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  1. Prototype "The Hotel Duplicant" room: Plumbing solution for back to back rooms I have ye to decide if all duplicants will be treated as Guests or there will be a working class and Idling guests
  2. I think the cold will win, there is more of it. Though seeing it loosing fight with steam is interesting experience.
  3. As an Andy Weir fan I object to this. It should be the Mark Watney Challenge!
  4. Yeah, that is a decimal dot, not a comma Sometimes this happens, should be already reported.
  5. Where is the number from? Sideway counter or planter? Realistically you should be going up only #duplicants/cycle (- #planters/18 / cycle) from farming. Plus what you find buried.
  6. That's a sure recipe to cook them while down around magma. Hmm... That gives me ideas. Duplicant flambé - Set a lot of digging jobs around magma and hot ignoeus rock Duplicant sous-vide - make a vacuum, have a massage table and permission airlock, massage table will tenderize nicely Steamed Duplicant - create jobs in natural occurring steam or your steam room. Dupcicle - one way airlock to ice biome My mind is a scary place.
  7. For now. Better have some healthy habits before the "Diseases upgrade"
  8. And the reasoning for that statement? They use 33 times less algae then oxidizers, water is a non issue in TU, they consume CO2 and are the only oxygen producing building not caring about Max pressure.
  9. And did you check the temperature of the water you were dripping?
  10. I had that moment yesterday, where I was building two projects (huge polluted water tank and steam cooling) and suddenly they were done and my dupes were idling with nothing to do. And I realized there was nothing for me to do right now. I need content
  11. Found them in their own bubble about one screen length from starting spot. basically as it is except that diagonal from up is digged by me do get access and provide natural rise for steam. Did not expected them to spawn that much water.
  12. I was thinking about running a game of "Hotel Duplicant" where each one would have his own room with all the good stuff
  13. Ice biome loosing it's fight with steam (different area but I don wanna make a topic for that)
  14. No one expects Ohm's law in a game. Unless it is a niche grid management or reality simulation.