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  1. I feel strongly about this. Here's a diagram of what you can do with one hand and a mouse.
  2. The concentration you have highlighted is 4000+ milligrams.. A bright blue concentration is usually up in the thousands of grams. LIke 1400 grams. Although technically 4000+ milligrams of oxygen is breathable. It would only last one breath though.
  3. Nobody seems to be addressing this. Is it a bug? Oxylite is behaving very differently after the update on 23rd March. I've posted a couple of times about it. This poster was having issues and just running the game for one cycle shows a drastic difference in O2 levels.
  4. It's about accessibility for the physically impaired.
  5. I suppose it could be intended in a way, forcing you get your own oxygen production running earlier. It just wasn't in the update notes.
  6. The numbers are similar ranging from 0g to 400g+ as you dig outwards but on the Thermal Upgrade branch it seems to spend more time idle at 0g.
  7. Somethings up since the update today. I just posted about this in the update thread. After one cycle on current beta branch: And on the main branch (the beta branch was similar yesterday)
  8. Has Oxylite been changed? This is after one cycle. Concentration is averaging 300 grams oxygen the rest is CO2. It used to pump out enough oxygen to sustain a few cycles. Edit: I switched back to the main branch on Steam to do a comparison. Screenshot attached.
  9. Yep that annoyance is still there
  10. If you mean how you had to click All twice on the compactor to get it to respond. That is fixed. Edit: OK I rushed in too quick. It just happened again but it's not happening all the time. Edit 2: Now I can't get it to happen lol. I give up see what you think.
  11. If they calculate 10 or whatever tiles from their current position that explains what OP is saying. In the comment example picture OP is saying that you can force them to access the dig job which looks about 15 tiles deep by first giving them a job 5 tiles deep. By giving them the deconstruction job at the bottom of the ladder the dig job will be 10 tiles away from their current position. So you can force them to go deeper by putting a proxy task within a reachable distance. I've noticed and abused this. It should probably be calculated using the distance required to return safely from a task and not from current position.
  12. There is currently no way to activate the in game menu using the mouse. The entire rest of the game can be played mouse only. There should be a UI button that a user can click. In order to exit the game right now you need to press ESC on the keyboard.
  13. It's been decades since I covered electricity in school and it's rarely cropped up since. I had to search the definition of Joules and Watts when I started playing. I like that this game can be educational in that way. Even now I don't quite understand the -100W requirement on the battery. It's probably something really simple I'm missing. In this example I have 13 batteries and an oxygen maker on one hamster wheel and everything is running fine. Like I say I'm probably just being dumb.
  14. I don't think they should affect the simulation that would be too much. It would just be just part of the decor system. It's basically already implemented with the way you place portraits only these would be 1x1 size and themed to compliment the existing base tiles. As quick to build as them too, You would need to be being able to place them through foreground objects ideally.