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  1. I find water airlocks annoying to setup and getting 10% stress for soaking wet not worth it. I usually use double airlock with one space between. It's not gas tight, but the leakage is quite small and if they need a breather one door stays closed. No need for a third door since the gas is no longer destroyed.
  2. Yeah, the part "not taking it" is a hard one.
  3. As a light source (EU) . But they can be bought as a "heat source" for chicken pens
  4. No, clay turns into a Brick. Dirt turns to a Sand at cca 300 °C The only time I managed that was when it was surrounded from 3 sides by ingneous rock that was from cooled magma.
  5. Order of Hatch food by (not) usefulness: Clay - nothing to do with it now, but heat resistant farm (Polluted) Ice - As soon as the chunk is big enough, melting it takes way too much effort. Indigenous / sedimentary rock - its everywhere and has no decor bonus like granite or sandstone
  6. and here a copy of corrections where you are wrong
  7. No, they don't. No, batteries just produce heat when used, they don't use any energy for that.
  8. You are not first, though I can not understand why would people think so. In real life the energy is the same at the whole circuit (minus loss over distance) unless it is split by some kind of transformator. This one is trickier cause there might be some hidden conditions (min max length of running) but the threshold is just for them to start running, they will stay until the battery is full or they have a need (bladder, hunger. sleep)
  9. Because a circuit is a one entity. It overloads whole or not. My guess is the yellow ones are basic cables and the others are heavy duty.
  10. No, because it's a power consumption that matters. You can generate how much you want on a circuit. Batteries don't count either.
  11. No, both branches have the same patch and version number.
  12. I suspect (or hope) that they realized the problem with simulation determinism and are in process of fixing that before anything else.
  13. I hope for fixing the determinism of simulation.
  14. I seen a post about that and it looks unstable as hell. And as something that shouldn't work at all but does