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  2. No. Means if you changed your plumbing layout, it might stop working until reload. Happened to me several times.
  3. About two or three updates ago they fixed the bug that caused geysers never be overpressured and continuously spawn water and steam .
  4. A feature. Falling sand and snow is something you need to be mindful about.
  5. really depends on the material. 2 granite can hold some amount from bottom, 1 even from side. 3 layers is generally safest bet. 2 layers of slime / algae will burst even from 2 layers of water.
  6. Since TU i ve not come to a point i have no terrariums since i have the water to actually use them. They are wonderful at the bottom of mining shafts to get oxygen there without worrying about plumbing. Especially with changes to power wherr seting up a distatnt electrolyzer/deoxydizer would.require it's own power supply
  7. Sadly nothing direct. You could put it behind access doors and then lock them out. It is useful when they do it to collect all those shallow pools, but when you have some intentionally, like cooling waterfall, it is bothersome.
  8. Currently holding 3 and half tons. I suspect they keep adding the water when machine is waiting for the lice. Hotel Duplicant Cycle 121.sav
  9. But the planter box itself has overheat of only 75°C . A that is with the clay bonus.
  10. Initial staff of our brand new hotel chain arrived to their destination. To their surprise they have to build the hotel themselves. No one even provided them with blueprints for required hotel equipment . Initial digging goes well and staff prepares a pen for local fauna. However our survey didn't locate any gold in vicinity. Without it, we can't build showers. And lavatories and other room furniture of course. In the meantime, staff builds maintenance floor and fitness and relaxation floor. In the absence of guests management allows the staff to use the facility. A stopgap measure has to be taken to deal with a buildup of Hydrogen further postponing a gold survey. Staff threatens to strike if not provided with better sleeping arrangements. The management goes above and beyond their demands. All local fauna is successfully herded and set upon waste material. A new mining survey revealed a presence of swamp biome. There is a gold to be had for sure! Digging of fairly well gold vein revealed a presence of water source. Further supply can be filtered on spot. With the supply of gold growing, management prioritize building first two guest rooms. Full operation will however require a brand new plumbing system.
  11. Construction of water tank goes fairly well but for the chlorine contamination. A solution is sought... But first a crisis has to be dealt with. Red alert for all employees to build a wall. Which proved to be effective about as the one on Texas border. Luckily the leak was contained in the area. With a bit of landscaping the water can be used. Technician Turner can't accept he's just a guest and insist on being found in areas not accessible to public. The water tank in it's (almost) final form. Plumbers just have to wait for all the lavatories to be flushed to move the piping. The vicinity of ice biome complicates upward expansion. Our architect is stumped for now and considers expansion in width. Frankie joins the staff team. Followed by a new guest Nisbet. With the debris clear we can finally setup generators. Water cooled generators. Without access to a water source we still recycle our refuse for now.
  12. They are producing it, but there seems to be something that holds the production and then makes large amount. I had this with hatches where they ate 7 tons of clay before dumping the coal.
  13. Which brings unnecessary complexity to dealing with power. Separate networks are nice compromise between too easy and too micro.
  14. Hmm, it really seems that batteries don't want to provide power to anything that is behind generators if it is the only line going through
  15. See included screenshot. Circuit is draining only 480W (2 fridges) but one of them is claiming to be out of power.
  16. Updated for TU-211417 chapter on spoiling storage and decor effects various values changed to match latest build TL;DR added
  17. Calories. The fuel that makes your Duplicants work. Measured in kilo calories (kcal), each Duplicant burns 1000 kcal per Cycle and eats accordingly. How much a Duplicant will eat can be set in Vitals tab. Range is from 0 to 1500 kcal with 100 increments and "Until full" . This resource aims to provide a list of where and how you can get some, the most accurate it can be at the time of an update. Updated 26/03/2017 for TU-211417. TL;DR: Cook or rot meal lice, grow Bristle Blossoms. Beginning The game will provide you 20 000 kcal in Field rations (enjoy the tasty chalk) at start. This means you have at least 6 cycles of food for your whole starting crew to find more. Hunting Meat is the name of the game and there... is not much of it. Currently only a Hatch will drop 2 units upon a death. One unit weights 1 kg and is worth 1000 kcal. Unused assets suggest a reproducing Pacu fish and automatic fishing station. Gathering You can live of the land... ehm asteroid and it is a good boost at the beginning, but plants in natural soil grow much slower than their planted counterparts and are easily affected by the temperature of surrounding biomes. Rate of growth is 5%/cycle for Mealwood and 3% for Bristle Blossom. Wild growing plants don't require fertilizer and if a seed is left on a natural tile, it will plant itself after several cycles. Muckroot A single harvest plant you can find in your starting biome or as a buried object. It produces a single fruit worth of 1 000 kcal. Since Thermal Update a Hatch no longer drops Muckroot from eating Abyssalite. Farming Bring out the straw hat and a banjo, it's time to set up fields. Or pots to be precise. Farming pots should be one of your first research and are constructed from either Dirt or Clay. Be careful to check their temperature, a pot made of 125 °C Clay will wipe out your farm. Speaking of heat, different plants thrive in different temperatures and going out of their comfort zone will stifle them. Their growth is stopped but otherwise they are fine. Going too much farther will outright kill them, revert to a seed and sometimes get your Duplicants into an infinite cycle where they will put a new seed in for it to be dropped out immediately and ask for new seed. If troubled by heat, you should thing about setting your farm