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  1. Lol Great comic
  2. Hi There! Here you can post and read some stuff about ideas and findings in the game. For now here is what may become fuel for nuclear power.
  3. Try making a drawing/blueprint of a base. With tiles and doors to make rooms dedicated to one task Use the lights, paintings and statues to prevent stress. oni saves in {documents folder}\oxygen not included\ Also explore the forums for tips and tricks.
  4. That's the funniest bug yet! Dupe news Dupe Gets sad,clings to grave stone. Lol
  5. I'll post it when I'm done! Edit: i've done it. made in ms paint. forgot the pic lol
  6. I'm definitely using this. cus I'm to lazy to make one myself. XD
  7. Chlorine showers lol . Idea : pool water which you use in showers can be made from a machine with chlorine and water to help with disease prevention. Swimming pools even?
  8. i killed them cus of the lag and the constant crashing. crashed 3 times ._.
  9. i dont even know... my army is not complete yet... use ctrl and f2 to spawn
  10. XD ,used flash. im really bad at this lol.
  11. ok thx but the shower is ok with the contaminated water ... i dunno
  12. heres an alien that has a gun {insert name here}'s stats: has a instant killing laser weapon but has 15 seconds between each shot 75 health 0.5 hp/s regen moves at 0.75 tiles/second (fairly slow) spawns near algae (he is made of it) Inhales Contaminated O2 exhales Cl 0.35 tiles wide/0.5 tall hates artificial objects (runs away from colonys and spawns far from them.) {insert more stats here}
  13. Found a weird bug, the water cannot go though the toilets but are going through the shower. Can i fix this? If you can, please tell me how.
  14. I like the space suit idea. Good job!