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  1. Best method? The Void. Sane method? Try a gas pump.
  2. The bleach stone still emits chlorine while in storage and yes you can turn it off by having 1.8 kg of mass around it. Wonder if turning on "disableOnStore" will turn emitter off as well. Most of the buildings have that enabled. I assume it's being used to prevent dupes from grabbing the items for use somewhere else.
  3. The output_log.txt should still have information about what went wrong.
  4. Are you sure you didn't press Alt+C? Because that is bound to DebugNotificationMessage.
  5. It's also gonna go overpressure and stop functioning once the water rises high enough.
  6. I would say read the Effects list on the mealwood plant but "Consumes Seed" is not very informative. Might want to go back to the old line that explains the situation very clearly.
  7. Quite certain they would dislike -100.98 C more than a little poisonous gas.
  8. You're not marking the sand for digging though, you're marking that grid coordinate for digging. As that coordinate is now empty, there is nothing to dig there.
  9. Really need to debug just how much is hardness worth for water holding. Slime and Algae are both 2 hardness and Sandstone is 10, and Sandstone is terrible at holding water. So it should be measurable.
  10. Might want to read the 16pt bolded red warning on the Thermal Upgrade Preview post.
  11. Even so, that's the first time it has done this after putting that planter in there a week ago.
  12. The planter box was near a geyser actually. Was testing out wheezeworts for cooling steam awhile back. The plant itself was perfectly happy, but the box of clay (that smelts at 1200K) was slowly destroying itself.
  13. Saw for the first time a planter box overheating. How does that even happen.
  14. Looks like we have a new way to over pressurize a room.
  15. Nope fridges are still pointless heat death.