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  1. You're not still running on thermal_upgrade beta branch in Steam properties still are you? Select None for Beta opt ins.
  2. Underwater is now very serious for stress. Low Oxygen (10%), Chilly Air (10%), Soaking Wet (20%), Inevitably low decor (10-20%) and anything else they might have. Avoid continuous exposure to deep water. Do not even leave liquid lying around, Wet Feet (10%). You can remove Soaking Wet with a shower (dupes always bring a towel)
  3. I like the barbell set idea for strength training. Massage table, hamster wheel, barbell set / bench pressing. Got a proper little gym setup there. I don't know how you would manage assigning dupe time to such a building though. Edit: I suppose the strength training building could be another crazy Klei contraption that generates 400W power in exchange for dupes sweat and tears. I'm sure they could come up with a funny design for something like that.
  4. Try running a heavy wire from your main power production to a transformer in the direction of the pumps and electrolyzers. Run a regular wire from that transformer to the 2 electrolyzers and 2 gas pumps. Those four devices are less than 1kw so you'll be fine there. Run another heavy wire from your main power production toward your base. If you want to keep heavy wire out of your base use more transformers to split off 1kw circuits around your base.
  5. The small circuit set up works great for sure. Battery, Wheel, Table on its own grid. It really manages itself. Battery sits full and primed to accept the first dupe who hits the threshold.
  6. There are a bunch of extra stress statuses in the game now that may be contributing. They really start to stack up the % if you don't manage the environment. At cycle 30 food quality should not really be an issue so it might be environmental. For example if previously you were used to running dupes in to deep water with no care you will now be getting 30% extra stress per cycle from sopping wet (20%) and low oxygen (10%). Obviously I don't know your play style but massage tables should not be a primary source of stress relief anymore. A balance of decor, good air, dryness, furniture , sanitary services and massage tables for the worst times should see you through. I like to set my massage table at 15%-0% so that massaging is more of a routine than a quick fix all. Edit: Want to point out that the reason it's not the table is because the table hasn't changed at all. It's just automated with a power cost. Stress reduction rate while on the table is still the same.
  7. I wouldn't mind having to research super computer to advance research. It worked fine in Don't Starve when upgrading from science to alchemy machine. It's sort of funny how dupes know how to build a super computer at birth but not a compost heap or blank canvas.
  8. There is a small tweak to the bio distiller output amount and algae deoxydizer consumption in the upcoming update. Nothing huge but enough to help extend algae oxygen production in the early game while you tech up. As always though these things can be subject to last minute change so check the numbers and the patch notes when the update goes live for confirmation.
  9. One brute force work around to force jobs to be picked up by specific dupes is by using permissions on mechanical airlocks. If only a couple of dupes have access to path in to the work area the other dupes will not intercept the job as other posters have described.
  10. Better to wait for the update on the 18th to hit before setting up anything too elaborate and uploading. The upcoming change to power circuits alone might invalidate your save file.
  11. Personally I always end up going a few cycles on mush bars while my first batch of mealwood is growing. I don't mind the diarrhea effect so much. While gross I know that I am getting slightly more fertilizer generated from extra composting which will help with farming expansion.
  12. Phosphorus can indeed be used to fertilize pepper plants in the Agricultural Upgrade.
  13. Having a base collapse is not a bad thing it's a learning experience. Of course if you don't know what you're doing you will fail it's like learning to ride a bike. As long as Klei give new users enough time to experiment before total collapse the game will be cruel but fair and repeated play will see improvements. I don't know. There is this trend toward optimal efficiency in gaming recently that disturbs me. I expect everyone does. Until they try again and maybe improve on what came before.
  14. You could fund development with micro transactions where you buy oxygen.