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  1. Whut? Getting sleet wheat and PP is no challenge at all. And those are only seeds you need to care about after a while.
  2. Ehm, is the power line even built? It's running through natural tiles.
  3. Might be just wrong error msg, isn't tepidizer supposed to be on stable surface?
  4. yes. Easily observable by looking at wheat grain in cold biome.
  5. There is no need to move anything other then sweep it
  6. No, it doesn't. The moment you issue a move, they drop what they carry. Build a storage for that resource with higher priority than others have - dupes will move it to that one.
  7. Redundancies

    It's very useful to check the pressure of cave before digging in
  8. Can't say I experimented on it scientifically, but temperature of water irrigation should not matter to the plant. The way it could affect it is if the pipe itself warmed up the surrounding air. Mind you, cooling the water for general base use is good idea anyway, but not exactly necessary for farming. The hard part is effective and precise cooling of the air around plant.
  9. I actually don't mind them doing a bit more running, when the up is that they will get the clean water from small puddles without destroying it. And they even effectively separate it from polluted one in mixed caverns.
  10. I the water might spawn hot but it cools in the mass. the main plus is probably that the really hot steam does not because it has no space. That's the weird thing, it should drain from a tile 1 up from the geyser so the geyser tiles should be full.
  11. well, the mass of water for one thing, that's clever. Not sure why the geyser continues to provide water, it should be overpressurized - maybe that "bubble" made by gas tile? And really not sure what is cooling it so much that it could freeze.
  12. Yeah sure, that's exactly what I do. I never said that. I stated, that a filter group with one output blocked stops working. That's a fact. Then offered hydrogen as a concrete example. If you want to discuss hydrogen concretely, you will either have a backup and a stable energy, or generator shutting down. There is no stable between. Because: Pumps are not always working at full capacity (simulation slowdown and micro vacuums) Electrolyser does not work all the time because Max pressure Electrolyser puts 120g/s, Generator consumes 100g/s Gas travel time. Pipe crossroads. If you think, that 5 electrolysers can feed 6 generators to work nonstop, I encourage you to build it and prove me wrong.
  13. The important stuff? And the topic of the thread as stated? Food. While it not affects mealwood on first harvest (+10 buffer, with all 4 effects), it slashes potential yield of PP by 1/3, because excellent is possible only on last harvest. And that is with all 4 effects going. That awfully rises plant numbers for the good foods. Like 9! plants per duplicant if you wanna make stuffed berry.
  14. Hmm, normal and heavy should not connect like that but the description accept the wheels... Try to see this how to connect that "legally", might help.
  15. So you burn it all in multiple generators and waste it on full batteries? I'd rather have a stable energy source, thank you very much.