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  1. Water purifiers is the most energy efficient water heater in the game currently. It's only annoying that it takes sand to operate or it would be the perfect pre-heater in a steam setup.
  2. @Risu being a seasoned player I'm pretty sure that's not the case... and me being a seasoned player, I was making a joke
  3. Hmmm.... I foresee a bunch of hot fixes coming in the next few days.
  4. So if I super cool the air generated by a electrolyzer and pump it directly into a hydrogen generator without a gas filter. The hydrogen gets used to generate power and the oxygen cools the generator, and there's no risk of overpressurising? Interesting.
  5. There's an easy way to avoid you supercomputer overheating. Build an algae terrarium next to it. Deconstruct when complete and filled with water. Deconstruct the water bottle. Don't mop the floor. Dirt cheap and easy watercooling.
  6. The purpose of algae terrariums have never been to produce oxygen but to provide a means to remove CO2 until you have more advanced techs and set ups running.
  7. People would generally grow mealwood in the lower and cooler sections of the base in order for the mealwood to consume most of the CO2 and chlorine in the base. And then rely on overpressurizing the base to push those gases down and maintain a high enough gas pressure. However, getting sufficient O2 was and still is not really a problem as you can just as well let your dupes breathe polluted O2. Although called Oxygen Not Included, oxygen has never really been an issue. Naturally, it is more challenging to use only pure O2 but that is your choice. And a limitation you set for yourself. The game does not require for your dupes to breathe O2 and can live quite happily breathing polluted O2 just fine and with virtually no ill effects as long as you provide them with showers and medical care.
  8. They don't really want us to a decentralized power supply either as you can have hamster wheels plus batteries on separate circuits. If one circuit battery drains below the threshold of any hamster wheel setting they will start running on the nearest hamster wheel regardless if that is connected to the battery that is drained, and regardless if the battery connected to that hamster wheel is in fact full. They will continue to run on that until someone starts running on a hamster wheel that is actually connected to the drained battery and fully recharges it.
  9. Several patches ago. Like a month or two perhaps? Mealwood consumed air (any gas in fact). The devs decided that was not an avenue they wanted to go down and removed it intentionally. We can only assume the devs intend to make the best game possible so it's my conclusion that the devs decided that it would make for a poorer game play.
  10. What you do when you get hit by the heat bug is to reload the game one turn back. Save. Exit. Restart the game, and all is well again. I don't know how they can manage to code so poorly that these bugs keeps creeping in but apparently they're really determined to make it hard on themselves.
  11. The popular vote isn't always right. It would make for a poorer game.
  12. So suddenly you're concerned about conservation of mass or energy? Oh dear me, plants should be the least of your worries then. At least it's not a complete free ride. Plants do at least consume the seed and/or fertilizer in order to grow so it's not like you get something from absolutely nothing like, I don't know morb generated polluted O2 or geyser generated H2O. Or electrolyzers that are x113000 (that's one hundred and thirteen thousand times) more efficient than theoretically physically possible assuming 100% conversion efficiency.
  13. The point is that it is fun to try and it kills a few hours? Isn't that the point of any game?
  14. Is it really too much too ask to have a bottom next to the "move to" where it says "commit suicide"... priority 9, please?