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  1. As a current solution you could try a filter in line before a valve. Use the existing pressure switches to toggle power to the filter. If it is powered down no substance will pass in to the valve.
  2. There was one day in closed testing when my game crashed every 30 seconds. That's what closed testing is for. Closed testing is not a fix all strategy. That will take as long as it takes. Edit: Broader balance and subtleties is the point of early access. Everybody gets to suffer/have fun. Report them bugs.
  3. Mop up the warmer polluted water which is in turn giving off warm polluted oxygen.
  4. New cycle saves are stored permanently outside of the auto save folder and never overwritten unless you just click "Save" and accept the warning rather than "Save As" and entering a new file name. Here's my folder structure after repeatedly hitting new game and exiting straight back out to main menu. Each being a unique map. You just gotta load em up.
  5. No it does not. Charge one with no consumers and wait a few cycles to see. It's currently a description bug. Either they fix the text error or actually make it lose charge over time. 50/50 coin toss for me on that one.
  6. Thank you that does work. A quick rough test showed that a single large battery as a buffer gave me just under 840kg of extra liquid. I'm trying to balance the power and the pressure switch against the rate that the pool refills now. Another couple of awesome solutions there I'll give them a try. I'm trying to automate the movement of gas and liquid in longer coordinated sequences rather than spits and spurts and these are all very helpful.
  7. I've been wracking my brain to figure out if this is possible in the current build using some combination of switches, valves and piping. What do you think?
  8. No the biomes don't have special properties beyond rear wall colouring. This makes me wonder what state the overall temperature would be if you could mine out all the the mass and let everything interact over a long period. Would the whole thing be one stable temperature eventually? How many cycles would that even take?
  9. Batteries never lose power over time even when enabled so it's intended.
  10. Afaik it's as the tool tips suggest after the bug fix.
  11. Hot start: Chance of red hot magma zone near starting biome. I experienced this once in an earlier alpha version and I miss it.
  12. Quick Start: 6 Dupes from the offset. Simple as that. Less O2, more need to expand, more production capacity. Reason for suggestion? It worked in Don't Starve. Faster start in a harsher world.
  13. I'd just like to point out that if you are playing badly enough that you hit a stress response you are playing badly. Simply as that. Stress responses are IRRELEVANT you should never trigger a stress response. Edit: Technically not irrelevant but you get the point. Something to be avoided at all costs.
  14. Really massage tables should be set lower stress max. If you are in the unfortunate position of having many dupes over the threshold with not enough massage tables to reduce all their stress then while one dupe is spending a ton of time getting stress reduced the other dupes stress will continue to increase. If the one that comes off the table at 0% starts to build up stress again an endless cycle might begin. Where too many dupes require massaging and there's not enough time to get them to zero before the next one that needs massaging reaches an even higher stress level. Reduce the threshold. Build more tables as population increases. Don't attach the power to other systems. Create a small network of wheel, battery, table. Retain a full battery on a single circuit ready to accept a dupe at any time.
  15. I haven't tried this but could you save processing power by limiting navigation using mechanical airlock permissions? If every dupe has less tiles to calculate during it's path finding routine perhaps you can shave off some lag.