefs.xml like so; (I originally had it the other way around) "data/anims/characters/anims_female/shared_female_hits_01.abld", "data/anims/characters/anims_female/shared_female_attacks_a_01.abld", "data/anims/agent_widowmaker.abld", man, I'm an idiot.
  8. I can't find any previous topic on this, so - I finally got around to bringing art assets in - all my GUI stuff is fine, but my agents are a tad broken: I have no idea where the green/yellow trenchcoat-tails are coming from, and the overlays are totally broken when in hiding. Widowmaker's (left) animdefs.lua is using Nika's in-engine overlays (the gun thing still happens for her, too). Sombra's overlay and the character labelled 'Banks' are made with the banks.anim files, directly from the example mod. My thoughts on the issue: Possibly the compiler? Maybe something to do with operating system incompatability (windows 7 sp1, 64bit)? When I decompile the files their colours seem fine, but maybe there's something in the alpha? It could also be the banks animations.xml from the example mod (both Sombra and Widow are using it as I can't seem to source any other versions) I know I'm arriving well past late to the Invis Mod game, but - Has anyone else had this issue and fixed it?
  9. Sorry I can't help, I'm new to this also, but hopefully you get some insight into the KWAD extractor - sounds like a good idea for an agent! I'm having to skip sprites myself since my extractor fails to convert .mdl files into .png, and the .png files it does spit out have their red and blue channels swapped. It's a bit discouraging... [edit] Oh, hey, this might be useful -
  10. Thankyou very much! (I thought i'd replied to this before but apparently it didn't work) This helped massively, and I now have two new agents blocked out. Quick question - what is the best way to create new simunits? I.e. I want to make a new copy of simgrenade.lua, name it something like simwidowmine.lua, and include it as a new classtype. I know you have a thing called Sim Constructor, but I can't quite figure it out.
  11. So, I'm new to LUA, and to modding this game, and I'm struggling. I figured I'd have a go at making the Talon team from Overwatch - I've got notes on what i want to do with Sombra, Widowmaker and Reaper, I just need to figure out how to actually do it... Unfortunately no matter what I try, I just can't seem to load my mod. Would someone be so kind as to take a look at this mod and see why it might not be working? SombraMod.rar