in an insulated area and perhaps even a cooling system. Seeds to start your farm are found either as buried objects in soil or by digging up the whole plant in nature. Mealwood A sturdy plant/animal that thrives in wide temperature range 10.0 °C - 30.0 °C. Initial growth 5 cycles, subsequent harvests 2.5 cycles, 3 harvests from a plant. Produces 15 units of Meal Lice, each providing 100 kcal and can be farther cooked. With 450 kcal/cycle it is a decent choice just no longer the best one. You need about 2.3 plants to feed Duplicant. It no longer provides new seed after the final harvest, making it a finite resource. Bristle Blossom After the most recent patch the, pardon the pun, "Brittle Blossom" went from a rather finicky fruit plant, that lived only in temperature range 12.5 °C - 22.5 °C and ridiculous fertilizer needs to the champion of the farm with a temperature range -23 °C - 23 °C, less ferilizer and double yield. Initial growth 10 cycles, subsequent harvests 2 cycles, 5 harvests from a plant. Produces 2 Bristle Berries worth of 1 000 kcal. With 555.5 kcal/cycle it currently is the best food source requiring less than 2 plants to feed a Duplicant. Requires 4 kg of Fertilizer/cycle and drops a new seed when it's fruit is eaten. Note: If you don't want to harvest plants manually, a grown up plant will drop the fruit and restart it's cycle itself after a time. It seems to vary during it's lifespan but worst case is 2 cycles before entering "old" stage and another 2 cycles to drop the fruit. This significantly rises the plant/Duplicant ratio. Fertilized plants continue to consume fertilizer in old or stifled stage. Cooking It's a barbie time! Run microbes or lice through a press, flip them on a grill and serve with a cold Bristle Blossom juice. Ah to live the life of a Duplicant. Microbe Musher Your basic tool for making food out of nothing. Or rather lots of something, water to be precise. Currently has 2 recipes: Mush bar - 1000 kcal made out of 75 kg of Dirt and Water each, carries a risk of Diarrhea Liceloaf - 1000 kcal made out of 5 Meal lice (500 kcal) and 50 kg of Water With the addition of Geysers and fixes to water loss, cooking is a viable choice, just not a necessary one. Mush bar is a good fallback option should you take your time with farming or faced a catastrophe. Liceloaf effectively doubles a yield of a single Mealwood plant and with enough water I encourage you to use this recipe. If any Lice is still moving, just hit it over the edge of the table or something. Oh? You were not provided with a mess table? Well use your imagination, you are sitting on something, right? Cooking Station Advanced station with a single recipe - Fried mush bar. Takes 2 mush bars and fries them to remove the Diarrhea risk. Contrary to it's description, it actually produces 2 fried bars, each worth 1000 kcal. The heat it produces seems to be more manageable then previous builds, depends on it's surroundings. Storage, Spoilage and Surroundings Following is included how it is in current situation but it is prone to change because of bugs, exploits and balancing. Food Storage Can't leave the food lying around, Dupe, that just invites germs. And not those juicy ones your mama puts into Mushbars. Food tab provides two storage solutions for your food supply Ration box - basic accessory taking 2x2 space with a capacity of 150 kg. A storage locker for edibles. Fridge - requires unlocking by research. Capacity 100 kg, takes 1x2 space a requires 120W energy. Keeps food inside refrigerated. Note: Due certain behaviors described further and ability to diagonally aces closed areas current preferred methods of storage are build in sterile atmosphere, mainly Vacuum or CO2. Food Spoiling I told you not to leave the food around. Under normal circumstances, an edible item will rot after 8 cycles. That will turn it into a rotted item that is sweepable but does not have a visible category in storage compactors. The conversion ration is 1:1 in kg. After another cycle Rot will turn into a Polluted dirt 1:1. But the real number is slightly low, because the polluted dirt will immediately start emitting polluted oxygen and lose mass. Rotting process can be delayed or even stopped by: Refrigeration - food kept under 4 °C is considered to be refrigerated Sterility - keeping food in sterile atmosphere (hydrogen, CO2, chlorine) Either of these should slow the spoiling rate of food, but in current build a sterile atmosphere stops it completely. The intended use is probably for both these modifiers together to do that. Spoiling is accelerated by surrounding item in polluted atmosphere (polluted oxygen). Note: If lacking other means of producing fertilizer, Meal lice is an effective item to rot, because you are losing only 100 kcal per kg. It however takes some management for duplicants not to eat it instead (storage behind permission access perhaps) Food Surroundings Various food related items have an impact on decor so this is included here for the sake of completion. Ration Box - +5 in 1 tile radius Refrigerator - +10 in 2 tile radius Microbe Musher - -15 in 3 tile radius Planter box - -10 in 2 tile radius Cooking station - no listed decor change Mealwood plant - -10 in 2 tile radius Bristle Blossom plant - +15 in 2 tile radius Note: In current build, items with negative decor constructed from materials with a buff to decor have that bonus applied in negative way, further worsening the decor of an item. Fertilizer production Coming Soon TM. Found some errors? Have questions? Let me know.
  18. Yeah.. you should check the screenshot yourself, he clearly is on TU.
  19. No, that means if someones profession is a scientist, he should not have a Yokel trait. Similar for others
  20. So if I understand how it should work. Refrigeration and sterility provide 0.5 bonus and when both present it stops rotting completely. Just does not work that way now.
  21. They work perfectly fine in walls now. Both wire and liquid, used them first time ever in the hotel duplicant story.
  22. Good to know, but these there are the main ones you will probable meet. Having steam as storage gas seems fun, but duplicants would get cooked every time they pick up breakfast
  23. But that is the point you don't need the cold at all, sterile atmosphere is enough by itself. Aka CO2, Hydrogen, Chlorine out of regular gases.
  24. That is a feature without the bridges are useless buildings. If you would actually search for the mention you would find a bug report that they can't be built in walls in previous versions.