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  1. They work perfectly fine in walls now. Both wire and liquid, used them first time ever in the hotel duplicant story.
  2. Good to know, but these there are the main ones you will probable meet. Having steam as storage gas seems fun, but duplicants would get cooked every time they pick up breakfast
  3. But that is the point you don't need the cold at all, sterile atmosphere is enough by itself. Aka CO2, Hydrogen, Chlorine out of regular gases.
  4. That is a feature without the bridges are useless buildings. If you would actually search for the mention you would find a bug report that they can't be built in walls in previous versions.
  5. I find it interesting that so many people are obsessed with a vacuum when CO2 works just as well regardless of it's temperature. Which is what bothers me with this system - 200°C CO2? Nah, no problem, it is sterile, the food will be okay indefinitely.
  6. See included screenshot. Negative value was apparently not taken into an account when creating the equation. The bonus value looks just added which results in making the negative number bigger. Solution: Count the bonus as an absolute value and you can leave the addition.
  7. Save file Hotel Duplicant Cycle 103.sav
  8. Also has only 2/3 of the capacity.
  9. Comfort. Or roleplaying. On normal survival play I don't even bother with cold and just use CO2 atmosphere.
  10. It has the permisions since the dupe was spawned. I even checked if the door did not lose power. Only theory i can think of is someone else opened it and they jumped through
  11. Well no, terrariums don't have enouhg output. Use them to scrub co2 from aroud your machines You want to run 1 or 2 oxidizers for pressure
  12. Low pressure make things heat fast, bring up your oxy prodution
  13. If they did, the scrubber plus filter on right would never work. generator - filter - scrubber - battery, straight line of wire.
  14. With horizontal airlocks, Duplicants prohibited from walking can sometimes get through And then they can not get out even with one way permission. They will not move unless permission set both ways.