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  1. That's increase the computational workload so maybe not a good idea to "fix" that.
  2. Obviously nothing is blocking the showers anymore so they are working. However, it's worth noting that some activities like eating, sleeping and using toilets overrides showering so the person that is "using" the shower could simply be doing any of those activities. I can see a guy using the outhouse. Maybe that's the guy that was in the shower?
  3. He hacked the code
  4. I thought so too but it doesn't for some reason I can't figure out. Most of the time it works but then suddenly you get the case where it doesn't work. The valve always works.
  5. Nope. Still as relevant as always. Please refer to the OP heres post. Solves the problem without using superfluously complex pipe set ups. For now I'm just going to have to conclude that you haven't added anything useful to this thread in any way except questioning a solution that demonstratively works, is tested by others and which is the least complicated solution to the OPs problem.
  6. Then I guess your understanding is incorrect. Putting a valve (set at default value) on the output of a shower always prevents blocking regardless of the pipes before or after. I have tested this 10s of times in different set-ups, so has other users such as @Fatmice and come to the same conclusion. It is counterintuitive but it works.
  7. No. I do not care to elaborate. It just works. Why? I don't know but it always works without fail.
  8. Put a valve on the output of the shower before it joins with anything else. That fixes your problem. You don't need to set the throughput just use the default. With the output valve it doesn't matter how long or straight the input or output pipes are it always works without blocking.
  9. @Bonidanecro much? Dude, this post is 2 months old when the game was completely differently balanced than today. Getting 200 cycles back then was actually pretty hard if you wanted a pure oxygen setup. Today getting 200 cycles is absolutely trivial.
  10. Then the oxygen in the fertilizer room leaks into your base further confounding the problem. I think I'll just chalk it down as a bug as it doesn't seem to be replicable. I have seen some strange bugs with wheezeworts before such as leaving a few in a completely closed room only to find it had turned into a vacuum and the wheezeworts had reverted to seeds.
  11. Am I missing the obvious point that there's an airlock on the right side of the room. Airlocks are, contrary to what you'd expect, not airtight. So if there's high pressure oxygen present on the other side it will leak into the fertilizer maker room.
  12. I must admit I put a little too much stress on this part of the first post So I thought that couldn't be too difficult as you'd only have CO2 and O2 to deal with. Maybe polluted O2 in some cases but that could just be treated like pure O2 as it's likely treated elsewhere in the base and the packets would likely be very small so they'd dissipate from the timing valve rather quickly there'd be no need to discriminate between those. If your base also has chlorine and other gasses present in the CO2 collecting areas then yes, the air filter is the better option as you've not yet achieved a stable base although you could add a chlorine filter as @PVD described.
  13. You just use a valve to act as the timer. I really don't see the problem. The valve stops the flow from the air pump and releases it in small packets. The pipe will back up identical gasses to a pressure of 1000g. Set the valve to 10g/s, and the air pump will run for 2-3 seconds every roughly 1½ minutes. Insert the mechanical filter before the timer release valve and oxygen packets will be removed from the flow and not stopping the air pump.
  14. It lets you eliminate the air filter, and all you need to add instead is an air pipe bridge. I can't see how that's not an improvement?
  15. Wouldn't a mechanical filter work better in this case?